Thursday, May 19, 2011

Best Exercises for healthy Longevity

Exercise is among the most significant things for being healthy. The risk of chronic diseases increases without exercise. Regular exercise helps to control weight, manage tiredness, and discourage disease, thereby keep you healthy. As per research, people who exercise regularly can live 6 to 8 years more compared to other people. Even people who start performing exercise regularly in middle-aged can prolong their life. Exercise also helps the people to live independently to an older age as well as give them better life quality. Exercise increases longevity by decreasing the risk of various diseases. Read on the article to know the best exercises for healthy longevity.

Best Exercises for Healthy Longevity

1) Yoga
Yoga is the "Mother" of all exercises which give numerous benefits. Yoga word derives from Sanskrit word "yuj" which means "to join" or "to unite". Physical exercises are included in yoga which train the body, mind and breath as well as join a person to his spiritual side. Yoga improves flexibility, balance and strength of muscles as well as reduces the joints stiffness. Yoga helps to maintain weight, tones muscles and reduce stress. Yoga has different types of movements which help to get relief from back pain, neck pain, headaches and other body pain. Yoga also helps to treat many diseases like hypertension, varicose veins, breathing troubles, disorders associated with digestive system, control diabetes and heart diseases. Yoga boosts the concentration power of a person by bringing the mind and body together.

2) Lifting Heavy Weights
Lifting heavy weights increase the strength, size, flexibility and endurance of muscles. Lifting heavy weights also tones the muscles and improves posture. Weight lifting makes the immune system healthy, reduces the risk of lower back injuries and reshapes the body. Weight lifting also boosts metabolism by increasing the lean body mass. Lifting heavy weights prevent diabetes, improve heart rate, reduce resting blood pressure and boost good cholesterol levels in blood. Lifting heavy weights decreases the risk of obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke, colon cancer, anxiety, breast cancer and depression. You must spend 20 minutes two times a week by lifting heavy-enough weight which you can’t do over 12 repetitions.

3) Balance
People must include balance exercises in their physical activities as balance is a crucial capability particularly as we age. Falling down is the main reason for fractures especially hip fractures which cause disability and loss of independence. Balance exercise helps to enhance the ability of a person to catch himself from falling. Balance exercise also increases the capability of a person to jump, reach and control complex movements of daily activities. Balance exercise boosts the core strength and joint stability. Stand on 1 foot when waiting in queue or stand up and sit down without using the hands or walk with a book on your head to improve balance.

4) Aerobic Exercise
Aerobic exercise like jogging, walking or cycling helps to maximize longevity. As per study, women (50 years and older) require at least 1 hour exercise daily to maintain their weight. Aerobic exercise must be done 3-5 times a week for 1 hour. Aerobic exercise improves mental health, muscles health and cardiovascular health as well as function. It also helps to lose weight as body burn fat during exercise. It boosts immune system and increase resistance power of body, blood supply to muscles, oxygen consumption as well as life duration. It also decreases the risk of many diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and some cancers.

5) Meditation
Meditation is a practice which provides balance mentally, emotionally and physically. People do meditation to get rid of stress, anxiety and depression. Meditation improves the self-esteem level of a person. Along with reducing stress, anxiety and depression it also decreases the belly fat. Meditation also reduces blood pressure and pre-menstrual syndrome & menopause symptoms. It decelerates breathing which decrease the desired oxygen amount and thus it helps to lower heart rate and blood pressure. When liver makes extra fuel from stored glycogen in the form of sugar the persons’ appetite increases so the person tend to eat more which makes him/her fat. So do meditation to stop panicking. Meditation also boosts the concentration power and strengthens the mind.

6) Push-Ups
Push-ups are fitness regime’s “Queen”. People who don’t have time to do exercise can do just 20 push-ups. 20 push-ups will take only 5 minutes and even 70-year-old women can do them. Push-ups strengthen the upper body and make the core muscles strong which in turn support the back. Front and side deltoids, pectorals, upper abs, triceps, some part of lats and biceps short head are toned by push-ups. Push-ups boost metabolism and aids to burn more calories. They help the person to stay in shape. Push-ups give an entire body workout. Modifications such as doing them on your knees can be done. Doing 20 push-ups daily for 2 week will double the upper body strength of the person.

7) Foam Roller Self-Massage
Foam roller is basically a long cylindrical hard-celled rolling foam piece. There are 2 types of foam roller such as half round and full round. Half round foam roller is for beginners. People have to use their own body weight to do self-massage. Foam roller exercises are also recognized as self myofascial release (SMR). Foam roller exercise is an excellent method to massage and stretch muscles. The foam roller helps to relieves aging aches and pains. To do foam roller self-massage simply lay down on the back over the roller and keep rolling for around 15-20 minutes. By doing this the tissues of the body will get stretched and relaxed. Foam roller self-massage will also enhance blood flow and strengthen muscles. This self-massage makes the person to feel 10 years younger or at least a few years younger.

8) Zumba
Zumba is a kind of group exercise class which includes dance fitness technique designed around fast speeded beats of Latin music and other types of music. Zumba is excellent for body and mind. Zumba concentrates on body’s muscles and helps them in toning and shaping. Zumba burns more calories and fat which means it is the ideal tempo for fat-burning. Its movements work well on glutes, legs, arms and abs. Zumba dance movements are similar to Flamenco, Salsa, Merengue and Mambo. Zumba enhance the cardiovascular system, relieves stress, helps to lose weight, tones core muscles of the abdomen, improve coordination, releases toxins from the body as well as boost mood.

9) Sex
Having sex 2 times a week makes the person to live longer for about 2 years. Women feel 2-8 years younger by having sex. Sex decreases the blood pressure as well as boost immunity and testosterone & estrogen levels. Sex helps to increase flexibility as well as burns 85 calories per 30 minutes. It also helps to increase blood circulation, improve cardiovascular health, relieve pain, decrease anti-anxiety, relieve stress and ease cramps during PMS & menstruation. It also lowers the level of cholesterol.


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