Friday, June 24, 2011

Roaring Lion Pose Yoga: Benefits & How to Guide

Nowadays, yoga is becoming more popular workout routine throughout world as people are showing interest towards. Anyone can perform yoga irrelevant of the age and gender. Yoga helps to relax the body and mind as well as maintain the body in good shape. There are many types of poses in yoga. Every pose of yoga is performed differently and have their own benefits. All poses have 1 common thing that they develop strength and flexibility in people. Roaring lion pose is one of the yoga poses which is very easy to perform. This pose benefits the face of people so it is very different from other yoga poses. Here are provided the benefits as well as guide to perform roaring lion pose yoga.

Roaring lion pose is also recognized as Simhagarjan asana/Simhasana in which “Simha” means “lion”. When you perform this pose, the shape of your body looks like a lion so this asana is called ‘Lion Pose’. The best time to practice this pose is during sunrise facing the eastern direction. Beginners can also perform this pose without taking much help from their instructors. Roaring lion pose is among the best face exercises. To invoke the force and strength of a lion whole body and facial expressions are modified in this pose. This pose benefits jaw, face, throat, mouth and tongue.

Guide to Perform Roaring Lion Pose Yoga

  • First of all knee down on the ground and put the weight of the body on calves, knees and heels with the toes pointing back. Head and spine should be kept erect with the knees around 6 to 12 inches apart.
  • On the knees, press your palms with the fingers extended straight. This is the Thunderbolt Posture/Vajrasana.
  • Open your mouth completely and breathe out through nose and mouth. At the same time, extend tongue comfortably out of the mouth bending it in the direction of chin.
  • Hold the breathe by keeping the abdomen pulled in. Then extend your eyes, bare your teeth and stretch the facial muscles.
  • Stay in this pose for around 10 seconds or your breakpoint.

    Benefits of Roaring Lion Pose Yoga

    • It makes the larynx, trachea and all the bronchioles active.
    • It helps to remove tension from chest and diaphragm.
    • Thyroid gland is also stimulated by this pose.
    • It stimulates and firms the platysma as we age.
    • It is also helpful for the people suffering from bad breath.
    • If this pose is performed regularly it also improves the voice.
    • It stimulates the nerves and thereby keeps the eyes healthy.
    • This pose is very beneficial for the people suffering from stammering.
    • People suffering from neck or backache also get benefit from this asana.
    • It facilitates 3 three main bandhas like (Jalandhar, Muladhar and Uddiyana).
    • Alleviate the problem such as asthma and hidden cough as well as tones lungs.
    • It also helps to get rid of wrinkles as well as enhances beauty and lustre of face.
    • This pose is very useful for increasing concentration, memory and will power. 
    • It helps to clean the nerves from throat to brain therefore alleviate the diseases of nose, throat, eyes, ears and mouth.
    • It helps to get rid of anger as hands and fingers are stretched while performing this Asana.
    • By performing this asana regularly, problems such as stiffness of the jaw like clenched jaws & teeth grinding can be relieved.
    • Stretching of the tongue is involved in this pose so the circulation of blood to the root of the tongue and to throat increased.


      People suffering from knee injury should avoid sitting in vajrasana. In place of vajrasana, they can sit on a chair to perform the pose.

      Video of Roaring Lion Pose for those who stutter while speaking from youtube:

      Video of Roaring Lion Pose Variations from youtube:


      The benefits of mind yoga vary just as mush as body yoga. The benefits include patience and concentration and can have the same effects as meditation.

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