Friday, June 10, 2011

Using Salt to treat fever

Fever is very common health problem which can be defined as increase in the body temperature from normal range of 36.5 - 37.5°C. People have experienced fever in one or other way in form of malaria, viral fever or typhoid. Fever does not require medical treatment until body temperature increased more than 38°C (100.4 F). Fever is considered as low-grade fever when the body temperature is more than normal and less than 38°C. Generally low fever remains untreated unless it gives serious signs. It can be treated by using medicines or some home remedies. If one wants to go for home remedies, then salt is on the top list. It is inexpensive and easy way to get rid from fever.

Using Salt to treat fever

When the body temperature increased, he/she will feel warmth instead of cold. Many conditions ranging from gentle to serious are responsible for the occurrence of the fever. Some infections lead to fever including silicosis, flu and chickenpox, strep throat, tissue injuries, pneumonia and tumors. Symptoms of fever depend on the cause that leads to the fever. Sweating, weakness, shivering, loss of hunger, headache and muscle aches are the common signs of fever. High fevers between 39.4 C and 41.1 C may lead to the dehydration, irritability, hallucinations, convulsions etc. Rinse mouth and gargle, using water and salt solution hourly.

How to treat fever by using salt?

Salt has great impact on any kind of fever. Take pan and put some salt in it. Bake it on low heat and remove from heat when it turns in brown color. Put it in bottle when it becomes cool. Consume this salt when you feel fever.

Hay fever symptoms include sore throat which can be cured by gargle. To prepare water for gargle, add 2 tablespoons of salt in 8 ounces of warm water. Use this daily to reduce the pain of throat.
Make 3% sole solution by adding 2 tablespoon of crystal salt in 1 Quart of water and immerse a clean cotton shirt in it. Soak the shirt thoroughly and put it on. Cover yourself with blanket and take rest for half hour. You will feel sweating after half hour and feel relax from fever.

  • Patients of high blood pressure should not use salt to treat fever as it increases blood pressure.
  • This is very old home remedy so consult your doctor before using it.
  • The above first tip should be experimented only on empty stomach and take care that patient should not experience shivering.
  • Sufferer should not take anything for 48 hours when he/she applies the above first tip to treat fever. After that, he/she can take tea or milk.


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