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How to Celebrate this July 4 with Healthy Eating?

4th July is just hours away. It is the Independence Day of America. People listen to the town band, watch the fireworks or relax in the backyard on that day. Celebration of 4th July is often focused on eating food with family and friends. On 4th July select healthier foods as eating healthy is among the excellent things that you can do to prevent and control many health problems. If a person makes healthy satisfying food choices then he don’t have to control his eating as he will get all nutritional and heart healthy benefits. You must consume food that contains less sodium and sugar. Read the article to know ways to celebrate 4th July with healthy eating.

Most of the time, many people eat mindlessly without thinking about its effect on health and miss the joy of enjoying delicious food. To enjoy the food truly you should eat mindfully. Mindful eating means be aware of every bite or sip what you eat or drink. Eating the food mindfully turns a simple food into a spiritual experience which nourishes the body and mind. It also provides deep understanding of the bond between the food on the table, and our health. The person feels that freedom, strength and pleasure can be achieved by eating this way.

Healthy Recipes for Fourth of July:

Grilled Chicken with Cherry-Chipotle
Grilled chicken with cherry-chipotle is a spicy dish which is made with sweet cherries, chipotle peppers, chicken broth, skinless chicken breasts, cherry preserves, ketchup, ground allspice and cider vinegar. Chipotle peppers add heat and subtle smoky taste to the dish.

Beer-Barbecued Chicken
Beer barbecued chicken is made by pouring little beer inside the chicken while cooking. Other ingredients used in the recipe are smoked paprika, dried oregano, dark brown sugar, salt, ground cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, chipotle chile and beer. Beer makes the chicken tender and juicy. Smoked paprika gives extra flavor to the dish.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Drumsticks
Chicken drumsticks are low in saturated fat, calories, carbs and sodium. Chicken drumsticks when grilled remain deliciously moist. Refreshing twist is added to ordinary grilled chicken by minty sweet-and-sour dipping sauce. It is made with orange juice, orange zest, honey, water, cider vinegar, coriander, mint, cornstarch and ground pepper. This dish is served with brown rice and fresh pineapple slices.

Fresh Corn Salad
Fresh corn salad is an easy, versatile and an excellent side salad. This salad is seasoned very lightly and it looks like confetti (red, yellow and green). It is made with red pepper, corn kernels, scallions, dill, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt and white pepper.

Grilled Onions
Grilled onions are very delicious and go well with almost anything. Grilled onions have sweet taste and a crispy texture. Grilling onions brings out the sweet, tangy taste of onions. Grilled onions are seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Tomato and Olive-Stuffed Portobello Caps
Portobello mushroom caps are great for making mini casseroles. Tomato and olive-stuffed Portobello caps is prepared with tomatoes, garlic, skim mozzarella cheese, ground pepper, extra-virgin olive oil, Kalamata olives, fresh rosemary, Portobello mushroom, lemon juice and reduced-sodium soy sauce. Portobello mushroom hold the stuffing of tomato, cheese and olive.

Healthy Eating Tips for 4th of July

  • Replace soda and chips with grill steak-cut French fries.
  • Use whole wheat buns in place of refined wheat buns.
  • Serve sorbet and low-fat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.
  • Instead of creamy dressings, use vinaigrette for garden salads.
  • In BBQ dishes decrease the quantity of mayo as it is loaded with cholesterol and fat.
  • Cook food on grill rather than on stove as grilling needs less butter or oil to cook food.
  • Add more vegetables in your diet as they keep you cool and energized throughout the day.
  • Serve freshly prepared iced tea with fresh lemon (lightly sweetened) rather than soda.
  • Instead of beef make burgers with ground chicken or turkey as they cut calories and fat by 50%.
  • In place of buying commercial baked goods, bake your own desserts. Use whole grain flour and avoid using egg.


Probably a little bit late for the comment but may I say that the advise is so good that it does not mean that you can only do this on the 4th of July. Healthy eating is a lifetime affair that should be celebrated. Thanks a lot!

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