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Indoor Activities for Children in Rainy Days

Outdoor games and activities keep the children away from the distractions such as the T.V. and computer as well as help them to relax and sleep better because these activities work on all their large muscles more easily. However as the rainy days arrive, kids’ options for getting on the move get reduced. As well, children get bored during the rainy days as they can't go outside to play. Just because it's raining outside, it doesn't mean your children have to be bored. Unplug the video games, shut down the computer, and turn off the television, and let your kids to have some fun! There are lots of entertaining indoor activities for children which would not allow the tedious weather to dampen your kid's spirits.

Indoor Activities for Children in Rainy Days

Play Treasure Hunt
This indoor activity requires little advance parental preparation. However, it is always a big hit with children. For every player, make one set of clues; each clue directing to the next one and finally to the treasure. Seal all the clues in envelopes that previously marked with a clue number (For example; 1/6, or “one of six”). This will help your children to keep track. A kid, who will succeed to solve all the clues and find the treasure, will be the winner. You can also let kids to make a team for solving the clues and uncovering the treasure together.

Arts and Crafts
Arts and crafts are pleasing indoor activity for children. Purchase craft supplies and allow your children’s imaginations to create masterpieces. On a large piece of paper, trace your child's outline. Outline the child's arms, head, legs, etc. on paper and then have them color in their likeness. If children are old enough, allow them to use yarn, feathers, buttons, etc. to create clothes and shoes for person and also add some decorative touches. You can also set up a craft area. Put down the drop cloth under the table and give feathers, beads, fabric scraps, foam shapes, and even old wrapping paper to the children to use as decorations.

Board Games
For children, board games are one of the great rainy day indoor activities. Children as young as three can play this game. Up to four players can play board games. For all ages’ kids, Candy Land is a perennial favorite. Another classic board game includes Ladders and Chutes, which can be played by young children without adult supervision.

Bring Outdoor Games In
As a surprising switch, you can bring the outdoor games in on rainy days. Let your child to play basketball in with sponge or soft foam ball or just wad up some newspaper. You can choose any basket or receptacle as hoop; either resting on the floor or hung on the wall. In an indoor version, have kids fire from different parts of the room or in different ways.

Save old magazines, greeting cards and catalogs and store them for this purpose. Give them to your child to cut out pictures and words. You can also allow your child to paste them onto a construction paper or a piece of cardboard. Let them to cut out whatever they want, or establish a theme to go by for a more challenging project. For the scraps, put a trash can close by and ensure to keep a stock of glue sticks on hand! You can also laminate their artwork to preserve it.

Bubble Bath
All you need for this fun activity is your own moisturizing soap blend. In a clean container, combine together ½ cup mild liquid or body soap, 1 egg white, and 1 tablespoon sugar or honey. Honey acts as natural humectants and will surely retain moisture in your kid’s skin. For a nice, fluffy bath, egg white helps to make stronger and longer-lasting bubbles. Pour the prepared mixture under the running tap water as you arrange bath. Have your kid to create bubbles and make fun!

Indoor Camping
Who says camping has to be done outside only? If you have a small dome tent or pop-up, it's very simple to set up camp indoors for your children. If you have not these, don’t worry; you can create tents by throwing a sheet over your kitchen table or the couch and camp out underneath. Make camping comfy with pillows, airbeds, and sleeping bags. Then follow all the way through with a rainy-day picnic to be eaten "under canvas" as well as sing campfire songs.

Card Games
These easy games will help your children to pass time indoors. Additionally, card games are simple to play, inexpensive and can incorporate only two players, or everyone in the house. Card games, such as Go Fish and War, Old Maid, Playing Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Uno and a host of other card games are a great rainy day indoor activity for children. For more older children, you can choose card games such as rummy and solitaire.

Signature Storytelling
This is a game to give new life to old stories. Begin telling one of your child's favorite stories or reading their favorite books. When you reach at the critical point in the story, challenge her/him to take charge of the story and add her/his own twist. For example, if you're telling the story of Cinderella and the mean step-sisters have ragged up her dress; ask your kids, "What would they do if someone did that? Should Cinderella do something else, or just run away and cry?" It teaches children to think on their toes.

Perform a Puppet Show
You can also create a simple puppet show theater by using a piece of fabric in a doorway and a spring-loaded curtain rod. Hopefully you have a collection of second hand clothes and frugality store finds in a dress-up box for your children. Children can use these to make costumes for a play, along with you as the audience. Or, they can allow their overfed animals star as puppets, and conceal behind the couch for a theatrical reenactment starring their pretend friends. To create puppets, use socks and craft supplies from around the home and put on a puppet show.

Other games like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Duck Duck Goose, Around the Rosie, Boggle and the Hookey Pookey can all be done indoors if there is more than one child playing. These are simply the games that don’t need too much space but will still help kids to get in action.

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Indoor camping is super fun - My kids love it

According to some studies playing games is good for health. If you want to read more or research a bit you can read it more at "Playing Outdoor Games May Reduce Kid's Risk for Myopia, Study Reveals"

What a great list! I have been looking for more fun indoor activities for kids since all my ideas have come and gone. Thanks so much for sharing these. I am sure they will keep the kids busy into the night!

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