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Birth Control Ring: Pros & Cons

Modernization in women’s health care has included a new era of contraception. Contraception is becoming easier day by day through latest methods like Birth Control Ring, Pills and many more. Nowadays, Birth control ring is one of the commonly used methods by most of the women. The birth control ring or vaginal ring is a slender and stretchy ring. It provides contraception by preventing ovulation and thickening the cervical mucus. Since last few years, the options of contraception have been increased to put up an ease, and to overcome health issues. Generally, doctors or health providers prescribe the Birth Control Rings only after pelvic assessment and checking blood pressure. The Birth Control Ring doesn't require to be inserted by a physician but it requires prescription. Cervical mucus is set isolated for sperm mobility and ovulation is reserved by use of this ring.

Birth Control Ring: Pros & Cons

Birth Control Ring is not a critical method of contraception, but this ring must be placed correctly so as to avoid anxiety. This ring is to be placed for 21 days and has to be removed for 7 days in a month to allow a menstrual period. This ring is to be changed every month. A low level of progesterone and estrogen releases at the same time as the birth control ring is being used. This ring functions in the same manner as combination birth control pills. This ring is a blockade to the fertilization, which is activated by wetness and body warmth. Vaginal muscles hold this ring so the chances of its fall are very low. If it falls down, then the ring must be cleaned in cool water and place it again within 3 hours.


The Birth control Ring is cautious and effortless to be used, due to which it has been frequently used. It results in lighter and small periods. It also reduces PMS. Its success ratio is around 98 - 99%, when used correctly. Physician may not be required to insert this ring. Vaginal ring is a slender and stretchy ring, so it is used contentedly. The ring contains hormones which affect the ovaries and the uterus to prevent pregnancy.


At initial stage, one may suffer from nausea, bad temper, headache and breast warmth which is found to be the general symptoms. A doctor must be consulted immediately, in case of severe chest pain or abdominal pains. It may lead to vaginal infections. Some of the ladies suffer from the hit of depression. When the woman follows certain medications for tuberculosis or migraine, this ring becomes ineffective. Severe leg pain and blurred vision should not be ignored. The use of the Birth Control Ring is restricted for women who are suffering from high blood pressure, blood clots, uncontrolled diabetes and prolapsed uterus. The use of this ring is not advisable for the Brest-feeding mothers, as it may influence the breast milk. It is not protecting the reproductive region against infections. It may cause other side effects namely faintness, moderate weight gain and alteration of hunger.

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