Thursday, June 28, 2012

Danger Diet Trends for Weight Loss

Unknown Weight loss programs and diets may sometime leads you to danger point of health. Check out some Danger Diet trends you should not follow in your life to remain healthy.

Weight loss has become fashion of the generation of 21st century. The activity of weight loss is not vague, but the methods used for quick weight loss are short and dangerous for health. As it is said that faith is good but blind faith is terrific similarly weight loss to the extent of losing extra fat of the body is good but abundance of weight-loss policy may result health collapse. People are nowadays impatient; they desire for early result without doing much hard work. This is the reason why the obese people try such shortcuts of weight loss that can push them into the pit of health damages. So, it is better to be away of such shortcuts of weight loss but what are those dangerous dietary habits? Take a look at them.

Danger Diet Trends for Weight Loss
Diet pills dangers

All the diet pills are not suitable for every kind of the body. The regular consumption of the diet pills also requires care in intake of the regular diet patterns. So, don’t stick to any diet pills for weight loss without any concern to the doctor or dietitian. Sometimes, ordinary diet pills made for everyone or the branded diet pills of higher quality may lead to the dangerous side effects like health consequences, skin disease or the hair loss. So, don’t consume diet pills without any prior knowledge about them.

Diet pills usually belong to two categories: appetite suppressants and fat blockers. The first type of pills is built to reduce the brain chemicals that influence the appetite and mood to lower the consumption of food. The second kind of pills put off the absorption of fat and breaks down them. Thus, the fat eradicates from the body.


People desiring to lose weight, these days, are very impatient with respect to result. They need quick weight loss with less hard work. The obese people need to understand the fact that weight loss activity is very prolonged process. The process is to be followed with health precautions and patient attitude for the required target. Another reason behind the preference of shortcuts is the chaotic lifestyle. Mostly, people need to manage both professional as well as personal life.

Missing out meals

Missing out meals may lead to decrease in the glucose level of the blood, which can cause the weakness and laziness in the body. Skipping meals means depriving body from necessary nutrition. It is necessary for a person to provide the necessary amount of calories every day to the body for the proper functioning. Skipping meals is not perfect solution for weight loss as on one side person skips one meal to lose weight and on other hand he or she practices overeating at next meal to fulfill the needs of those missing calories. Skipping meals also result in tiredness in the body. So, it is better to add nutritious foods in the daily diet which helps in weight loss as well as perk up the functioning of the body.

Dietary products with artificial sweeteners

The dietary products like snacks, sugar-free foods, dietary drinks and dairy products are all present in the market as the weight loss products devoid of sugar but they are more harmful to health as they include artificial sweeteners. Experts recommend consuming such products in very low quantity each day as these products help in weight loss, but don’t rely fully on them. The main ingredient of artificial sweeteners is Aspartame. Aspartame is responsible for a very dangerous disease, now known as aspartame disease. Aspartame has a toxic effect on body as it forms formaldehyde agents. So, try to avoid artificial sweeteners as much as possible.

Fasting or abstinence from food

Fasting is chosen as the most acceptable option for weight loss, which is ultimately not beneficial for health. Dietitians specially suggest obstruct the practice of fasting for weight loss. The actual definition of fasting is not eating anything for 3-5 hours in a day time and while sleeping. This is called natural fasting that is essential for healthy and fit body. However, extended fasting is known as abstinence from food for around 16 to 24 hours every day whereas the limit of abstinence depends on the type of body. This practice of abstinence from food for longer time includes many harmful effects. This kind of fasting induces stress, weakens muscles, amplifies hunger and causes health problems.

Violent weight loss exercises

The fact is but obvious that one can easily loss weight if he or she consumes less calories and burns more. It is observed that bigger calorie imbalance can decrease weight quickly. The speed of burning calories in the body depends on the size, age and fitness level of the body. So, it is not easy to balance aggressive exercise plan with the diet plan. For Violent exercise routine, it is necessary to follow more crucial diet so as to energize body and charge it well to undergo a very hard workout.

Only staying away from these new and dangerous trends of the weight loss is not enough to remove extra fat from the body, for this purpose one need to follow the healthy diet plan and do the regular exercise.


There is no shortcut for loosing weight. The key is consistency (it doesn't matter if your slow) back up with burning desire!

I think the best way to start is by setting realistic goals. If we adopt a step by step approach to lose weight, our efforts to do it will result in the achievement of our goals.

Foods are most essentialist source of energy, body health is 90% depended on the food source if food are hygienic it give better result in according to the health which if non-hygienic then it will give worst result .

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