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Not waking up energized? These could be the possible reasons

Waking up is the most difficult task of the morning for many of us. Few lucky people wake up all bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning. But, there are many people who feel tired in the morning even after sleeping for 7 or 8 hours. As per survey, 3 in 4 people wake up exhausted. When a person gets up exhausted, he/she has a pounding headache or fall asleep while checking the morning news. Feeling tired can be due to lack of sleep or enough but poor quality sleep. In some cases, it may be led by some sleeping disorders. If you are one who is not waking up energized then this article can help you to find out the possible reasons that prevent you from waking up energized. You can enjoy relaxing sleep at night by making some lifestyle changes. Waking up energized is very essential as you will feel fresh and your whole day will go more smoothly.

Not waking up energized? These could be the possible reasons

Surprising Reasons You Wake Up Tired

Darkened room

Darkened room is necessary to fall asleep and stay asleep. Light affects the melatonin production, which regulates the sleep patterns. While you sleep, the melatonin levels are at its peak and when the light comes in contact the melatonin levels drops making you to wake up. If your room is darker and daylight is not able to creep in at morning, you will have more difficulty to wake up. So, allow natural light into the room as it tells the brain it is time to wake up. Use blinds or curtains that obstruct nighttime lights and let the daylight to shine through the room before you awake.

Lack of Sufficient Sleep

In today's hectic lifestyle, most of the people sleep late at night due to many reasons: watching TV, doing preparations for meeting or project, etc. but wake up early. This insufficient sleep causes you to wake up exhausted and bad-tempered. Insufficient sleep also causes you to eat more as well as makes your immune system weak. Sufficient sleep is very important so you must set a sleep schedule and stick to it. Sleep and wake up at the same time daily even on weekends and holidays. A regular sleep routine helps you to get better sleep at night and you will feel more refreshed and energized. You should avoid your work one hour before going to sleep feeling calm.

Snooze Button

Those who want to wake up energized should avoid hitting the snooze button. Snooze button is not your best friend in fact it makes you feel sluggish and more tired. Hitting snooze multiple times don’t let you to sleep into a deep, restful sleep again as your brain knows you have to wake up again soon. Snooze also constantly interrupts you to get quality sleep. So, rather than setting your alarm at early, set it for the time you have to wake up. You will get more time to sleep soundly and feel less tired as you step out of bed. According to the studies, the few minutes of sleep between the first alarm ring and the time we really wake up do nothing to make us feel more rested.

Too much Alcohol or Caffeine

If you want to have a refreshing day, avoid consuming too much alcohol and caffeine at night. A glass of wine may help you to fall asleep and provides some benefits but it will disrupt sleep and increase wakefulness. Alcohol has a huge amount of sugar so drinking it increases the blood sugar levels and this sugar levels fall suddenly which will wake you up. It also makes your body de-hydrated. Caffeine is a stimulant so you should avoid it within four hours of your bedtime. Melatonin is suppressed (for up to ten hours) and Adrenaline supply is increased by drinking coffee and caffeine products. During the day, adrenaline keeps you alert. Also, alcohol and caffeine are diuretics which cause an urge to urinate in the middle of the night. So, you must avoid them before bedtime.


If you are the one who take work home with you (physically or metaphorically) then your sleep is likely to suffer. Stress is main culprit that prevents you from getting a good night's sleep. Stress can also disturb your good night's sleep in the middle of the night. So, stop thinking about stressful situations during bedtime in order to get a better sleep at night. If you think anything is bothering you, then figure it out to settle your mind. You can also try to manage stress by doing yoga poses in bed, write down thoughts in a journal or talk to your friend.


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