Friday, June 22, 2012

Why should you have to take care of your feet for a lifetime?

Often we don’t pay attention to our feet, but they are an important part of our body. Even if they are a small part of our body they help us in walking, running etc. We need to take care of our feet to avoid risky foot problems that can lead to toe, foot, or leg amputation. Acupuncture was first practiced in China and it is one of the oldest and effective healing methods in the world. It also spots the importance of our feet by stating that our feet has a maximum number of pressure points and these points will help us in overcoming major health problems. But, there are many people who still not follow or believe in this method, so here are some reasons that will show why it is necessary to take care of your feet.

Why should you have to take care of your feet for a lifetime?

Choose the right pair of shoes

While selecting a shoe the first thing you need to keep in mind is the comfort. Unless you feel comfortable in your shoe, it becomes difficult for you to walk properly even it leads to some health related problems too. It is difficult to choose the right pair of shoes because a poor pair of shoes can only worsen your foot conditions and create new foot problems. So, never buy a cheap and poor quality based shoes. Different brands are accessible in the market; they are designed in such a manner that the whole body weight is equally balanced on the foot.

Some general things to be noted while choosing the shoes are; you must always wear and see the shoe as it will let you know the comfort quotient of the shoe, the price of the footwear shouldn’t be matter if it is of perfectly fitting. Always buy a branded shoe instead of buying substandard shoe, never wait for a shoe to break in, as it will worsen your feet condition. Heels up to 1.5 inches will not cause foot problems. Try to make purchase of shoe in the morning as the feet and ankles swell during the day and note that, the sole of the shoe should not be flimsy or thin.

Infection prone

Always pay attention to your feet as it save you from chronic disorders. A regular foot care helps you to stay away from infections. A small cut or wound on your feet should be immediately taken care, as your feet are always in contact with dust and the chances of getting infection are more. If you get a cut, clean it immediately with an antibiotic soap, wear shoes whenever there are more chances of getting your feet scraped. Infections like fungal, yeast, bacterial infections can be very serious as it easily spreads to other parts of the body. If you are prone to infection, it can worsen your condition and it might take days to heal. The main part of treating your foot is to keep it clean as the infection can cause damage inside and outside the skin and flesh or tissue will be destroyed. Therefore, maintain a high level of hygiene to stay away from infections and keep your feet always clean.

Back pain

Around 80% of people have back pain at some point of their lives. At times, back pain doesn’t occur due to health issues like fracture or arthritis, but it can be due to your favorite pair of shoes. Wearing an incorrect pair of shoes can lead to back pain, so always choose footwear that gives you comfort. Continuous use of such shoes can cause vertebral pain. Back pain can occur due to various reasons. If you experience back pain while standing, running or walking then you should blame your shoe and your walking style. People opt to use running shoes, as it has high amount of cushion and arch support that relieves from back pain. The way we walk can have lot to do with our shoes; it can result in disc pain, bulging discs, sciatica and spine disorders. If you experience back pain after an injury and if the pain lasts more, then you should visit a doctor.

Mirror to your health issues

Your feet can signal the symptoms of illness in advance. Diseases like cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and even cancer can be known by just looking at your feet, before they cause a permanent harm. When you are sick, your feet turn cold due to blood poor circulation. Also by touching a person’s feet, we can know whether he/she is well or not. A foot has the longest nerves and arteries which makes it the early warning system. Your feet swell when you have high blood pressure or any other cardiovascular problems and you might end up by thinking that your leg has got the problem but it’s actually the problem with your heart. When beneath the toe, a bruise will be appeared which won’t grow or shrink, this can be an indication of skin cancer. So, never wait for pain to become unbearable. Wear the right shoe that fits you properly.


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