Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Get to know the girls: facts about breasts

A most sensitive, soft, supple, curved, attractive, warm, and sexy part of women body is…Breasts. From the beginning of the time, they have been a focus of sexual attraction, fashion, and health. In addition to the stimulation of sexual desire, breasts are also known as a symbol of femininity and beauty. Breasts can be included in the list of first things that men notice in women. These all are the reasons, why most women are always attentive about their breasts. But excluding these basic things, there are many other fascinating facts about women's breasts for which you should be aware of. In this article, there are 15 Lesser-Known Fascinating Breast Facts that will surely wonder you.

Get to know the girls: 15 facts about breasts

1) In most women, the left and right breast is usually not the same and for some reason the left one is usually larger.

2) When breasts get stimulated, they swell up and get bigger & erect – similar to the penis!!! Around 1 percent of women can reach orgasm really just by arousal of their breast.

3) When stimulated, the average female nipple gets erect and measures 3/8 inch in length that is somewhat longer than 5 stacked quarters.

4) The weight of an average breast measures around 0.5 kg (1.1 lb). Each average breast holds around 4 to 5% of body’s total fat and thereby holds around 1% of the total body weight in an average woman.

5) The average breast size among women in the United States has been increased to 36C from 34B in just 15 years.

6) In comparison to the cow’s milk, woman’s breast milk is sweeter and contains more essential fatty acids, more vitamin E, more iron and less sodium.

7) Sheyla Hershey, a Brazilian woman made the Guinness World Record for having world's largest breast implants in 2009. After 9 surgeries and 10,000cc silicone implants, she achieved her breasts size of 38KKK. 10,000cc is equal to 2.6 gallons.

8) In 2008, breast enlargement surgery was the no.1 cosmetic procedure in the United States with 307,230 surgeries, which is above the nose surgeries standing at 279,000 and liposuction standing at 245,000. In these surgeries, 28% of patients were 40-54 yr, 35% of 30-39 yr and 30% of 20-29 yr.

9) The average cost of breast enlargement surgery is about $3700, which includes the cost of initial implant, fees of surgeon, cost of hospitalization and anesthesia. This cost is just for the initial implant. Some other surgeries are often necessitated by women to fix rippling, wrinkling, & ruptures.

10) In the early days of surgical breast enlargement, surgeons tried various sorts of implants made from weird ingredients like glass balls, ivory, ox cartilage, ground rubber, polyester, and silicone injections. These all implants had given disastrous outcomes. Breast enlargement surgery using silicone injections was very popular in the 1960s, which ultimately caused severe health complications like disfigurement and granulomas.

11) Around 17,903 breast reduction surgeries were performed on men in 2008, as well as, nearly 20,967 women got rid of their breast implants during the same year.

12) Studies suggest that breastfeeding doesn’t contribute to the sagging of breasts but cigarette smoking does. Cigarettes contain chemicals, which break down the elastin protein of human skin and thereby eliminate the skin elasticity, causing smokers to have saggy breasts.

13) In 5% cases, newborn infants produce breast milk for the first two months after birth. This is called witch's milk or Neonatal milk, and it can secrete in both sexes.

14) The women who do not want to wear a bra can legally go topless in the states of New York, Ohio, Maine, Hawaii and Texas. However, they can still be arrested on public nuisance laws. On the contrary, women found topless on public places and beaches of Dubai are thrown in jail for 6 months.

15) Bra like garments are in use from the 7th century BC but the large scale production has been started only in the 1930s. Today, the bra industry makes a business of $16 billion annually.


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