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Top Worst Habits of Women for Health

Find out some bad lifestyle choices of women that can have long term affects on their health like carrying very heavy handbags, wearing uncomfortable shoes, etc.

No matter whether he/she is child, young, or old, every person has some good and bad habits. A habit is something that we do over and over again without thinking on it too much. "Bad habits" can cause harm in some or the other ways to our health. Here is focused on the top worst habits, particularly of women for health. Women all over the world can never be the same; they have diverse habits and diverse lifestyles. Due to some of the awful habits of women, they have to suffer throughout their lives. When it comes to their families, usually women perform the role of ‘caretakers of health.’ You will be surprised if you know; while managing workplace, home and kids, women are so slipshod with their own health. Take a look here on the unhealthiest female habits that one should try to break.

Top Worst Habits of Women for Health

Top Worst Female Health Habits:

1, Wearing long earrings

Mostly all women are fond of wearing different types of jewelries/accessories, and earrings are one of them. In this era, there is a trend of wearing long and heavy earrings. Do you know the long term effect of wearing large, dangling earrings? Stretched earring holes are typically seen in women aged in 40s or 50s; they had worn big earrings for several years. Cosmetic surgeons are frequently approached by women who have torn their ear lobes due to continually wearing of large earrings or inferior or sleeping with their earrings. It is recommended to wear light earrings on regular basis or wear big ones with a chain as support, in order to avoid torn earlobes.

One method to pull off heavy earrings wearing is to wear them just on special occasions, and merely for a limited amount of time. As well, you can try opting for earrings made of lighter materials. Many materials appear mainly large, thick and heavy but don't really add a lot of weight. Plastics or natural materials such as feathers can create long, bohemian earrings that don't have the similar weight as those prepared of metals.

You should not wear heavy earrings that stretch your ear, dirty earrings that were on the ground, other people's earrings as you get your ears infected with them, and dangling earrings when you are doing exercise.

2, Finishing off the kids’ leftovers

Generally, some women have the habit of eating the remaining cooked food; after all family members have eaten the food. Moms even have habit of wiping off their kids’ leftovers at the end of a meal. The reason behind it is to lessen the snippets and wasted food, but at the same time they forget to focus on the health factor. Women who are very conscious about the weight loss could have the opposite effect as they can gain extra calories from the child’s meal that they do not require at all. Instead of eating the kids’ leftovers, it is better to prepare only needed amount of food for your kid or else try your kid to eat it completely. You can also keep the remaining food of kid into refrigerator, and give it to kid after sometime. Please note that if the leftover looks bad or smells bad after sometime then throw it out. Don’t taste it, as consuming unsafe food can cause you to become sick with vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, or other flu-like symptoms: fever and headache.

3, Indulging in fad diets

Faddy eating become a way of life for numerous women; by following women’s magazines which are filled with many weight loss plans, about 70 per cent of women having been on a diet in the last ten years (compared to only 30 per cent of men). Women of all ages prefer fad diets in order to lose weight fast. Regrettably, instead of helping you stay trim, fad diets could mess up the metabolism - causing your body to get more weight easily - and lead you to shortage of nutrient. Several fad diets are not nutritionally sound, and most of these diets have one main blemish. They tell us to simply eat one kind of food, depriving our bodies of essential vitamins and minerals that are very important for our overall health. Nearly all fad diets have been proven disasters, whether it is zero carb diets, cabbage soup diets, or else. Besides gaining more weight, they may even cause severe medical harm. Don’t ignore your hunger or obsessively count calories, rather try seeing food as fuel (in place of the enemy) and adopting healthier male eating habits of usual, significant meals. The best way to lose weight is combining regular exercise with a healthy diet and also enough sleep.

4, Wearing incorrect size of bra

More than 80% of women aren't wearing the right bra size, as per many studies. This means that just 2 women out of every 10 are wearing the right size! The incorrect bra can not only be uncomfortable, but also make you look a lot heavier than you actually are. A bra that doesn't fit well (particularly one with a too-large band) can cause sagging, an imperfect shape, much movement. It can also cause back and neck problems, muscle tension and headaches.

The correct-size bra completely changes the shape of your body as well it lets better fitting of clothes. A well-fitting bra keeps breasts supported while playing a sport and assists in preventing injury to breast tissue. Wearing the right bra is also vital for a woman's posture, especially if she has large breasts. It’s always good to get yourself measured in getting the proper support for your breasts.

5, Carrying too heavy handbags

Generally women have a habit of carrying all possible things in their handbags such as mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, Bluetooth earpieces, sunglasses, keys, books, make-up kits, etc. They wish to keep necessary things with them. The gadgets are increasing in number as the technology is advancing, and thus women carry around numerous pounds of weight on their shoulders daily. One might not feel the effects right now but these will lead to various health problems. Also, studies show that the bigger the bag and stronger the straps, the more stuffs are filled in, ensuing in a very heavy handbag. Carrying a heavy bag, generally on one side of the body forces the body to lean forward and in the contrary direction to recompense. Ultimately, this alteration in posture leads to neck and back pain. So, please don’t wait till the harm is done - do your health favor and take out all unnecessary things today and opt a smaller bag.

6, Keep away from workout with weights in gym

Lifting weights is an effective way to strengthen and tone your body and it is becoming more and more popular. If you are trying to lose weight and to attain fitness then you perhaps know that a combination of weight training and cardio exercises is a good way to tone your body and to get the figure you desire. But many women avoid the weights at the gym because of the fear they will bulk up. Besides providing health a boost, weight lifting has lots of other health benefits such as decrease the risk of diseases like osteoporosis and diabetes in the future. Moreover, weight lifting can aid with weight loss as the more muscle your body has the more calories you burn.

7, Sleeping with your make-up on

Women love make-up, as some of them think that it makes them look younger whereas others consider make-up as another face that provides a new and an enhanced look they wish to have. Manytimes, it happens that women come late at night from the party, so they don’t remove the make-up and go to bed instantly. Applying make-up is not bad, however sleeping with make-up on, or applying it for longer hours could damage your skin cells and you will have a dull skin in the near future. Leaving the make-up overnight has its own consequences, wherein the oil which is concealed by the skin naturally merges with the dirt and the make-up particles, leading to clogged pores, congested skin and spots. Eye make-up is also worse as sleeping with mascara can cause eye-irritation, bloodshot eyes and eye infection. While using make-up products, one should always careful. Just prefer trusted BRANDS, instead of selecting random stuff which may include harmful contents that damage your skin. Other important thing is to always check the manufacturing date.

8, Not paying attention to heart health

Heart disease is very common among women, claiming more women's lives every year than the next seven causes of death combined. Women of age 50 and above are more probable than men to have total cholesterol levels of 200 or higher, putting women at bigger risk of heart attack or stroke. But the belief like heart disease doesn’t touch women is very strong, even that often make women overlook symptoms of a heart attack. Ignoring the symptoms of heart disease is not at all good for health. Both men and women should take all the required measures to ensure a healthy heart. There are certain foods that should be taken in your daily diet to lower your risk of heart disease. Consume more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans together with fish, lean meat and poultry. You can also eat low-fat or fat-free dairy products which can supply your calcium requirements, and utilize vegetable oils or fat-free margarines rather than solid fats - shortening and butter. Besides eating proper foods for healthy heart, exercise is even necessary. So, add any physical activity to your daily routine.

9, Wearing ultra-tight "skinny" jeans

Nowadays, skinny jeans are hugely popular fashion trend among young women. Teens and young women are jiggling their way into ultra-tight, trend setting, skinny pants, by getting inspired from celebrities, models and rock stars. Do you know high fashion has a high cost, and it’s not only on the price tag? Most confess that wearing ultra-tight "skinny" jeans is not comfy, but like to trade in a little uneasiness in the name of trend. However, are you willing to risk your health? There can be a few painful health consequences that come with wearing skinny jeans. Ultra-tight "skinny" jeans causes’ health problems related to leg, and at least one actually incredible appearing bulge in the front of a blogger's pants. Constrictive clothing can cause many medical conditions such as vaginal yeast infections, bladder infections and also blood clots in the legs. When you eat while wearing tight clothing, you might have observed abdominal discomfort. Now, few doctors are cautioning patients that wearing tight jeans comes with a threat of nerve damage, which can cause a condition known as meralgia paresthetica. In simple English, it is a condition that causes ache, tingling, burning sensations or numbness in an oval area over the front and side of the thigh. And wearing high heels with tight jeans even makes the condition worse.

10, Passion of wearing crippling high heels

Women, who believe in quality lifestyle, are choosing to wear high heels on a daily basis. They prefer to wear matching heels with the color of the dress. Women having a short height opt for wearing heels instead of platforms or flats. No doubt heels make the attire look superb, but at the same time wearing high heels on a regular basis lead to several health problems in the long run. Do you remember your condition, when you had worn high heels for the first time? It was very difficult to walk, isn’t it? But afterward, your body gradually became habitual to the stress of high heels would be put on your toes and back. Once it begins affecting the posture that puts pressure on your joints, it can lead to health problems like tendon injuries, back pain, hammer toes, arthritis, etc. To lessen damage, limit the heel to only 1.5 inches and not above that, and wear insoles to help decrease the pressure on the joints.


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