Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Negative Effects of Facebook Addiction

Facebook is undeniably the greatest and the most popular social networking site ever. In fact, it seems like almost everyone in the world is on Facebook. But many people don’t realize that there’s also a darker side to the so-called top social network. Spending too much time on Facebook can actually lead to addiction. And just like any other type of addiction, Facebook addiction too can completely take over and ruin a person’s life.

Negative Effects of Facebook Addiction

Facebook is, of course, a great way to stay connected with friends and family members. Through this platform, people can do lot of exciting things online, like they can share their feelings, find their old friends, send messages, add friends, play games such as Farmville and Bejeweled, write on their friends’ walls, upload pictures, upload videos, comment on their friends’ pictures, update their personal user profile, etc. Thus, exploring Facebook is not bad but getting addicted to it is very dangerous.

Now, given below are some of the most common symptoms of Facebook addiction. These signs will help you figure out whether you’re really addicted to Facebook or not.

Warning signs of Facebook addiction
  • Users and their siblings communicate through Facebook wall and messages, even if they live together in the same house.
  • Users check for updates and comments at least once an hour at their workplace or on their cell phone.
  • Wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is log onto their Facebook account and check updates.
  • Users’ Facebook wall is full of status updates, comments, and applications that they just used.
  • Users give priority to Facebook over their professional and personal responsibilities.
  • Users spend more than 1 hour on Facebook - at a stretch or in small episodes over regular intervals of time.
  • Users can’t stop thinking about updates and comments when they’re offline.
  • Users try to reach home in the evening as early as possible so that they can check what’s happening on Facebook.
  • Users can’t go a day without using Facebook. Even thinking about such a day makes them feel depressed.
  • Users’ day ends by checking Facebook account and bidding people ‘good night’ through their status update.
If you find any or some of these warning signs in your own life, then you’re likely addicted to Facebook. Make sure to come out of this addiction as soon as possible, since it could result in some serious problems related to your social and mental health.

Negative Effects of Facebook Addiction:

Privacy Blow Up

The most dangerous negative effect of Facebook is that user’s personal data becomes public on this social networking website. This could pose a threat to the privacy of the users. So, it is highly recommended that users should not place their personal data on Facebook.

Does not Care about His/Her Surroundings

If someone is addicted to Facebook, then there’s a possibility that he/she would not care about his/her surroundings. The only thing a Facebook addict would be concerned about will be his/her virtual world. Such a person will only be curious to know who has written on their wall, commented on their pictures or commented on their status, etc. This type of behavior will gradually take them away from spending time with friends and family.

Less Social Interaction

People make a lot of friends on Facebook and interact with them online. As a result of which they don’t get time to interact with people in the real world. And this lack of real-world social interaction will actually reduce their communication skills, social skills as well as speaking skills.

Bad for Health

Being overweight is another harmful side effect of excessive Facebook usage. Sitting in front of the monitor all the time without any physical activities will eventually result in accumulation of all those extra pounds. And it’s a fact that being obese or overweight can dramatically increase the risk of developing many serious medical conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Reduce the Time for Study:

Facebook can negatively affect a teen’s and young adult’s education too. It has been proven that students who check their Facebook account often have poor academic performance compared to those who don't use the social media. This is actually not surprising as students who spend more time on Facebook would spend less time studying. What’s more, such students are reported to have the lowest rates of reading retention.

Possibility of Conflict:

Facebook also increases the chances of online conflict. Facebook is populated with immature people who create bizarre status, upload awkward pictures, and carry out illogical actions. And this can lead to conflicts with others.

Less Family Concern:

For Facebook addicts, family doesn't come first, but Facebook does. For them, Facebook friends are more important than their own family members.

So, now how to deal with this addiction?

Like in any other addiction, the first and foremost thing to do is to admit that you’re suffering from it. The next important step is to decide how much time you want to spend on Facebook everyday. Gradually try to reduce the time you spend on Facebook. Remember, the lesser time you spend, the better it will be. At the same time, try to give up Facebook for other activities or events. Several studies have shown that there’s an inverse relationship between a person’s social relationships and the time he/she spends online. So, make sure to spend more time with your family members and friends in real world, instead of sticking to your personal PC all the time. Last but not least, buy a mobile phone with no internet capabilities.


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