Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Pros and Cons of Being Single

Check our various pros and cons of being single to come at the conclusion that whether you want to be in any intimate relation or want to live single only.

It’s quite natural that you feel lonely or absence of special one in your life, when you see a happy couple passing on your side of the road. But do you know that at the same time, many couples who are having fun in their life, still miss being single. When they see you freely and stress free roaming around the streets and having fun with friends, they miss their single life. So, friends it’s quite usual that whether you are single or in a relationship, you may get advantages of your personal relations and you may miss some of the things that you love to do. Every coin has two sides and in the same way, there are many advantages of being single yet you might face some of the disadvantages at one or other time in your life. Let’s discuss different pros and cons of being single.

different moments of being single
Pros of being single

Do what you want: Best thing of being single is that you can do anything you want to do. You can sleep for long time on Sunday, and you don't have to include someone’s emotions when you want to go for any adventures or for any parties.

Go to new places: Once you have an intimate relationship with someone special, you have to consider his/her emotions, advice and choice whenever you want to plan a trip. But if you are a single, then you can easily plan a trip at the middle of week! Your own opinions and needs are at most priority when you want to plan a trip.

Absence of unwanted drama: Sometimes, boy/girl is so much emotional and reacts more than requirement on a particular instant or event. It might lead you to stress. So, with the happy single life, you can easily avoid all those drama normally done by girls and in some cases by boys also.

All time is yours only: You can manage your own time when you are single. You can use your time to meet your close friends, and also spend time with your parents. You can spend your time in the way you want without worrying that you have to give some time to one person daily.

Make connections with new people: Once you are single, you can make friendship with any person you like to do. There is no tension that your partner will be angry on you, if you talk with this or that person. You can talk to any girl or boy and can also go on date.

Independent: As in your single status, you do not have to tell someone that where you are going and when you will come back. Even you become more strong and independent emotionally, and it will give you more space to groom your personality.

More liberty to take your own decision: If you are single, then you just have to think about your own self when you have to take any decision. You have all the freedom and liberty to take your decision on your willpower and working capacities. You are the only person who is a reason for outcomes of your all the decisions.

No responsibility: You do not have to meet your partner on time, and you also don’t have tension to fulfill your responsibility. It is you only that what you have to deal with.

More money: You do not have to take your partner on restaurants or do not have to buy expensive gifts for your companion. Your all money is your own; you can use it in your own way. You can save some money to start your own business in future.

You don’t get hurt emotionally: If you are in a relationship, then for sure you will get hurt on one or other occasion by your partner emotionally. So, without your companion, you do not get emotionally drive in small topics and you can easily concentrate on your professional life.

Never have to explain or argue with someone: If you are in relationship, then it might happen that you argue on simple and small things, which are actually meaningless to argue. Being single, you do not have to explain to anyone that, why you are late or why you want to go on party with your friends. You also do not have to explain to anyone that why you came late from office or anything else.

Wear clothes in your own way: If you are not in a relationship, then you can easily wear clothes in what you feel more comfortable. You do not have to hear all the time when you dress up for party that, “Honey, you are really not going to wear that for party”. You can style yourself in the way you want.

Cons of being single

Loneliness: One of the biggest disadvantages of being single is that you may feel all alone in different moments of your life. Specially on weekends or public holidays when your friends and other people are spending time with their companion, you might feel absences of special person in your life.

No one to cherish your victory: If you have your life partner, he/she will be always there for you to cherish your small and big victories with big lovely smiley on face and warm cuddle. But you definitely miss it, if you are single.

No one to make you feel special: You are on your own way and no one will be there when you want someone to pamper you or hold your hand to make you feel special. All you have is just "loneliness".

No one to laugh with you during movies: It is good to watch different movies of your own choice, but it really feels something wrong or kind of emptiness when you are all alone when watching movie. You miss childish laugh of your partner when you both watch your favorite movie on couch.

Lack on intimacy: It might happen that your victory’s joy is only up to you and at that time you really want someone who cares for you deeply and truly. You feel absence of your partner.

Uncertainty in taking decisions: Many times it happens that you want one person that can lead you or can give you some of the right and good advice to take decisions of life. Being single you really feel lack of confidence to take some of the important decisions of your own life.

You might feel like: Sometimes, you only get bored with your friends talk, as they are only talking about their boyfriend or girlfriend and you might feel like third - wheel on many occasions.


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