Friday, December 6, 2013

Tamarind Health Benefits For Men's Fertility

Frustrated due to male fertility issues? Check out various uses of tamarind that can cure and prevent male impotency problems without any side effects.

Same as woman infertility issues, man infertility problems are increasing day by day. Reasons of male infertility vary from unhealthy lifestyle to addiction to alcohol, smoking, etc. But one can easily cure the problem of infertility by following natural remedies. We might have heard that eating these fruits or following these exercises daily will surely increase fertility. Now, add one more ingredient in your diet to get its benefits and also to increase your sperm count. A tangy and mouthwatering taste of Tamarind can give you sweet results by curing infertility from its root.

 Use of tamarind to cure Men's Impotency naturally
Tamarind is known as the Indian date and has many special benefits to treat various health related problems. It is also known as partially dried fruit having power to cut down cold, cough, fever, and even nausea during pregnancy. Besides all other benefits of tamarind, it is really helpful to cure infertility in men. Combination of tamarind with various ingredients can help to cure and prevent infertility problems in men.

Various uses of tamarind to cure infertility in men:
  1. Take seeds of tamarind in one bowl, take them out till seeds cover gets removed from the seeds. Now squash all the seeds and fry them in pure ghee. Mix same amount of sugar in the cooked mixture. Daily consume prepared mixture around one spoon daily to cure infertility in men from its roots in short period of time.
  2. Take same amount of tamarind seeds, bishop's weed and jaggery, and cook them well in pure ghee on low flame till mixture becomes light brown. Now consume mixture in one medium spoon amount daily to cure infertility problems in men, and it also increase sperm count.
  3. In one bowl, soak 500 mg of tamarind in water for four days. After four days, remove the upper cover of tamarind and place it in open place to get dried off by sun exposure. Once your soaked tamarind gets totally dried off, make its powder. Mix 500 mg of powder sugar and store it in air tight container. Once your mixture gets ready, take 1 tbsp of mixture with glass of milk two times a day regularly for more than 50 days. You will be free from infertility problems.
Other steps that men should follow to reduce the chances of being infertile:
  • Do not wear tight pants and inner wears as it increases the scrotum temperature and reduces the production of healthy sperm that leads to low sperm count.
  • Avoid junk foods as much as you can to reduce the chances of being obese as obesity is also one of the reasons of infertility.
  • Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables to satisfy your daily nutrition needs. In turn, it will help to maintain your hormone levels.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking and tobacco to reduce the chances of health issues of your reproductive system.
  • Daily do yoga and little exercise to reduce your stress level as stress can affect negatively on the quality of sperm.
  • Do not put your laptop on your lap or mobile in your trouser or pants pocket. As it negatively affects on sperm count.
  • Eat dry fruits daily to increase the production of thick and pure white healthy semen to increase fertility.
  • Daily drink at least one glass of milk to power up your immune system.
  • Take advice from professional person and follow the instructions to increase your sperm count.


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