Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Infrographics on Facts about Farts

Check out different facts of farting or flatulence in the infographics form that are loud and sometimes very silent plus deadly.
Farting is mostly funny and embarrassing for people. Farting is natural process in which your body removes extra gas products. Fart produces during the digestion of food in your digestive system. Knowingly or unknowingly, you swallow lots of air throughout the day. This air combines with the gas produced during the digestion process and results into the fart that comes out from your anus. Sometimes fart comes out silently or loud enough that everyone can hear it. “Fart” is considered as one of the oldest word in English dictionary that has been derived from the “feortan" word - it means "to break wind". Find out interesting and funny facts about fart that will definitely amaze you.

Different facts of fart in info-graphics
  1. Flatulence is production of mixture of air and gas produced as by-product during the digestion process.
  2. Fart contains different gases as 59% Nitrogen, 21% Hydrogen, 9% Carbon Dioxide, 7% Methane, 3% Oxygen, and 1% other gases.
  3. As per one survey, every individual fart 14 times a day.
  4. Every person produces around half a liter of fart gas daily.
  5. Flatulence is very flammable gas.
  6. Fart comes out from your body with the speed of 7 mph.
  7. Besides human being, other animals who fart are termites, camels, zebras, sheep, cows, elephants, gerbils, etc.
  8. At the time of creating a fart, it holds 98.6 Fahrenheit temperature.
  9. Your fart is not harmful that’s why; you cannot suffocate in a chamber full of your own fart.
  10. When your fart becomes so much stinky, understand that your fart holds big amount of Hydrogen Sulfide.
  11. Bacterial fermentation and digestion process together produces various kinds of pungent smell bubbles that make our silent fart but smell deadly.
  12. Person can fart shortly after death.
  13. Nerves present in the ending area of rectum differentiate between the poop and fart.
  14. If your poop contains more amount of liquid, then nerves get confused and results into the mud butt.
  15. Different foods that increase your fart production are beans, cauliflower, eggs, beer, cabbage, raisins, lentils, radishes, yeast, sweet potatoes, etc.
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