Thursday, March 27, 2014

Natural tips for allergy relief

Allergies can develop at any time during our lives, and it can be due to anything like cold weather, chemicals, etc. Whenever you have an allergy attack, try these natural tips for allergy relief.

Spring brings lots of delights including warmer weather, blossoming trees and longer days. But for several people, springtime also welcomes allergies due to seasonal changes. Anything can cause allergy right from certain foodstuffs to the most commonly used substances, from dust to chemicals, from soaps to cosmetics, from rare plants to animals. Common symptoms of allergies include itchy eyes, runny nose, coughing and sneezing, skin rash, reddening, inflammation of the skin, hay fever, etc. Many people prefer to take over-the-counter drugs to alleviate the suffering from allergies. Well, here are listed some simple, effective home remedies that are extremely helpful for allergy sufferers. Moreover, one can easily follow these natural tips to eliminate or improve your allergy symptoms.

Natural Ways to Beat Allergies

Whether you have seasonal, indoor or outdoor allergies, try these easy natural remedies for allergy relief and avoid the side effects of prescription or over-the counter medications. Following the right treatment can help you sleep better at night and have better quality rest. It’s time to change the schedule, get treated successfully, and breathe better. Some allergies are severe and need immediate medical attention, but in milder cases, natural ways may give all the relief you require, with relatively less expense or hassle.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hepatitis C drug Sovaldi is priced $1000 per pill, $84,000 per Course!

The U.S. lawmakers have inquired Gilead Chief Executive John C. Martin about the high cost of its new Hepatitis C drug Sovaldi, which is priced $1000 per pill, $84,000 per course!

Gilead Sciences, a biotechnology company has manufactured a new drug called “Sovaldi” for Hepatitis C. According to the company, the drug will cost $1000 per pill, so the amount of pills required for a complete course of treatment will charge you $84,000. As per the estimation of World Wide Organization, about 150 million people are suffering with this disease worldwide.

U.S. lawmakers asked for Hepatitis C new drug Sovaldi

The three U.S. lawmakers Henry Waxman, Frank Pollone and Diana DeGette sent a letter to the company Gilead Sciences, Foster City, Calif. In the letter, they asked Gilead to clarify the reason for selling its new drug Sovaldi at very high cost. They also stated in the letter that although the drug can be very much effective, it will not cure patients if they cannot afford it.

Monday, March 24, 2014

No Makeup Selfie Trend goes Viral to raise £1M for cancer charity

Help!!! Recently, women across the UK follow unusual trend of posting 'no makeup' selfies that notably help to raise cancer awareness and donations. Know about this viral trend in details, here.

Social media is mostly talk of the town, sometimes for its hitches and sometimes for its goodness. This time in UK, Social media timelines have been covered up with ‘no make-up selfie’ trend, where women post selfies without wearing make-up. And, you can’t believe that it helps charity Cancer Research UK raise more than £2 million donation, also go on increasing. Women (also men!) of all professions and backgrounds have contributed in the no make-up selfie campaign and 'done their bit' for cancer charity help. Twitter has been used almost 15,000 times, also 219,000 'likes' are noted for the No Make Up Selfie For Cancer Awareness Facebook page. This viral trend also points the finger at Cancer Research UK that is wrong. After all, it is all about charity… a noble work. Check out here how, when, and what are the effects of ‘no make-up selfie’

No Makeup Selfie Trend help raise £2M for cancer charity

The #nomakeupselfie campaign has become very popular on social media as well as gets great attention in national newspapers and on radio and TV news. Here, women posted pictures of themselves on Twitter and Facebook without make up, as well as urged their friends list to do the same. The big thing is that Cancer Research UK received almost a million unexpected donations through social media efforts.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sperm (Semen) have Surprising health benefits

The first thing that comes in mind when talking about the sperm is sex and babies. But you will be surprised to know that there are many more benefits of semen or sperm especially to women. Well, behind this one question may arise, "whether to swallow or to spit?” Some women hate it while some like to swallow. After knowing the interesting facts and benefits of sperm, it will change women’s mind who doesn’t like this sticky substance. Semen has various surprising health benefits like preventing cancer, preventing diabetes, helps in blood pressure, smoothes skin and much more. That is why it is used as a chief ingredient in various medicines and beauty products which are very expensive.

Health benefits of Sperm

Semen is a thick white body fluid and it has sperms. Semen is also known as seminal fluid and sperm is also called spermatozoa. In human, semen contains various other elements which stimulate the sperm survival for successful fertilization. The semen passes over ejaculatory from the seminal vesicles and other glands and mixes with a fluid, that’s why it is composed of various elements. Semen is composed of some of the following components: Fructose, ascorbic acid, citric acid, uric acid, lactic acid, blood group antigens, zinc, cholesterol, vitamin B12, protein, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, nitrogen, DNA and other nutrients. The seminal vesicles produce fructose rich fluid makes up approximately 65 to 70 percent of the semen base.

Friday, March 14, 2014

How to claim for Payless ShoeSource Wage Hour Class Action Settlement?

Class members who submit a timely and valid claim form for Payless ShoeSource Wage and Hour Class Action Settlement on will be eligible to get at least $75.

Payless ShoeSource Inc. has agreed to pay up to $5 million to settle two class action lawsuits that claim the retailer failed to pay some of the employees for all time worked and failed to give a lawful meal and even rest breaks. If you work or have worked for Payless ShoeSource in California at any time from October 7, 2006 through November 1, 2013 as a Full-Time Sales/Store Associate, Part-Time Sales/Store Associate, Full-Time/Part-Time Greeter, and/or Temp, then the only way you can get return is by filing a claim form for Payless ShoeSource Wage and Hour Class Action Settlement at the website.

Claim your Class Action Settlement money today

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Essential routine medical tests that every woman must take

Woman must include important medical tests in regular check up like mammography, thyroid test, HIV test, pap smear, lipid profile to prevent chronic diseases.

Best way to treat any kind of health issue is to detect it in its early stages and start taking precautions for it. This way, you can reduce chances of having it in the future. Whether woman lives life of house wife or a working woman; she has to take care of every one in every possible way. While caring for others, woman forgets to take care of her own health. They become so careless about their health issues that becomes fatal sometimes. Actually, woman’s body undergo different internal changes that make them more vulnerable to have health related problems. To reduce the chances of suffering from vital diseases, woman must go for the different tests regularly to keep up your health in-check.

Women going for screening test of breast cancer

1) Blood pressure:

  • Need of it: To check your blood pressure
  • Frequency to do test: every 1-2 years during the ages 20-39; every year after 40 years
Hypertension is one of the serious health issues that increase day by day following stressful lifestyle. Normal blood pressure for women is 119 systolic and 79 diastolic. You must keep in check your blood pressure to reduce the chances of strokes, heart attacks and kidney problems. You must do blood pressure test once in a year after you cross 40s of your life. Make changes in your lifestyle, if it is needed.

2) Fasting Blood Sugar:
  • Need of it: To detect early stage Diabetes
  • Frequency to do test: After the age of 35 irrespective of their family history
Fasting blood sugar test help to find out the situation that you are having issue with the normal buildup of insulin in your body or not after you consume any food. Insulin helps to maintain excess glucose in your body. If you become patient of diabetes, then you have to suffer with the worse effects of it on your body; especially your vision. So, do not forget to keep an eye on your glucose level.

3) Lipid Profile:
  • Need of it: To keep track of cholesterol levels
  • Frequency to do test: Once you become 25 year old, you must do it at interval of two years
Lipid profile gives you information about cholesterol level in your body both HDL and LDL. As per the standard results, your total cholesterol should not above 200 mg/dL. If any patient has abnormal values, then he might have strong history of heart disease, hypertension, smoking, or diabetes. These all critical health situations can be detected with a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) LipoProfile test.

4) Pap Smear:
  • Need of it: To find out early stage symptoms of cervical cancer
  • Frequency to do test: After the age of 21 years, you must do cervical cytology screening at the duration of two years
Screening to find out any woman suffers from cervical cancer or not is dangerous for girls, who are younger. So, it is not necessary to do before the age of 21. Even you can extend the examination period to 3 years till you reach up to your 30s, if you have consecutive negative test result for three times. This test gives you information about the history of CIN 2 or CIN 3, HIV infection, immuno compromised state, or DES exposure in-utero. Once you reached at the age of 65-70, you can stop screening with the increase in age number, many cancer symptoms get weaken.

5) Mammogram:
  • Need of it: To detect the breast cancer in first phase
  • Frequency to do test: Every year after the age of 35
Working woman or woman, who has children at older age, has more chances to suffer from the breast cancer. Even woman, who breastfeed her children for short time period, is at risk to suffer from the breast cancer. It is necessary to prevent breast cancer. You must go for the mammogram annually after you reached at the age of 35 to detect it in the early stages. Woman, who has history of cancer in family, has more chances to suffer from the cancer.

6) Skin Cancer:
  • Need of it: To reduce the chances of skin cancer
  • Frequency to do test: Monthly self examination. Annual visit to doctor after the age of 39
Besides cervical and breast cancer, Skin cancer is on top in dangerous diseases list for woman. Due to excess sun exposure or sun burn, malignancy affects the cells of our skin that induce the pigmentation in our skin. You must use sunscreen lotions to protect your skin that constantly get engaged with sun exposure. If you see any unexpected rashes, redness or blood clot on your upper skin layer, then you must consult dermatologist or other doctor for early detection of skin cancer.

7) HIV screening test:
  • Need of it: To reduce the chances of having deadly HIV disease
  • Frequency to do test: Annually once you reached to puberty
HIV is deadly disease, for which doctors are still searching to produce right vaccine to cure HIV patients completely. Ones HIV virus enters in your body, it starts destroying the specific cells CD4+T that acts as a base of our immunity system. By attacking to CD4+T, HIV makes our body open place for every disease to attack. In the initial period, patient of HIV might look normal but his immunity system already has started degrading day after day. So, it is important to take all prevention measures to stay away from HIV. So, it becomes one of the must to do taste, annually.

8) Bone-Mineral Density Test:
  • Need of it: To Find out the symptoms of osteoporosis
  • Frequency to do test: 1-2 years after the age of 40
Once, woman reach to their menopause at the age of 40 to 45, they start loosing the density of bones. It is concluded that around 30 percent of bone mass get reduced in 5-6 years following menopause. If any woman has history of nontraumatic fractures in adult age or family history of osteoporosis, then chances increase more to have problem of osteoporosis.

9) Thyroid Test (TSH):
  • Need of it: To keep in check functioning of thyroid gland
  • Frequency to do test: Every 3-5 years after the age of 20
Every month after puberty age, woman undergoes hormonal changes. Hormonal imbalance causes vital changes in the functioning of thyroid gland. One of the usual symptoms of suffering from the thyroid is to gain lots of weight or sudden loss in weight. You must include thyroid test in your routine blood test like T3, T4 and TSH test to find out you are having problem of hypo or hyperthyroidism.
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Know Early Miscarriage Symptoms for safe Pregnancy

Miscarriage is very common but awareness of the miscarriage symptoms can prevent it and help the fetus to develop into a healthy child.

Finding out that you are expecting a baby is an emotional and exciting time. It is also a time when moms-to-be have lots of questions lurking in their minds that what's normal, what's not, and when you should call a doctor, etc. One common fear among pregnant women is the fear of miscarriage. Miscarriage at any stage of pregnancy is very painful, devastating and traumatic experience that about 10% to 20% of expectant mothers go through. As we all know precaution is better than cure so it’s better to know some early signs of miscarriage for safe Pregnancy.

Depressed women due to miscarriage

The first 20 weeks of pregnancy are very crucial as around 80% of miscarriages take place during that period. Miscarriage is generally due to chromosomal abnormality in the baby. Other reasons include hormonal imbalance, health conditions like diabetes & kidney disease as well as injury or trauma experienced by a woman.

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