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Karen Fischer's 28 days Diet plans to remove Wrinkles of Skin

Get younger skin back again and look ageless for years by following Karen Fischer's 28 days Diet plan with meal plans and 80 simple, fast and delicious recipes. Wanna try this challenge? Check out the plan in detail here.

By nature, women always desire at looking beautiful and attractive, and for this, they leave no stone unturned. They spend lots of money on beauty treatments, cosmetics, and expensive make-up kits. All these are just a waste of money, and give your skin momentary glow. In point of fact, beautiful skin can be created with a healthy diet. Our face is a reflection of the foods we eat and the lifestyle we select. Whatever we do, eat and drink, how much we sleep, etc. directly reflect on our skin, so it is very much important to follow a perfect daily routine to keep your skin healthy. Have you ever heard about Karen Fischer - the famous nutritionist, writer and an award-winning author? She specializes in general skin health, also design recipes and meal plans to cure a variety of skin problems. Karen loves to write for health magazines, also she is honored with many awards for her expert knowledge in the skin health. It is believed that body takes 28 days to form new skin cells in the deep layer and to travel up to the surface layer of the skin. Considering this, Karen Fischer reveals 28 days Diet plans in her book - Younger Skin in 28 Days - to firm & tone your skin and get ageless look in a matter of weeks. Just follow this diet plan and look better in 28 days!

Follow Karen Fischer's Diet plans

Karen Fischer has extensive experience in television, radio, and event hosting, being a top nutritionist and first-rate writer for Wellbeing Magazine, Practical Parenting, Madison Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald. She was also a health columnist for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Her first book - The Healthy Skin Diet - won ‘Best Health, Nutrition or Specific Diet Book’ at the 2008 Australian Food Media Awards, also it's now a chartbuster. For the past decade, she has helped hundreds of patients suffering from eczema and other severe skin disorders. At present, Karen does online health programs for eczema sufferers and she will be holding eczema workshops soon in Sydney.

This best-selling author and nutritionist has revealed her new book - Younger Skin in 28 Days. Like others, the new edition shows you how to get healthy as well as youthful skin within four weeks. The book is totally focused on her strong belief that “Your best weapon against skin ageing is your fork!” By paying careful attention to what you eat, you can improve skin conditions like wrinkles, cellulite, dry skin, sun damage, acne, rough and bumpy skin, age spots and hyper pigmentation.

In her new book, Younger Skin in 28 Days, Karen Fischer has designed a 28-day diet plan including three-day alkalizing cleanse, a 28-day meal plan with handy menus and shopping lists, and 80 simple, fast and delicious recipes. She strictly opposes the recent trend of pathetic breakfast and meal. She draws attention to the biggest ageing reason, i.e. destructive molecules called Advanced Glycation End products (or AGEs).
AGEs are harmful compounds, which can affect almost every type of cell and molecule in the body and are considered to be a big reason for aging, also for some age-related chronic diseases. Excessive sugar in the blood causes glucose molecules that are attached to the proteins in collagen (the glue that holds your skin together) to create AGEs. These sticky brown compounds make cells stiffer and less flexible that are more subject to damage and premature aging by creating lines, blotches and wrinkles.

Not only sugar, but many other common foods and cooking methods also have high levels of AGEs to raise the AGE-making process in the body. So, recognize them and remove them from your diet as fast as possible.

AGEs are commonly found in animal products like red meat, dairy products, processed food and all forms of sugar and sweeteners, and raise exponentially when food is fried, grilled, pasteurized or smoked. So, care should be taken that you will stay away from such harmful foods.

Now, those who already have prematurely ageing skin, dullness, discoloration, deep lines or drooping jowls…don’t worry! By minimizing your intake of AGE-increasing foods and moving to foods that have natural skin-boosting properties like purple, red or black fruits and vegetables, beans and whole grains; you can reverse some of the damage. Fischer stated that ‘Eating the right foods supplies your skin with the nutrients it needs to produce new collagen, fight AGEs and look healthier and younger.’ She firmly believes that right diet plan can take years off your appearance in just a few weeks.

Little about the PLAN:
The plan starts with a 3-day detox - no meat or caffeine, just consume unlimited fruits and vegetables (raw if possible). Next, re-introduce small amounts of caffeine, poultry and fish, however steering clear of dairy, sugar and alcohol.
For 28 days!
  • Take an energetic breakfast;
  • Afterwards, fill half of your lunch and dinner plates with vegetables (raw if possible);
  • One quarter with low-AGE Protein - chicken, fish, beans or lentils;
  • Other quarter with low-AGE Carbohydrates - sweet potato, basmati rice, quinoa or spelt.
For dessert: Take anti-oxidant rich fruits like pomegranate, guava, banana, papaya or any berries (frozen are fine).
Fischer also recommends drinking eight glasses of water, herbal tea or fresh vegetable juices. Besides, you are advised to take some daily supplements - omega 3, calcium, chromium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and vitamins D, C, B3 and B6, along with a daily shot of purple juice from blueberries, cherries and olives.
Little changes to your cooking method:
You can cut down your AGE intake by changing your cooking or preparation method.
Cook at low:
Don’t bake, grill, barbecue and fry food, because it causes browning, which raises AGE formation, particularly in foods that are rich in protein and fats. Instead opt for cooking with liquids slowly (at low temperatures) as in poaching, boiling, steaming and making soups, curries, stews and casseroles. This makes really a big difference!
Marinate using fresh lemon or lime juice:
Before cooking, just marinate meat or fish in acidic ingredients like fresh lemon or lime juice. This can protect the food from producing too many AGEs during the cooking process. Moreover, it is good to add the juices to the drinks as well as salad dressings.
Put herbs in regular use:
Using herbs like turmeric, cumin, ginger, cloves and cinnamon are all superb to slow down AGE formation. You can put them into casseroles and curries, pop a piece of fresh ginger or a few cloves into your tea, also sprinkle cinnamon on porridge or add to smoothies.
Use Apple cider vinegar:
Go for Apple cider vinegar as it can control blood sugar, which helps to cut AGE production. Mix it with a tbsp in water, and put into soups and stews, or use it for salad dressings.


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