Friday, October 10, 2014

Why you should Start Baby Registry Now at BabiesRUs?

Looking for the Why, How, and What of setting up a baby registry? Here's what the experts recommend. Keep this information handy as you ready your own list.
Why you should Start Baby Registry Now at BabiesRUs
Baby Registry at BabiesRUs


Creating a baby registry is a smart move, and not only because it makes shopping for you a snap. Having a set list reduces the chances of receiving items you don't need or want.

Now there's another reason to create a registry at Babies"R"Us: Endless Earnings gives you 10% back on registry purchases. Find out how it works.


Smart moms register at stores with locations nationwide, so that no matter where your friends and family live, they can shop in person if they want (and contribute to your Endless Earnings!).

Don't know how to start your baby registry? Babies"R"Us has you covered, with loads of resources, including helpful checklists, articles, videos, and a huge selection of all the products you'll need.


While you may be tempted to register only for big-ticket items, it's important to register for items in a wide range of prices, so that everyone who wants to purchase a gift is able to. That means including items like diapers and layette as well as furniture. And don't forget that each item counts toward your Endless Earnings.

What items should go on your list? Well that's where the fun comes in. Visit Babies"R"Us and browse the collection of showcase registries and registry checklists. Armed with these tools, you're sure to get all of the baby gear you'll need!


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