Friday, October 31, 2014

Health Dangers of Drinking Milk in Overdose

Overdose of anything affects negatively on our health. Find out health dangers you may come across when you go for overdose of milk regularly.

Milk is considered as a complete food for everyone. One glass of milk daily completes your 99% of nutrition requirements. But as it is considered as the complete food having almost all the nutrients in it, milk is heavy to digest by human digestive system. Over consumption of milk might reflect into the sick health condition. Milk contains higher amount of protein, fat and calcium, but overdose of milk affects negatively on digestive system and organs fails to digest completely and absorb all the nutrients from milk. Doctors prescribe to consume one medium glass of organic milk daily to digest completely to improve health. Some people love to drink gallons of milk by thinking it as healthiest things and become sick with different health issues. If you are also milk lover, then check out health dangers you might face due to over-consumption of milk.

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Overdose of milk causes allergies: Any person who have weak digestive system can caught up with different types of allergic symptoms including wheezing, coughing, throat tightness, upset stomach, itchy eyes, vomiting, hives and swelling. Many people cannot digest even one glass of milk, whereas some people have capacity to drink 2-3 glasses of milk daily. So, allergies due to overdose of milk depend on each person’s digestive system capacity.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Treatment of Varicose Veins Indian Home Remedies

Get rid of itching, disgust looking and painful varicose veins and improve blood flow in your legs by following simple and easy to use home remedies.

Human body has millions of veins to transport oxygen rich blood and wastes containing blood at appropriate parts of the body. In the veins, different valves control the flow of blood to make sure wastes containing blood and oxygen rich blood do not get mixed up. When these valves do not function in right manner, person suffers from varicose veins. This problem with veins can occur in both men and women, but it occurs more in women.

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Prior reasons in women who are suffering from varicose veins are pregnancy, obesity, menopause, aging, prolonged standing, leg injury, and abdominal straining. It can happen anywhere in the body, but mostly occurs in leg veins. Check out symptoms of varicose veins and simple home remedies to cure and prevent it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stem Cell Storage: Pros and Cons

The umbilical cord stem cells storage is helpful to protect a baby from life-threatening diseases in the future, but beware as there are also cost implications.

Every parent wishes that their children will be always healthy and happy for their entire lives. There are lots of factors that influence child’s development including diet, education, lifestyle, environment, etc. and one major factor to consider for a new baby’s future is storing his or her umbilical cord blood stem cell. You may be wondering what cord blood banking is, why it’s important, and should we go with a private cord blood bank or donate to a public bank? Going through the given list of pros and cons of stem cell storage can help you make better decisions, so read it and know whether it's right for you, your child and your family.

Happy family

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Stem Cell Banking (Storage) Companies in India

Once you decide to opt for cord blood banking in India, ensure you select the right type of stem cell banking Storage Company, based on the pricing options, certification, technological expertise and experience.

A few years ago, Cord blood banking was an unknown concept in India, but now its popularity is increasing as many would-be parents have become aware about the benefits of it. If you decided to go for cord blood banking, you may start asking your friends, relatives, neighbors and doctor to know which are reliable and trustworthy cord blood banking companies in India. Several cord blood banking companies specialize in the storage of cord blood, so you should check out how they collect the cord blood, how the cord blood is shipped, where are the bank laboratories situated, expense of collecting and storing the cord blood, etc. After choosing some cord blood banks, talk to them on phone if you have any questions about stem cell banking. Go through the list of different stem cell banking companies that are most influential and innovative in India.

Cord blood Banking
Cord blood, the blood that remains in the umbilical cord after a baby’s birth, is a rich source of stem cells that have the potential to treat more than 80 medical conditions today like leukemia (blood cancer), myeloma (a type of bone marrow cancer), lymphoma (type of blood cancer), thalassemia (rare blood disorder), and other such critical diseases. If your family has a history of any of the above diseases, then cord blood storage could be a wise idea. The cord blood is pure and immature, so it is also better than bone marrow. These powerful stem cells have a bright future as they are largely being used for the treatment of diseases that are currently incurable. These biologically younger and immature stem cells can be used by the baby and its family, and these cells have been proved to be very useful as they pose lesser chances of being rejected by the recipient’s body during transplant.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Easy Kitchen Tips for cutting fruits Quickly

Use these simple techniques to peel different kinds of fruits easily and quickly without making a mess in the kitchen.

Peeling is one of the most hated tasks when it comes cooking. Whether its fruits or vegetables, using right peeling technique is very important to incur minimum or no wastage. Lots of tools are available in the market that can make peeling fruits easier and faster, saving your valuable time. However, not all fruits are easy to peel or cut with these tools. Peeling fruits like kiwi, mango, avocado, orange, peaches, pomegranates generally got a mess on your hands. So, here different peeling techniques to peel fruits quickly without making mess in your kitchen.
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Tips to Cut Fruits Quickly without Making Mess

1. Kiwi

There are two ways to peel kiwi faster.
Method 1:
  • Slice about ½ inch off from both ends of the kiwi.
  • Gently insert a thin-lipped spoon between the peel and fruit.
  • Carefully rotate the spoon all around the kiwi, loosening the skin.
  • Remove the skin from the kiwi in one piece.

How to overcome depression naturally without drugs?

Instead of huge dose of medication to treat your severe depression, follow natural tips to overcome depression and get settled in happy life again.

Depression has become a common enemy of our as it takes out happiness, joy and cheerful nature of over selves from life. Due to depression, we do not like to talk to our loved one, we stay angry and confuse even for minor problems, we don’t shower love on our kids but their chime full voice sounds us like noise. Besides creating more problems between family members, it also effects negatively on our health to make us patient of heart attack, diabetes, nervous system, health issues, etc. Many people chose to suppress their depression with medications while some of them ignore it completely and it leads you away from the happy life. Here we have gathered all the simple yet more effective ways for you to fight against depression naturally!

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Spend time in the bright sunny day: Low level of vitamin D is responsible for depression and mood disorders. It also affects bone health and immunity strength. So, spending some time in sunshine will make you healthy and depression free. You can arrange trip to meadows with your family to spend a whole with sunny light and family.

Stick to your responsibilities: While going through depression, you might not like to complete your family responsibilities. You will find your self drifting away from the responsibilities and your goals will be put aside. So, keep on completing your responsibilities with full heart. It will make you happier.

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