Friday, October 31, 2014

Health Dangers of Drinking Milk in Overdose

Overdose of anything affects negatively on our health. Find out health dangers you may come across when you go for overdose of milk regularly.

Milk is considered as a complete food for everyone. One glass of milk daily completes your 99% of nutrition requirements. But as it is considered as the complete food having almost all the nutrients in it, milk is heavy to digest by human digestive system. Over consumption of milk might reflect into the sick health condition. Milk contains higher amount of protein, fat and calcium, but overdose of milk affects negatively on digestive system and organs fails to digest completely and absorb all the nutrients from milk. Doctors prescribe to consume one medium glass of organic milk daily to digest completely to improve health. Some people love to drink gallons of milk by thinking it as healthiest things and become sick with different health issues. If you are also milk lover, then check out health dangers you might face due to over-consumption of milk.

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Overdose of milk causes allergies: Any person who have weak digestive system can caught up with different types of allergic symptoms including wheezing, coughing, throat tightness, upset stomach, itchy eyes, vomiting, hives and swelling. Many people cannot digest even one glass of milk, whereas some people have capacity to drink 2-3 glasses of milk daily. So, allergies due to overdose of milk depend on each person’s digestive system capacity.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Treatment of Varicose Veins Indian Home Remedies

Get rid of itching, disgust looking and painful varicose veins and improve blood flow in your legs by following simple and easy to use home remedies.

Human body has millions of veins to transport oxygen rich blood and wastes containing blood at appropriate parts of the body. In the veins, different valves control the flow of blood to make sure wastes containing blood and oxygen rich blood do not get mixed up. When these valves do not function in right manner, person suffers from varicose veins. This problem with veins can occur in both men and women, but it occurs more in women.

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Prior reasons in women who are suffering from varicose veins are pregnancy, obesity, menopause, aging, prolonged standing, leg injury, and abdominal straining. It can happen anywhere in the body, but mostly occurs in leg veins. Check out symptoms of varicose veins and simple home remedies to cure and prevent it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stem Cell Storage: Pros and Cons

The umbilical cord stem cells storage is helpful to protect a baby from life-threatening diseases in the future, but beware as there are also cost implications.

Every parent wishes that their children will be always healthy and happy for their entire lives. There are lots of factors that influence child’s development including diet, education, lifestyle, environment, etc. and one major factor to consider for a new baby’s future is storing his or her umbilical cord blood stem cell. You may be wondering what cord blood banking is, why it’s important, and should we go with a private cord blood bank or donate to a public bank? Going through the given list of pros and cons of stem cell storage can help you make better decisions, so read it and know whether it's right for you, your child and your family.

Happy family

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Stem Cell Banking (Storage) Companies in India

Once you decide to opt for cord blood banking in India, ensure you select the right type of stem cell banking Storage Company, based on the pricing options, certification, technological expertise and experience.

A few years ago, Cord blood banking was an unknown concept in India, but now its popularity is increasing as many would-be parents have become aware about the benefits of it. If you decided to go for cord blood banking, you may start asking your friends, relatives, neighbors and doctor to know which are reliable and trustworthy cord blood banking companies in India. Several cord blood banking companies specialize in the storage of cord blood, so you should check out how they collect the cord blood, how the cord blood is shipped, where are the bank laboratories situated, expense of collecting and storing the cord blood, etc. After choosing some cord blood banks, talk to them on phone if you have any questions about stem cell banking. Go through the list of different stem cell banking companies that are most influential and innovative in India.

Cord blood Banking
Cord blood, the blood that remains in the umbilical cord after a baby’s birth, is a rich source of stem cells that have the potential to treat more than 80 medical conditions today like leukemia (blood cancer), myeloma (a type of bone marrow cancer), lymphoma (type of blood cancer), thalassemia (rare blood disorder), and other such critical diseases. If your family has a history of any of the above diseases, then cord blood storage could be a wise idea. The cord blood is pure and immature, so it is also better than bone marrow. These powerful stem cells have a bright future as they are largely being used for the treatment of diseases that are currently incurable. These biologically younger and immature stem cells can be used by the baby and its family, and these cells have been proved to be very useful as they pose lesser chances of being rejected by the recipient’s body during transplant.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Easy Kitchen Tips for cutting fruits Quickly

Use these simple techniques to peel different kinds of fruits easily and quickly without making a mess in the kitchen.

Peeling is one of the most hated tasks when it comes cooking. Whether its fruits or vegetables, using right peeling technique is very important to incur minimum or no wastage. Lots of tools are available in the market that can make peeling fruits easier and faster, saving your valuable time. However, not all fruits are easy to peel or cut with these tools. Peeling fruits like kiwi, mango, avocado, orange, peaches, pomegranates generally got a mess on your hands. So, here different peeling techniques to peel fruits quickly without making mess in your kitchen.
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Tips to Cut Fruits Quickly without Making Mess

1. Kiwi

There are two ways to peel kiwi faster.
Method 1:
  • Slice about ½ inch off from both ends of the kiwi.
  • Gently insert a thin-lipped spoon between the peel and fruit.
  • Carefully rotate the spoon all around the kiwi, loosening the skin.
  • Remove the skin from the kiwi in one piece.

How to overcome depression naturally without drugs?

Instead of huge dose of medication to treat your severe depression, follow natural tips to overcome depression and get settled in happy life again.

Depression has become a common enemy of our as it takes out happiness, joy and cheerful nature of over selves from life. Due to depression, we do not like to talk to our loved one, we stay angry and confuse even for minor problems, we don’t shower love on our kids but their chime full voice sounds us like noise. Besides creating more problems between family members, it also effects negatively on our health to make us patient of heart attack, diabetes, nervous system, health issues, etc. Many people chose to suppress their depression with medications while some of them ignore it completely and it leads you away from the happy life. Here we have gathered all the simple yet more effective ways for you to fight against depression naturally!

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Spend time in the bright sunny day: Low level of vitamin D is responsible for depression and mood disorders. It also affects bone health and immunity strength. So, spending some time in sunshine will make you healthy and depression free. You can arrange trip to meadows with your family to spend a whole with sunny light and family.

Stick to your responsibilities: While going through depression, you might not like to complete your family responsibilities. You will find your self drifting away from the responsibilities and your goals will be put aside. So, keep on completing your responsibilities with full heart. It will make you happier.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Why you should Start Baby Registry Now at BabiesRUs?

Looking for the Why, How, and What of setting up a baby registry? Here's what the experts recommend. Keep this information handy as you ready your own list.
Why you should Start Baby Registry Now at BabiesRUs
Baby Registry at BabiesRUs


Creating a baby registry is a smart move, and not only because it makes shopping for you a snap. Having a set list reduces the chances of receiving items you don't need or want.

Now there's another reason to create a registry at Babies"R"Us: Endless Earnings gives you 10% back on registry purchases. Find out how it works.

Dangers of Potassium Bromate

Artificial additives like Potassium bromate found in wraps, rolls, flatbread, breadcrumbs and bagel chips can be dangerous to health if consumed in large quantities.

Almost everything we buy in grocery stores contain harmful additives, preservatives, and artificial flavors & colors, whether its packaged food or raw fruits and vegetables. Several types of bread, rolls or flour contain Potassium bromate, which is a powerful oxidizing agent that chemically ages flour very quickly than open air. This lessens the time required for baking (thus decreasing costs) and also allows the use of low quality flour that may or otherwise be inappropriate for baking, which in turn helps companies save money. Those who consume products that contain Potassium bromate frequently and in large doses, remain at a higher risk for various types of cancer, kidney, and nervous system disorders. Now let’s see in detail the dangers of Potassium bromated (aka brominated flour), and why you should avoid foods that contain it.
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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Infographics: DIY Tips to fix your fixtures and scour your surfaces

Check out DIY tips to clean your home effectively in less time with simple ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, toothpaste, dryer sheets, razor blade, etc.

The biggest concern of every woman is to keep her home neat and clean. She has to manage keeping everything clean in her house with her other responsibility towards the family members. Stains of hard water on bathroom glass and greasy dirt in kitchen take lots of time for cleaning. Once you cleaned your home thoroughly, it again gets covered with all dirt and stains after small interval of time. Instead of using very costly cleaners and other cleaning tools, you can use simple basic things available in your home to clean every surface of your home with ease. Baking soda, vinegar and some clever temporary merging of one or two cleansing tools can give you best cleaning results. Here are given some best easy Do-It-Yourself tricks to fix your fixtures and clean your home easily, just checkout.
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Hose-broom combination: If you have big deck around your home and you really feel headache on its cleaning, then use super combination of hose and broom. When water comes out of the hose, it will help you get rid of every dust particle placed between spaces of two hard wooden plates. It will make easy for you to clean your deck in less time with less effort.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jimmy John's Menu with Price and Nutrition

Looking for Jimmy John's menu? Check out the full menu for Jimmy John's along with price and nutrition.

Jimmy John's is considered as king in the world of sandwich chains. At Jimmy John's, everything is made fresh with high quality of the ingredients. Jimmy John's offers 25 different types of sub sandwiches (plain Slims, 8-inch sub sandwiches, giant club sandwiches and the J.J. Gargantuan) that fit nearly anyone’s taste for a good price. This sub sandwich restaurant also offers sides (several flavors of potato chips, cookies and pickles) and drinks (cold drinks & bottled water). Here is provided the full menu of Jimmy John's with price and nutritional information.

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The 8 inch sub sandwiches are perfect for a lunch but if you are more hungry, then you can go for giant club sandwiches. There is also the J.J. Gargantuan sandwich for people with huge appetite. Catering options are even available at the restaurant, such as box lunches, party platters and party subs.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dangers of Acrylamide in Foods

Find out brief information about Acrylamide - a hidden chemical that get produced during cooking, baking or frying food and its side effects on our health.

Delicious food is a part of human life. We love to eat various food dishes from fried items, backed items, cooked items etc. We love the special smell of French fries when it start frying in oil, but we don’t know that during process of frying it also produces harmful chemical known as acrylamide. Same chemical produce while cooking and baking process of plant based carbohydrate rich food. From the day human know backing potatoes on fire, he has started consuming acrylamide unknowingly.

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But, today’s picture is little bit different as Mother Earth’s power to produce healthy crops is decreasing daily due to lots of soil and water pollution. Though acrylamide has started producing in food from ancient time, today’s crops are more covered with chemical fertilizers and increase the production of acrylamide while cooking. Let’s get a brief introduction of acrylamide chemical and its possible dangers on our health because of access presence in our food.

What is Acrylamide?

Acrylamide is a type of synthetic chemical widely used as a water treatment agent as well as manufacture of adhesives, dyes and fabrics. In the factories where acrylamide is used for cleaning purpose, workers handle it carefully to reduce the side effects on health. acrylamide chemical get produced in our food while we bake, cook or fry it. Its high level in running water also causes a cancer in animals.

In what kind of food acrylamide is present in higher amount?

Food items containing high fat content are more prone to produce acrylamide during cooking procedure. Plant based food items including breads, vegetables and dry fruits also produce acrylamide that affect negatively on various parts of our body. Fried potato chips, French fries, and breakfast cereals are products having highest acrylamide content and used in routine. Many people’s beloved companion of good morning coffee also produces high level of acrylamide when it is roasted. Acrylamide is also present more in body of person who is chain smoker.

Different side effects of acrylamide on human body:

Alzheimer's : Consumption of acrylamide rich food effects negatively to nervous system of humans. It reduces the functioning power of neurons. If any person used to eat lots of French fries or other acrylamide riched foods for longer period of time, then he will become a patient of Alzheimer's.

Weak muscles: Another side effect of acrylamide chemical is it makes muscles weak and breaks the muscles coordination to a great amount.

Cancer: If complete digestion of acrylamide contains food does not completes then, it might cause cancer to person on long term acrylamide rich food consumption.

Induce neurotoxic: Acrylamide also effect badly due to neurotoxic reactions and it reduces the neuron signals to pass at each and every part of our body.

Infertility: Overconsumption of acrylamide filled food makes person infertile. It also weakens reproductive system leads to infertility and increased miscarriage chances.

Weak fetal growth: If pregnant women consume too much fast food and too many deep fried items, then it leads to negative effects on fetal development.

Upset blood sugar: Higher level of acrylamide in body will reduce the insulin level in our body. It will make diabetic person very hard to control their blood sugar level by eating too much fast food and other acrylamide rich food.

Bad effect on immunity system: Regular high exposure of acrylamide food on long term basis is linked to the exposure of autoimmune diseases. It might cause you lupus, scleroderma, and Sj√∂gren’s syndrome.

How to reduce consumption of acrylamide in our food?

It is not at all possible to stop consumption of acrylamide while eating our food. But there are methods to reduce the amount of acrylamide in our food. Person should reduce the cooking time to reduce production of acrylamide. Quit your smoking habit to reduce intake of bad acrylamide chemical.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Health Dangers of Sodium Nitrate and Nitrite

Reduce consumption of preserved foods that have sodium nitrate and nitrate salts to stay away from health dangers like lack of oxygen, anexity, cancer etc.

A big part of world population uses one or other form of meat in their diet. Every year tons of meat is produced and many artificial preservatives are used to transport meat from one continent to another. These preservatives are responsible to give rich color to meat and make it edible for longer duration of time. Main cause of degradation of meat food is its increased rotting mechanism. Food decaying bacteria grows in presence of three things humidity, oxygen and food. If any one of the thing is taken out from the food, then we can stop food decaying for very long period. To fulfill these needs, we use Sodium Nitrate and Sodium Nitrite. Sodium Nitrate prevents the colonization of bacteria and Nitrite acts as strong oxidizing agent to prevent decomposition of meat, bacon, fish, and other sea or animal food. In the race of preventing more and more food from decaying to increase self life, access use of artificial preservatives effect negatively on our health. Check out various health dangers we have due to high consumption of sodium nitrate and nitrite rich food.

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Reduce oxygen circulation: Sodium nitrate work positively as an oxidizing agent to stop decaying of food. Access consumption of sodium nitrate rich meat may leads to "blue baby syndrome". Sodium nitrate’s oxidizing nature can bind with the red blood cells and block their ability to carry oxygen in every part of body.

Increase cancer risk: Consuming more nitrate and nitrite salts of sodium rich food can also threat the health of adults and children with cancer. It can cause various kind of cancer from skin cancer to prostate cancer. So, be wise before using non-veg food having excess of sodium nitrate or nitrite salts.

Cardiovascular diseases: Overuse of Sodium preservation salts can also effect negatively to core system of our body that provides, food, energy, oxygen and remove waste material. Cardiovascular system related disease like syncope, hypotension, tachycardia, palpitations, and dysrhythmia can occur due to high consumption of sodium salts.

Chances of Urticaria increase: A dermatological disease that cause burning and stinging sensation all over your body can also cause due to consuming sodiaum nitrate and nitrite salts. An urticaria or hives takes less than six weeks to show results of allergic trigger on victim’s body.

Gastrointestinal issues: It might seem normal food poising when you do vomiting or having nausea. But do not take it normal odd functioning of your body. Excess consumption of meat or bacon preserved with higher content of sodium nitrate or nitrite salts can cause nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

Methemoglobinemia: One of the most health threatening reason to reduce consumption of preserved food containing higher amount of sodium nitrate or nitrite is it increase the amount of methemoglobin (Fe3+) in blood. Presence of Fe3+ reduces the efficiency of red blood cells to bind the oxygen and causes anemia and other blood related problems.

Cidosis and Cyanosis: Another problem with due to effect of sodium salts acting as oxidizing agents on human body is Cidosis and Cyanosis. It can be described in simple words as a coloration of skin or mucous in blue or purple due to low circulation of oxygen in that part of body.

Nervous system diseases: Long time consumption of sodium salt rich food can inhibit worst nervous system related disease in children as well as adults. It includes numbness and tingling, lightheadedness, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, seizures, confusion, and coma. So, if you feel anything from above mentioned nervous system related problems, then do not forget to meet your physician and reduce preserved food consumption.

Anxiety: If you are feeling too much nervousness and stress in most negligible problem of your daily life, then you need to think twice before over eating preserved food like meat or bacon. High level of sodium nitrate and nitrite can also make you stressful for longer duration of time.

Tachypnea and Dyspnea: Sodium nitrate and nitrite salts also effects your breathing by making it too shorts breathes in rapid motion (Tachypnea) or making your breathing process too much low (Dyspnea). So, be sure about how you breathe. If you think you are having abnormal breathing pattern, then consult your doctor immediately.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Side effects and Dangers of Brominated Vegetable Oil

Bewares…your favorite Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Fanta or others from Coke or Pepsi contains harmful Brominated Vegetable Oil, which causes some threatening diseases. Know about BVO dangers here, and just stay safe!

Millions of people love to drink cola and soda concoctions daily, but actually they are poisoned into a state of chronic worsen diseases. Warnings about the dangers of soft drink consumption came to us early in 1942, then why do we crave and guzzle them for over half a century? Special classes are sponsored to warn about the dangers of drugs, tobacco and alcohol…but dangers of soft drink consumption are being overlooked commonly. That’s really sad!!! Carbonated drinks are proven to be harmful for teeth and body in different ways, leading millions of its takers to the world obesity problem. And, the latest jeopardy is BVO. It is researched that BVO (Brominated Vegetable Oil) is found in nearly 10% of soda products, particularly the citrus flavored sodas. Unfortunately, this BVO is a chemical toxin and linked to some hazardous diseases and its common side effects are neurological impairment, thyroid problems, fertility issues and psychological symptoms. If you are addicted to drink cola and soda concoctions, must checkout BVO dangers given below, before taking your next sip of cola!
Brominated Vegetable Oil: BVO Side effects and Dangers
BVO is a processed vegetable oil that is created when vegetable oil is bonded to the element bromine. It is derivative of corn or soy. By nature, bromine is found in bromide salt and sea water. It is patented as a flame retardant, and the food industry uses it as an emulsifier that helps the citrus flavors mix better while making soft drinks. It helps keep the fruit flavoring equally distributed so the fruit flavoring won’t be separated. Actually, Bromine increases the weight of the oil and prevents the fruit flavoring of drinks from rising to the top of drink. As a result, the oil serves to keep fat-soluble citrus flavors in suspension, making drinks usually look hazy or cloudy. Finally, soft drinks get ready with better look and taste. It is also available in fire extinguishers and some pharmaceuticals, dyes, flameproofing agents and some water purification compounds.

Sodium Benzoate Dangers in Food

Know the facts and health effects of chemical preservative named Sodium Benzoate which is used in number of foods, beverages, cosmetics, medicines and personal care products.

Almost all the foods or beverages we buy from supermarkets are processed and contain different types of additives and preservatives like salts, vinegars, herbs, etc. The preservatives increase shelf-life and maintain freshness of food, beverages and cosmetics. Now-a-days, food manufacturers use different types of specialized chemicals to extend shelf life. One such chemical preservative is Sodium Benzoate. FSA- UK and FDA have considered Sodium Benzoate safe if taken in lower concentration but many researches suggest different results. Let’s take a look at the dangers of this unhealthy preservative.
Sodium Benzoate Dangers in Food
Sodium Benzoate or E211 is often used as preservative in lots of foods, beverages, cosmetics, medicines and personal care products to prevent growth of bacteria, yeast or other microorganisms, as it the cheapest mold inhibiter on the market. It is even found naturally (at extremely low levels) in some fruits and spices such as berries, apples, plums, prunes, ripe cloves and cinnamon.
The FDA has limited the concentration of Sodium benzoate as an additive to 0.1% by weigh. These low levels are considered safe. The health effects of Sodium benzoate rely on its concentration mixed with other substances.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup for Health

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a common sweetener in processed and store-bought foods, but it is dangerous for health as it can lead to obesity, diabetes, etc. because of its synthetic makeup.

If you are fond of reading, then you may have come across a word High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS or glucose-fructose syrup) on magazine articles, health websites, or television shows. High Fructose Corn Syrup is a required food ingredient for food producers and manufacturers since it is evenly sweet as table sugar, helps foods to maintain for long time period, and mixes well with other foods. HFCS is less expensive (because of government subsidies on corn) compared to other sweeteners like table sugar and baking sugar, and found in several food products like soft drinks, salad dressings, tomato sauce, ice cream, bread, fast food, jam/jelly, and many more. Several studies conducted over the past few decades signify that over-consumption of HFCS is connected with some health concerns like cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, hypertension, etc. Let’s see in detail, which are the side effects of High Fructose Corn Syrup.

High Fructose Corn Syrup dangers
You will be amazed by knowing that HFCS acts as the leading cause for obesity in the world, particularly in the United States. The sweetener can slow down your metabolism and obstruct the natural production of insulin and other appetite controllers. The dangers of HFCS are both and numerous, so it is better to consume less or avoid it in your diet. Instead eat more severe organic foods and get your natural sugars from fruits and vegetables, thus start living a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, you must read product labels and avoid those with HFCS. You can also use raw honey in place of high fructose corn syrup for sweetening needs.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Detox your body with Spices

Not only for taste, but spices like turmeric, cinnamon, rosemary, black pepper, fenugreek, etc. can also be used for the best body detox. Just include them in your regular diet to feel & look fabulous.

Technology is developing… along with, risk of contaminated and polluted food systems, air and water is on the rise. This burden of over-pollution may be responsible for toxic effects on the immune system, making body highly susceptible to chronic degenerative diseases like some types of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and more. Detoxing body can improve the immune system and takes you to a vibrantly healthier body. Basically, detoxing body means to clean out anything in your body that cells don’t require in order to function. And if there are no toxins, the cells become ‘clean freaks’ and work much better. No need to waste your money on expensive juice fasts, master cleanses and detoxification diets, which are latest crazy trend. You can keep your body toxin-free simply by using Spices!!! As spices can be easily available in your kitchen, you can detox body on daily basis. With this daily refining, immune system has less work to do and fewer battles to fight, making way for a stronger state to fight the important battles. Here we listed some best spices for best body detoxing, go with suitable ones and look fit and fine with no holes in your pocket.

Detox your body with Spices

This popular spice is used for baking cookie and hot chocolate. Good thing is that lab studies are proven that cinnamon may actually cut inflammation in the body, and it comes with antioxidant effects to fight bacteria. But sorry to say, if it’s used in sweet pastries, it isn’t going to provide much of a detoxifying effect. It should be taken by itself or with other wholesome and natural ingredients for having detox benefits. For the best results and most direct benefit, just add it to a detox beverage, like a shake, smoothie, or detox water.

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