Friday, October 31, 2014

Health Dangers of Drinking Milk in Overdose

Overdose of anything affects negatively on our health. Find out health dangers you may come across when you go for overdose of milk regularly.

Milk is considered as a complete food for everyone. One glass of milk daily completes your 99% of nutrition requirements. But as it is considered as the complete food having almost all the nutrients in it, milk is heavy to digest by human digestive system. Over consumption of milk might reflect into the sick health condition. Milk contains higher amount of protein, fat and calcium, but overdose of milk affects negatively on digestive system and organs fails to digest completely and absorb all the nutrients from milk. Doctors prescribe to consume one medium glass of organic milk daily to digest completely to improve health. Some people love to drink gallons of milk by thinking it as healthiest things and become sick with different health issues. If you are also milk lover, then check out health dangers you might face due to over-consumption of milk.

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Overdose of milk causes allergies: Any person who have weak digestive system can caught up with different types of allergic symptoms including wheezing, coughing, throat tightness, upset stomach, itchy eyes, vomiting, hives and swelling. Many people cannot digest even one glass of milk, whereas some people have capacity to drink 2-3 glasses of milk daily. So, allergies due to overdose of milk depend on each person’s digestive system capacity.

Unexpected digestive troubles: Many people having digestive problems suffer due to lactose intolerance. In this condition, a primary sugar in milk lactose does not get breakdown and person feel nausea, abdominal cramping, gas and diarrhea symptoms. When you were child, you might have capacity to digest 2-3 glasses of milk, but you might face problem of lactose intolerance in the adulthood. So, it is wise to take small amount of milk everyday.

Weight gain and milk calories: Full fat milk has 149 calories per cup, whereas skim milk has only 91 calories per cup. So, if you are drinking full fat milk, then chances are high that you will get weight gain. Many people, who are on diet, drink too much milk by thinking that only drinking milk will help them to fulfill all the nutrient requirements. But instead of loosing weight, they gain weight besides dieting.

Iron absorption troubles: Small children who consume too much milk can come across the problem of iron deficiency. Kids below the age of 12 months are strictly prohibited to consume cow’s milk to reduce chances of any of the indigestion problems. Even in adult person, higher consumption of milk makes iron supplements ineffective. Deficiency of milk also increases the chances of anemia.

Constipation: Milk is a low-fiber beverage that has a binding effect and can lead to problem of sever constipation. Overdose of milk reduces the fiber content in your body and causes the problem in the bowl movements.

Heart palpitation: Over consumption of milk will make you gain more weight than normal and damage your body mass index ratio. More weight gain will put more pressure in your heart to pump blood at each body part. So, overworking of heart may lead to heart palpitations problem.

Risk of kidney stone: More than need of calcium may accumulate in the kidney and you may suffer from the kidney stone. Our bones need calcium to maintain consistency and strength, but immense presence of calcium may lead to kidney problems.

Inflammation issues: Negative side of taking overdose of milk is having various inflammation issues. Muscles of hands and feet may swell due to overdose of milk.

Side effects of too much calcium: Milk has calcium and overdose of milk obviously leads to excess presence of calcium in your system. All minerals and proteins are important for our body in favorable amount, but when it is present in excess amount, it leads to several health issues. Overdose of calcium leads to dry mouth, a continuing headache, increased thirst, irritability, loss of appetite, depression, a metallic taste in the mouth, and fatigue.


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