Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easy Indian Bitter Gourd Recipes

Here are some easy to prepare Indian bitter gourd recipes for you to try. The recipes are from bitter to spicy & sweet also easy and very healthy, especially for diabetics.
All vegetables serve one or more health benefits. The taste of all vegetables differ from one another. Vegetables taste sweet, sour, salty, bitter or savory. Bitter gourd, the name itself refers to the bitter taste. Bitter gourd recipes are easy to prepare and beneficial for our health, especially for diabetics. These recipes are easy to make at home within no time. Mostly, bitter gourd recipes can be served as side dish with a combination of different rice like dal rice, rasam rice or sambar rice and chapattis.

Indian Bitter Gourd
To get benefits of bitter gourd, here are some easy Indian recipes made from Bitter Gourd:

Friday, April 25, 2014

Karen Fischer's 28 days Diet plans to remove Wrinkles of Skin

Get younger skin back again and look ageless for years by following Karen Fischer's 28 days Diet plan with meal plans and 80 simple, fast and delicious recipes. Wanna try this challenge? Check out the plan in detail here.

By nature, women always desire at looking beautiful and attractive, and for this, they leave no stone unturned. They spend lots of money on beauty treatments, cosmetics, and expensive make-up kits. All these are just a waste of money, and give your skin momentary glow. In point of fact, beautiful skin can be created with a healthy diet. Our face is a reflection of the foods we eat and the lifestyle we select. Whatever we do, eat and drink, how much we sleep, etc. directly reflect on our skin, so it is very much important to follow a perfect daily routine to keep your skin healthy. Have you ever heard about Karen Fischer - the famous nutritionist, writer and an award-winning author? She specializes in general skin health, also design recipes and meal plans to cure a variety of skin problems. Karen loves to write for health magazines, also she is honored with many awards for her expert knowledge in the skin health. It is believed that body takes 28 days to form new skin cells in the deep layer and to travel up to the surface layer of the skin. Considering this, Karen Fischer reveals 28 days Diet plans in her book - Younger Skin in 28 Days - to firm & tone your skin and get ageless look in a matter of weeks. Just follow this diet plan and look better in 28 days!

Follow Karen Fischer's Diet plans

Karen Fischer has extensive experience in television, radio, and event hosting, being a top nutritionist and first-rate writer for Wellbeing Magazine, Practical Parenting, Madison Magazine, Sydney Morning Herald. She was also a health columnist for Cosmopolitan Magazine. Her first book - The Healthy Skin Diet - won ‘Best Health, Nutrition or Specific Diet Book’ at the 2008 Australian Food Media Awards, also it's now a chartbuster. For the past decade, she has helped hundreds of patients suffering from eczema and other severe skin disorders. At present, Karen does online health programs for eczema sufferers and she will be holding eczema workshops soon in Sydney.

Friday, April 18, 2014

How to check your aura online? Find personality based on Aura Color

It’s really simple and easy to know about the personality of the person based on Aura Color around. Here, you can test your aura color online, also get meaning of colors in your aura with few clicks, just have a look!

Human body, organisms and objects…everything in this universe is surrounded with a kind of electromagnetic field, known as Aura. It is oval-shaped and colored bands. This aura spectrum contains many colors, but major colors are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red (VIBGYOR). You can also find many variations in these colors like some of them are stronger or less passionate, while some are deeper or lighter in color. Even, the aura holds metallic colors like silver and gold. Point need to be focused is that all aura colors disclose vital information about you - like personality, relationship style, best career direction, health, your dealing with money, and more. As Auras are basically associated with the people, you can use them to describe people. It holds lots of information about ones’ past, present and future, helping you gain insight into the spiritual, emotional as well as physical aspects of an individual. For ex. person with a muddy red color is usually angry, while Blue is a peaceful color. Here are some short descriptions about what do the aura colors mean, also you can check what color is your aura by answering aura color personality quiz online. So, just do some clicks…and know about yours and others personality!

what aura color means?

Check aura online:

The aura can be seen as layers of color around the subject. Everyone can’t see aura, only some people are born with this ability. Don’t be upset, anyone can learn how to read aura colors. One thing for sure is that becoming an aura reader requires a considerable amount of practice that’s not possible for all. You may be glad to know that you can check aura online…here!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dangers of eating white bread

Stop eating white bread to stay away from all dangers like digestive issues, excess mucus production, negative effects of bleaching ingredients, and diabetes.
From morning breakfast of toasts to sandwiches, we consume white bread. Many people are fond of white bread, but only few people know that every ingredient in white bread is toxic in nature with fragile nutritional values. White flour used to make bread contains very less vitamins and minerals. Even it has been proven by scientific research that people who have white bread in their daily meal suffer more with various health hazards like vitamin B deficiency.

white bread slices

Health risks of eating white bread increases at higher rate due to bleaching ingredients used in process like oxide of nitrogen, chlorine, chloride, nitrosyl or benzoyl peroxide. After processing with one of the above mentioned bleaching ingredients, flour produces alloxan that causes diabetes. Manufacturing process of white bread leaves all good traces of husk, bran and goodness of grains that leads to several health issues.
Dangers of eating white bread or ‘dead bread’ are described below:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Researches on Banana that change your Mind toward Banana

Have a sweet habit of eating banana daily to treat stress, PMS, hypertension, constipation, stroke, and ulcer, which is also proven by scientific researches.
Banana is widely consumed fruit that gives various benefits for overall health improvements. To know about various uses of banana, scientists do research on banana leaves and peels. Scientific studies done on banana peel and leaf gives you positive results that we can use almost every part of it in one or another way to get vital benefits. Banana can be used in protein shakes for body building, plus you can add small slices of banana in milk for prefect nutrient rich breakfast. It improves bone density in small kids and women. Banana is considered as first choice of athletes, as it offers them sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber for instant energy. Besides high energy content, banana has many other health benefits. Find out various uses of bananas described below that will change image of banana in your mind.

Uses of banana

Treat PMS (Premenstrual syndrome):
If you are suffering from the PMS problem, then you can quit your pills to avoid side effects. You can naturally control PMS by eating raw banana daily.

Cure Anemia: Low blood counts in woman are considered as one of the sign of weakness. Iron tablets are little bit hard to digest. So, if you have anemia and want to increase amount of hemoglobin naturally, then start consuming banana daily to improve your blood counts. Banana contains high amount of iron that help to treat anemia.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Health Benefits of drinking water kept in copper vessel overnight

Check different benefits of drinking “Tamra Jal” regularly. After knowing the health benefits of drinking water kept in copper vessel overnight, you will start drinking it daily!

Copper is very essential mineral required for proper growth and normal functioning of the body. According to Ayurveda, drinking water stored in copper vessel has many health benefits. The water stored in the copper vessel is known by name “Tamra Jal”. As copper has anti-bacterial properties, water kept in copper jug, glass or any vessel for minimum eight hours kills harmful bacteria. Store drinking water in a copper vessel, keep it for overnight and drink this water in the morning on an empty stomach. Keeping the water in copper vessel overnight and drinking it regularly in the morning can cure many ailments and even protect you from harmful diseases.
Water stored in copper vessel

If you make a daily habit of storing water overnight in the copper vessel and drinking the same daily in the morning, then you are following a healthy routine that washes the gastrointestinal tract and cleans the kidney. This type of water also purifies the blood, promotes healthy skin, regulates the thyroid gland, etc. due to copper trace in it. Some more health benefits of drinking water stored in copper vessel overnight are described below in detail.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Indian Home remedies to cure Jaundice

Find out simple yet effective Indian home remedies to cure jaundice in adults and newborns with simple ingredients like neem, lemon, yogurt, tomatoes, etc.

Any health problem is result of functional deficiency of our any internal body organ or weak immunity system. From viral fever to cancer, every disorder makes us more weak and lifeless. Jaundice is common liver disorder, which can hit any age person from infant to old age people. It is also known as yellowish discoloration of skin and eyes. Jaundice occurs due to excess presence of bilirubin in the bloodstream. Daily bilirubin is produced in our body, but it excreted out in the form of bile and urine. When its amount increases than natural level, it causes damage in our body. It affects several organs of our body, so we make sure that medication must have least side effects on patient. Here we are sharing some of the most useful Indian home remedies to cure jaundice in adults and newborns.

Home remedies to cure jaundice in adult

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Uses and Health Benefits of Mango Stone (Gotli)

Don’t throw away Mango Seeds! This waste has some amazing health benefits. Find out here how you can use mango seed as a medicine for curing various health issues.

Sweet, juicy mangoes are so delicious that almost everyone loves them. Luckily, mangoes are not just yummy, they’re healthy too! Apart from having a rich, luscious aromatic flavor; this tropical fruit also contains a wide range of valuable nutrients. It has many health benefits and amazing medicinal properties. In fact, mango is used as a remedy to cure and prevent various diseases. However, many people don't know that almost every part of a mango tree - including the bark, the flowers and the seed - has medicinal values. As a result of this ignorance, people usually throw away the seed of mango after eating the fruity part. Mango seeds are actually a powerhouse of nutrition and they have many medicinal uses. Few of them are given below, just have a look.

Uses and Health Benefits of Mango Seed

Mango Seeds Medicinal uses and benefits:

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