Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Researches on Banana that change your Mind toward Banana

Have a sweet habit of eating banana daily to treat stress, PMS, hypertension, constipation, stroke, and ulcer, which is also proven by scientific researches.
Banana is widely consumed fruit that gives various benefits for overall health improvements. To know about various uses of banana, scientists do research on banana leaves and peels. Scientific studies done on banana peel and leaf gives you positive results that we can use almost every part of it in one or another way to get vital benefits. Banana can be used in protein shakes for body building, plus you can add small slices of banana in milk for prefect nutrient rich breakfast. It improves bone density in small kids and women. Banana is considered as first choice of athletes, as it offers them sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber for instant energy. Besides high energy content, banana has many other health benefits. Find out various uses of bananas described below that will change image of banana in your mind.

Uses of banana

Treat PMS (Premenstrual syndrome):
If you are suffering from the PMS problem, then you can quit your pills to avoid side effects. You can naturally control PMS by eating raw banana daily.

Cure Anemia: Low blood counts in woman are considered as one of the sign of weakness. Iron tablets are little bit hard to digest. So, if you have anemia and want to increase amount of hemoglobin naturally, then start consuming banana daily to improve your blood counts. Banana contains high amount of iron that help to treat anemia.

Reduce Depression: These days most of us agree that we are living a stressful life. You might feel weird but it is true that eating banana can stimulate your mood. Banana acquires tryptophan, which is useful to make your body relax and make you feel happier plus stress free.

Treat Constipation: Easy home remedy to treat irregular bowel movements is to consume banana. Banana has high content of fiber that helps to make your bowel movements easy. It is advised for person suffering from constipation that he should consume one banana daily in the morning with empty stomach to treat constipation.

Blood pressure: Banana contains high amount of potassium, but very low amount of salt that helps blood pressure patients to control blood pressure naturally. It’s unique mixture of low salt and high potassium naturally controls blood pressure with lots of sweet bites of ripe banana.

Improve brain functioning: One of the important nutrient for proper brain functioning is potassium. Banana is rich in potassium that increases brain power in kids to perform their best in exams.

Help in hangover: Banana milkshake with honey is best home remedy to cure hangovers. Banana helps to increase sugar levels, whereas milk soothes by rehydrating your system. With combined effect of honey and banana, your stomach becomes calm in less time.

Morning sickness: If you are suffering from morning sickness, then eat banana to cure morning sickness easily in short time period.

Heart burn: Bananas have a natural antacid effect in our body. This property of banana help you reduce the heart burn. Consume one banana daily with or without milk to cure heart burns.

Make your nervous system calm: Person can easily calm down their nervous system with daily consumption of banana. A nutrient rich fruit - banana contains high amount of B vitamins that help soothe the nervous system.

Controls body temperature: Banana helps to reduce the physical and emotional temperature of pregnant woman. In Thailand, conceived mother eat banana regularly to make sure that her child is born with the cool temperature.

Cure Ulcer: Banana contains nutrients and minerals that help to cure different intestinal disorders. It’s soft and smooth texture make it easy to digest for person who is suffering from the ulcer. It helps to neutralize excess acidity in stomach and prevents damage on inner lining of stomach.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): Seasonal affective disorder effects can be neutralized naturally with the consumption of banana. Its tryptophan acts as natural mood enhancer for SAD patients.

Help to give up smoking: Have you given up from trying different alternatives to quit smoking and still you do not get the result you are seeking? If so, try to eat raw banana daily that help you quit smoking. Banana contains B6 and B12 vitamins that help the body to recover from the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

Reduce stress level: Banana is rich in potassium that helps to normalize heartbeat easily when you are in stress or anger. It also regulates your brain functioning easily in stress situation.

Mosquito bites: Natural remedy to prevent irritation of mosquito bites is to rub internal part of banana skin on affected area. It will make your skin smooth and irritation free in a short period of time.

Help in strokes: As per one scientific research, people who consume banana daily are at lower risk of heart stroke than people who do not eat banana. So, even for healthy heart, start eating banana daily.

Help to remove warts: If you want to remove unwanted wart from your face or any other part of your body, then you can make use of banana peel for it. Take small piece of banana peel that can cover wart. Now put banana peel and wrap it with a plaster or surgical tape for few days. It will remove warts naturally.

Image source: Flickr, Dr. GORI ( PJr.)


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