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Home Remedy for Male Yeast Infection Treatment

Yeast infection is an unpleasant and irritating problem which can affect both men and women. Compared to men, it is more common in women. Most of men who are suffering from yeast infection are not aware that they have infection till the severe signs and symptoms starts. Male yeast infection is also recognized as male candidiasis condition. It is caused by invasion of fungus, Candida albicans. It can be treated with medications and anti fungal creams but they might have side effects. So cure yeast infection with natural home remedies which are cheap and have no side effects. Here are some of the effective home remedies for male yeast infection treatment.

Male Yeast Infection Natural Remedies

Male Yeast Infection is caused to the man who drinks beer in large amount; uses certain spermicidal creams or condoms; has sexual intercourse with an infected partner; has weak immune system and eats excess sugar, unhealthy diet & too much antibiotics. Symptoms of male yeast infection are irritation & redness on the head of the penis, dry cracking skin, pain and burning sensations while urinating, unbearable itching, white discharge, burning sensation, and small blisters on the head of the penis. If it is not treated for long time, then it may lead to other serious health problems.

Home Remedies to Treat Male Yeast Infection

1) Yogurt

Yogurt to cure Male Yeast Infection

Yogurt is the most prevalent home remedy for male yeast infection, which can be used internally and externally. It contains good bacteria, lactobacillus acidophilus that decreases the yeast population and limits their growth. You can add a bowl of sugarless yogurt daily in your diet or just apply it on the affected area. People who are lactose intolerant can consume acidophilus pills.

2) Garlic

Garlic as a remedy for Male Yeast Infection

Garlic is another effective remedy for male yeast infection as it contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It fights the infection quickly and successfully. You can consume chopped garlic with a glass of milk or 2 garlic cloves with warm water daily. You can consume the paste of garlic with your regular meals. Apply the juice or oil of garlic on the affected area.

3) Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil for Male Yeast Infection

Tea tree oil is a popular natural antifungal that fights against male yeast infection. It should be used in a dilute form on the affected areas as without diluting, it can cause inflammation and swelling. Mix few drops with 1 tsp olive/sweet almond oil and apply it to the affected area with the help of a cotton swab.

4) Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice remedy for Male Yeast Infection

Cranberry juice is a great remedy to treat male yeast infection. It prevents infection from turning into a bladder infection. It restores the good acidophilus bacteria level. Consume this juice at least 2 times a day till the symptoms clear away.

5) Apple Cider Vinegar

Male Yeast Infection Apple Cider Vinegar home remedy

Apple cider vinegar is used to treat many infections including male yeast infection. You must use raw apple cider vinegar that have "mother" in it. You should not apply apple cider vinegar directly on the skin as it is very strong. Just add 1 cup of ACV to a warm tub of bath water and sit in a bathtub. Never use scented soaps and talcs to the affected area.

6) Coconut oil

Coconut oil to cure Male Yeast Infection

Coconut oil is very helpful for male yeast infection. Coconut contains fatty acids which treat the infection effectively and quickly. To treat the infection, consume 1 tsp coconut oil before every meal or drink coconut milk daily. You can also apply cold coconut oil on the affected area.

7) Oregano oil

Oregano oil for Male Yeast Infection

Oregano oil that contains high amount of carvacrol (above 68%) is very effective to treat the infection. Carvacrol is the active ingredient of the oil. You must apply oregano oil directly to the affected area after mixing it with olive oil, water or coconut oil as it can burn the skin.

8) Lemon juice

Lemon juice to get rid of Male Yeast Infection

Lemon juice is loaded with vitamin C which helps to restore the pH. pH is the key to treat male yeast infection. Make a solution by mixing 2 Tbps lemon juice with 1 quart of warm water and soak the affected area in it.

9) Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel treatment for Male Yeast Infection

Aloe vera is very effective for treating male yeast infection. It contains natural anti-fungal properties which help to treat infection as well as prevent recurrences of the infection. Just apply aloe vera gel on the yeast infections.

10) Honey

Honey as a remedy for Male Yeast Infection

Honey is an excellent cure for male yeast infection. Like lemon, it also restores the pH balance in the body. Simply apply honey to the affected area 2 times a day for around 20 minutes. You must take a bath after application as it can be quite messy.

11) Black Myrobalan (Harad): [updated]

Black Myrobalan for Male Yeast Infection

In the ancient Siddha medicines, harad (botanical name: terminalia chebula) is very much popular to cure the male candidiasis problem. Prepare powder of dried harad fruits. Mix one full spoon of dried harad powder in one glass of plain water and drink it before you go to bed. Continue the remedy till you get rid of candidiasis. In just 2-3 days, irritation and itching will be cured. You feel better than ever. But remember that you do not consume it more than one spoon in a day as it has laxative property. It is only advised remedy for person who has reached at age 15 or more.

Video of Male Yeast Infection Symptoms, Causes & Treatments from Youtube:
Video of Male Yeast Infection Home Remedies from Youtube:


Yeast infection natural remedies are all the time a good choice in my opinion. Natural treatments are usually more effective than drugs because of the dangerous side effects associated with prescribed medications. it will kill good and bad bacteria in the body.

Just wanted to add some advice here. If you have any itching on any other parts of your body, toes arms hands. It may be scabies. I went to my clinic and was told it was a yeast infection but following directions offered no improvements. I then went to the ER and was told I was to treat my condition as if it were scabies, this was a week ago and as of today my symptoms are just about gone. Hope this helps to add some insight.

Whats the damage if i just leave it?

if ul just leave it dat means NO SEX for the rest of your life.;(

Leaving an untreated yeast infection is a very bad idea. From what I've seen, it can lead to severe, internal issues and develop to the point where you will have to use prescribed medications. I suggest using one of the above-mentioned remedies.

How long does it takes that remedy so you can say that you've been totally cured??

At first notice , I was scared out of my mind. I tried everything at first to get rid of the red blotch that was at the edge of my penis. Tried hydrocortisone all the way to icey hot and vapor rub. It helped camouflage it and helped with redness but didnt cure a thing. Finally thinking I had an std and scared shitless, I went to the clinic. I got tested and when the doc saw my penis she said " thats not a std". BOY WAS I RELIEVED! She didnt say it was yeast, but a fungal infection. She tokd me to use athletes foot stuff. Take my advise and dont use the spray! Omg did it burn. Ive been using the cream for 2 months with large improvement and signs of totally gone. As soon as I stop using the cream, it comes back within a few days. Small , but its there.
A few Weeks ago I suffered from orchitis, which was an infection in my testicle. let me explain that it was the most painful thing ive ever experienced. Ice pick through the ball is the only way I could explain it. No lie. It took two Weeks to cure using cipro, which is a antibiotic for anthrax.
Now back to the small spots. I finally googed it and came across you guys. Im trying the monistat 7 super dooper vaginal yeast infection stuff. If that doesnt work then im writing a report and bringing it with me to the doctors just for he/she can read and have it sunk in to what Ive been through. You miss stuff when your put on the spot and expect them to fix you.
I hope this helps and ill keep you guys updated. Monistat7 tonight

Thanks everyone for the advice. I am hoping the Aloe Vera works well. Just to be real- I have a "friend" coming to visit in a few days and this has to be cured!! Again, thank you all

My 7 year old son has had the problem for over six months now and have visited several doctors with no improvement.The last doctor we saw one month ago prescribed Diflucan suspension,Zinc &castrol cream,cataflm drops and crotrimazole cream,the itching and redness subsided by two days ago the itching is back,the other doctor suggested he goes though circumcision.
Please help a confused mother on what to do.

thank you

Get your son circumcised,it May be a religious thing the reason you didn't get it done when he was a baby,but i couldn't imagine my son going through this.we as women know that this is not a great feeling,so why put a Child through this.

I got really drunk with this girl I know. We had sex while drunk and the next thing I know I had a yeast infection. I was so worried so I started searching for a solution online and came to find this site, which helped! I started eating garlic every day and soaked my penis in lemon juice mixed with water for 2 days. My advice to everyone here who has yeast infection is to eat garlic, 2 cloves and a glass of milk every day. Follow the steps on this site, don't have sex until it cures and you will see the results. Good luck!

So, do i first take and break the garlic and then rub my penis with it? And then pour lemon juice? Or do i wash it with cranberry juice? Because i have orange juice right long does it take lets say just doing the garlic?

There is no particular time to rub. It just depends on your pain. If your pain is higher then atleast apply and rub upto 10-20 Min. Otherwise 5-10 Minute is quite well. And still you are confused then better way is you should consult doctor.

I Am 18 years old , My sex life is nill., off coarse i have the habit of masturbatheing a minimum of 2 times a day. I used to feel this dryness on my penis glans since the time i was a child and wheni touch it and remove my finger of it i get some pain , especially when i remove my hand , is this normal??
Lately i see some bulges on the edge of the glans and the white discharge as well. I am a non-alcoholic , no sex life , i dont eat any fruit at all. what can be the reason for this?

Yeah, dude after masturbatheing, some male suffers little pain in penis. And it normally last up to first one or two hours. This is not a big deal. And in your case if you are masturbatheing minimum of 2 times a day is quite normal. No issue. Still you are not happy then my advise is to consult best gynecologist near you.

Please write if you have any question in mind.


Thank you so much John, im the 18 year old here. U told me that this is normal, u mean this bulge and discharge is normal, i actually do not feel any pain at all. And yeah if this gets any bulgier i will have to see someone.

So this is my third time that I get a yeast infection and I am 18 and do not drink alcohol and I am a virgin. I always get the white discharge and itching but only in the first time I got the infection, it hurt when I urinated. I want to try these remedies but my problem is that I am uncircumsized and I can't pull back the foreskin. I never could although I can only pull far enough that I can barely see the tip of the head.

Please help

Dear, you are suffering from two problems simultaneously. First you have to concentrate in your foreskin problem. Many male suffers such kind of problem. To move your foreskin upward you will have to practice with oil. Just use oil and try to rub it upward. Try this slowly and day by day. Within a week you will able to move your foreskin upward. Then you can try above mentioned home remedies.

Do you put it on the skin or actually on it

Please do not circumcise your son do to this episode. He will get through it, keep the area clean and dry as possible and treat as docs suggest. I am a full grown uncircumcised male and I want to say you did the right thing by keeping your son whole.

hello, i am uncircumcised and there is redness and it itches at tip of my foreskin. theres also one small crack at the tip. please help.


You can put on your skin. Beware you have to take fresh piece.

Hello, there is a clue tha infection has persisted. Sometimes condoms (special flavour condoms which have sugar in them) or warming gel can create yeast infections. Also allergic reaction of condoms can induce mimic yeast infection.

It is better to consult an Urologist or an Andrologist at this condition. You might need to get the skin scraping test along with test on discharge done to identify the infection. If infection is detected, you might need oral medications along with topical ointments to control it. Get your wife also treated simultaneously to avoid chances of re-infection. Avoid having intercourse while being on treatment.
Take care.

are yeast infections curable? I checked a lot if sites and not one of them really states that Yeast Infections are curable. I just found out that I have a yeast infection and this really bothers me because I have a girlfriend but we haven't had sex yet.

Whats tue most effective remedies to clear it up......

I rub the garlic juice on the tip and sking and took one and half of carlic with a glass of milk will I be okay I don't feel itchi or discharge yet but I do have redness around the head and skinh

Listen my friends here posted home remedies are nature kind so it will take time. If you are suffering a lot then you should take doctor's prescription. Natural ways take long time to cure thus they are not harmful. Please stay regular with any one remedies that suitable with your body. I am sure you will get result.

Here are some tips if you are suffering very bad and do not want to take allopathic medicines.

1. Try using monistat and avoid wearing tight clothes.
2. Wear underwear that have a white cotton insert that touches your opening area in your genital area.
3. Make sure that when you bathe (prefer shower instead of a tub bath) you use a gentle soap and that you rinse well and dry that area real well and make sure that it completely dry.

Yes, Fresh Piece mean, cut the garlic and place it directly on tip. It is recommended to not use after some time. If you do that mean your garlic piece will not give you full effect.

I think Garlic is the true most effective remedies to clear yeast infection.

i have the habit of masturbatheing a minimum of 2 times a day. I used to feel this dryness on my penis so i use shampoo/soap the time. after some day i use same my tip i feel like burning, and the foreskin move up and down also i feel burning i have no itches there. ,is this normal?? Lately i see some bulges on the edge of the glans and the white discharge as well. I am a non-alcoholic , last 8 months i don't have contact, coz am working abroad, i dont eat any fruit at all. i eat multivitamin and minerals tablets.. what can be the reason for this? how i can solve this give good solution which home remedy is best..? here honey is available so i just try that now... give me suggestions am worried.

I used this garlic , i placed it on my glans and then i felt some burning sensation as if im losing my penis or something , is this the correct way my body should react for this infection?

Honey and Garlic both are best to treat Yeast Infection in Male. The Yeast Infection are so many of types. You can not easily say without checking it as naked eyes. If you are really have Yeast Infection then do the process as i mention in above article as well as comments. Be aware of all Natural Honey. Many brands are selling honey with sugar in them. Please select natural one otherwise honey may damage your penis infection.

Ofcourse, you will feel sensation or uncomfortness but stay calm and repeat the process. Do not worry more. You will feel comfort within a week or two.

i use the yogurt it takes awhile to clear it up but it does work.

I am suffering from this for the third time, it is not only embarrassing, but extremely painful and has made my daily activities impossible. The penis foreskin is swollen, red n blistered and as soon as I stand to walk the penis retracts causing unbelievable pain. I finally let my wife know because it was too much to deal with ....our anniversary is near ....I really want to heal and beable to please her again. Been using monistat 7 ,will try yogurt and. Garlic ...glad I'm not alone on this ordeal.

I will try these things ....this is very hard on a man for sure.

i am suffering of infection in that area it was showing with some white creams and severly paining/itching. please suggest

have a dog lick your dick lots of healing properties in their saliva

I have been suffering from this infection for the past 2 months and lately even after the application of garlic i feel the white discharge still stays and the swelling is still there. Am i in danger? How will it affect me? what can i do?

Plz Help!!!!

SOMEONE HELP ME!! Im not sure if I have a Yeast infection or not. Im 18, circumsized, dont drink beer but hard liquor about once a month usually when theres a special occasion, & I masturbate every other day. On the shaft of my penis, right in the middle, there is dry skin and it is very itchy. Comes and goes about every 3-5 days, I urinate without pain. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IT IS AND HOW TO CURE IT? Thanks in advance!

Try to drink more water a day as well as use garlic to get rid of it. and still if you are suffering from it then please consult doctor.

Yeah, Garlic Pills are also beneficial for Male Yeast Infection Treatment.

Your symptoms of Male Yeast Infection are in danger so please consult doc.

Thank you so much gor your help , the garlic that i counsumed kicked in after 3 weeks and the white discharge has stoped coming out but the bulge is still there.

im a meal whos is suffering from resh penis resh pleas help how can I treat it

hey im i dont know if its really yeast infection or not im sexually active but of lately every time i have sex the head of my penis begins to burn like crazy and dont stop till couple days later it also feels like its blistered i try stop having sex for a couple weeks when i do have sex again it happens anyways whats that about

Im 19 and think i have CANDIDA. I have these nasty pimples on my head. The pimples i get are not like regular teen acne pimples i went threw in highschool. These pimples i have smell like shit when i pop them. They bleed and they leave scabs which i constantly scracth at.I went to the doctor and he told me that i had folliculitis. He prescribed me with anti-bioctics, forgot exactly what pills they were but it was like penicillin . It cleared the problem up right away. But, after i was done taking the pills they just came right back. So i just kept telling him to right me another prescription after they were done and continued to take them once i started to feel them(pimples) coming back. So i did some research on the internet and have read that taking the wrong antibiotics can fu*k up your bodies yeast. Which lead me to finding out about Candida. Which also led me to a medication called Difflucan( some anti fungal pill). I think this is what i need to buy to help get rid of this issue i have but, i dont want it to clear up my problem then once i stop it comes right back. I REALLY need some advice on what i should do with this because it is ruining my life. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I ve been suffering from this candida for a couple of months now . initially my penis used to swell up and give out some noticable white discharge , but now the white discharge is not that noticable , but when i use coconut oil and squeese it , some brown discharge comes out along with the coconut oil and the swelling has gotten worse. is my condition getting better or worse? please throw some light on this.

Ok so I applied acv directly but it was a diluted kind with water already I saw all bumps go away instantaneously howevere about 10 minutes later it began to slightly burn I didn't pour it on I got a towel an allied to fowl an rubbed on affected area ... It cleared in seconds .. but I'd like to know.... Was it a smart choice?

There is definitely nothing wrong with admitting to yourself that you might have yeast infection. Both male and female can have it. Yeast infection treatment can be done at home but I think it would be safer to consult a doctor.

!!!Guys it works!!! For a male yeast infection stop eating wheat sugar and dairy or extremely reduce. I honestly cheated a bit with siratcha. Use a topical solution with coconut oil oregano oil tea tree oil bust some probiotics into the solution and I also added some liquid silver. It should be noted I also drank cranberry juice organic. Do this and your yeast infection should be gone in 2-3 days screw doctor bullshit 4 week cream that doesn't work

A can of Black Beans with a generous amount of garlic powder one time, (saltines optional) and then use a Stiptic Pencil on the afflicted area. (men only) and no sex or fellatio until you wash the stuff off. The problem will be gone in just a day or two. So far, a week for me and no recurrence, and I only did it for two days.

I don't know what caused this but my penis has dry skin and after I masturbate my penis has a wound. its like my skin in my penis is too thin. what happended to me pls help I'm a circumsized man and has a actve sex life

Hey im 18 and i believe i have a yeast infection. I was wonder if the Aloe Sunburn relief is the right aloe gel? Because im trying to cure my yeast infection with the gel & juice... unless anyone else can give me good advice on how to treat it as well please email me thank u

Gillette Clear Gel Deodorant (Arctic Ice) is what I use, and it works. No fungus will grow when you use it on the afflicted area. It absorbs all the moisture. Good idea to use internal assist also, like cranberry juice and garlic of any kind, even powdered on any kind of food. Avoid beer in mass quantities. Alcohol with a ootton swab does not work at all, and it really can be painful. I tried it. The Gillette Clear Gel really works. I do not know if it cures the problem, but the symptoms are gone....especially the itching.

man do NOT use or eat nasty garlic , it smells horrible and u will drive chix away if u have nasty garlic on u, also do NOT use god awful stinky apple cider vinegar, that stuff is TOXIC and smells worse than garlic, DO USE lemon juice, it smells great !! also avoid skanky girls , they can give u the crabs and there is no cure for crabs, also buy some aloe vera herbal plant gel , it works good , as does rubbing sugar free plain yogurt , do NOT use clorox bleach on your penis, you will get fifth degree burns and u may not survive the night, yeast and jock itch are both fungi, some call it heat rash, i call it hell, it u can just not wear underwear for a few days, try that to air the area out, don't use those anti bacterial soaps cause they kill too much of the good bacteria , the good kind is found in yogurt. if u can't go four hours without masturbating u can use a plain rubber with no lube inside, that way u won't make the skin more irritated, just do what u can yourself, i went to a ER and they said poison ivy, they are dumbasses, they would not give me a yeast test cause i had no medical insurance, so i went to a free clinic on campus and got one for free, u HAVE TO KNOW what u have b4 u can treat it !!

ohio st univ

burns when i piss, just the small part where the cum comes out is red,but it feels like the inside of the tip burns, is that a yeas infection, and after reading all of the remedies, which works the fastest and best? when it goes away do i stop applying the remedies?

I'm going to try this garlic yogurt and honey. Hope it works I've had this for way to long now

Does the use of tea tree oil can cure male yeast infection or it is just a Yeast Infection Myths.

Somebody please wife is diagnosed for cadidiasis, and i have folowed up her prescription taking diflucan as first-line treatment.But the infection i have got has re-occured,prolonged taking of fluconazole has not solved the issue.AVE RESULTED TO SELF MEDICATION, TAKING 50MG TWICE DAILY.Symptonss are supressed but, they renerate after awhile.WHAT DO I DO

hello i m 21 (almost 22) years old, Canadian, prety good loking guy. NEways, so my g/f rided my dong lots n lots n i think i hav a yeas infection. wat i tried 2 do 2 help it was make a home remedy mixtur.
1tsp coffee
1tsp salt
1tbsp dog drool
3Kg yeast

my infected not go away n i rly wanna hav frick time w/ my g/f. wat do i do know??

Hello, Boy

Use Onion as remedy as mention above article to get rid of. Onion is the best and cheap way to get rid of male yeast infection.

Onion, garlic and yogurt seems to be favorite remedies for yeast infections.

google "penis yeast infection siddha cure". A blogger named "ensenso" posted a article and that worked for me.

ok, I seem to be suffering from early stages of yeast infection or so I hope, I do remember having unprotected sex with my partner a long while ago while she had a
"rash" never imagined it could be the cause of this... I will try eating garlic, plain yogurt ( also applying it on my penis) and honey.
I'll report back when/ if it heals.
I am curious about letting a dog lick your penis, are you guys actually doing it? Lol

I started with red spot, the doctor started with cortaid and Neosporin. Then he sugguested LOTRISONE or anti-fungal cream + Cortaid together night and Neosporin since he said there is infection and it is fungus related. After 4 weeks, little to no improvement. He told me we can try Anti-fungal pill but after my surgery. Bu reduced the time limited due to my liver test being little high. Furthermore, he said it can last a whole life time since it is not easy to get rid of.

I can't take coconut pill since it isn't allow for 2 weeks for surgery. I have to wait on that. More likely need to cook garlic and try that. problem with cranberry juice is that I am allergic so I need to take pill if that is okay.

So I guess no rice or wheat huh? Sugar intake is low now. Please give some advice and also how other worked.

Ok so I'm 21 and I have these three red raised sections of my glandis there pink redish and look almost glossy but r rouph to the touch they itch profusely as so does my urethra about half way down my penis no discharge anybody know if this could be a yeast infection

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