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Home Remedy For Pink Eye Conjunctivitis Treatment

Want to treat Pink Eye Conjunctivitis at home with simple home remedy? Here is the list of whole Home remedies for Pink eye which heal your eye pain and stop drainage from it. Pink eye is an eye infection which is very common among babies, children and adults. Pink eye is also recognized as conjunctivitis. Pink eye is contagious (if it is caused by viral or bacterial infection) so it is common with younger children. It is an infection of the conjunctiva (white part of the eye) which keeps the eyelids and eyes moist. Pink eye is not harmful but uncomfortable and goes away in 7-10 days without medical treatment. Generally, it occurs in one eye but may spread to the other. People can use home remedies for pink eye with antibiotic or anti inflammatory eye drops to relieve the pain and discomfort while they heal. Here are provided some of the home remedies for pink eye treatment.
pink eye conjunctivitis remedy, home remedies for pink eye
Three main types of pink eye (Conjunctivitis) are there such as bacterial conjunctivitis, allergic conjunctivitis and viral conjunctivitis. Bacterial conjunctivitis occurs due to staphylococcal or streptococcal bacteria, allergic conjunctivitis is caused by allergens like dust or smoke while viral conjunctivitis is led by a virus. Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis spread quickly from one person to another by contact with a contaminated surface/item or through exposure to infected persons, particularly if strict rules of hygiene are not observed.

Symptoms of Pink Eye in Children and Adults:

  • Excessive tears
  • Redness, itchiness and swelling of the eye
  • Constant pain in the eye
  • Crust is formed near the infected eye
  • Intolerance to bright light
  • A clear white discharge (viral infection or allergy)
  • Yellowish and greenish discharge from the eye (due to bacterial infection)

18 Home Remedies for Pink Eye Conjunctivitis

1. Most successful home remedy of Pink Eye Conjunctivitis:

Saliva best cure for Pink Eye Conjunctivitis
Paste your early morning saliva on your eye. Early morning mean when you just wake up from the bed and haven't done brush as well as drunk water. The first saliva of morning when you wake up is the proven best cure for Pink Eye Conjunctivitis.

2. Ice pack

Ice pack to get relief in Pink Eye Conjunctivitis
Ice pack is very effective home remedy to decrease the swelling, itching and redness. This remedy doesn’t treat the infection. Just soak a clean cloth in cold water and remove excess water. Then, put the wet cloth on your eyes. Continue to take ice pack by changing the cloth and water.

3. Honey and milk

Honey and milk for Eye Conjunctivitis
Take honey and warm milk in equal quantity and mix them. Use this mixture to wash your eyes by using an eye cup or a cotton ball. You can also use this mixture as an eye drop or compress. Just drip a few drops of this mixture in your eyes for using it as eye drop or put cloth or cotton pad on your eyes after soaking in the mixture to make a compress.

4. Coriander

Coriander to cure Pink Eye Conjunctivitis
Take handful of freshly dried coriander and boil them in water. Strain the liquid with strainer and let it to cool. Wash the infected eye with this mixture or use it as a compress. This remedy helps to relieve burning as well as decrease the pain & swelling.

5. Hot Compress of Oils (rose, lavender or chamomile)

Hot Compress of Oils (rose, lavender or chamomile)
Hot compress by using different oils such as rose, lavender or chamomile. Put few drops of oil on a warm cloth and put it over the eyes till the cloth cools. Apply it for 5-10 mins for 3-4 times a day. Hot compress relieves the discomfort as well as removes the infection from the eyes.

6. Fennel seeds

fennel seeds home remedy pink eye
Boil some fennel seeds and let the water to cool. After that, strain the liquid and use that water to wash the infected eye twice a day. This will decrease pain, redness and inflammation.

7. Apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar pink eye remedy
Mix 1 Tbsp pure apple cider vinegar with a cup of water. Use this mixture to wash your eyes by using a cotton ball. Use apple cider vinegar which contains "mother". "Mother" is malic acid which fights against bacterial infections.

8. Honey

pink eye honey home remedy
You can use honey in 2 ways. First, drop honey into infected eye as an eye drop. Second, use it as eyewash by mixing 3 Tbsp honey with 2 cups of boiling water. Use the mixture after it cools.

9. Potato

Potato for Eye Conjunctivitis treatment
Take a raw potato slice and put it on the affected eye. Use this remedy for three consecutive nights to cure and get relief from pink eye.

10. Turmeric

Turmeric to get relief in Eye Conjunctivitis
Combine 2 tsp turmeric powder and 1 cup boiled water. After that, use this mixture as a hot compress on the affected eye.

11. Calendula

Calendula to cure Pink Eye
Boil 2 tsp calendula flower petals in 1 cup water and let the mixture to cool. Use this mixture as eyewash. You can also use this mixture as a hot compress, just soak a washcloth or cotton balls in it while it is warm and apply.

12. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is remedy for Eye Conjunctivitis
Aloe vera juice can be used as eyewash and as a compress. For compress, dip a cloth or cotton balls in the juice and put over the affected eye. For eyewash, combine ½ tsp juice in a cup of cooled, boiled water. You can add ½ tsp boric acid as a preservative.

13. Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry effective for Eye Conjunctivitis
Mix the 1 cup Indian gooseberry juice with 2 tsp honey and drink this mixture 2 times a day.

14. Vegetable Juices

Vegetable Juices to apply for Pink Eye
The juice of vegetables is very helpful in conjunctivitis. Mix 200 ml of spinach juice with 300 ml carrot juice to make spinach and carrot juice. To make parsley and carrot juice, combine 200 ml raw parsley (prajmoda) juice with 300 ml carrot juice.

15. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice home remedy for Pink Eye
Lemon juice is among the useful home remedies for conjunctivitis. Just take few drops of lemon juice in your palm and apply it outside of the affected area (white area) with the help of clean finger. Lemon juice will give stinging sensation for 5 mins but it helps to ooze out pus.

16. Salt

Salt home remedy for Pink Eye
Take some salt and very small amount of baking soda then add it to boiling water. Dip cotton ball in the mixture and put it on the affected area. The salted solution is among the easiest yet one of the most helpful remedies for pink eye conjunctivitis.

18. Yogurt

Yogurt for Pink Eye Conjunctivitis
Yogurt is one of the beneficial home remedies for eye conjunctivitis. Just apply some poultice yogurt over the affected area of the eye.

Other Home Remedies for Conjunctivitis:

  • You can use rose water as an eye drop.
  • Elderberry blossom tea can be used as eyewash.
  • Use boric acid or warm milk as a hot compress or eyewash.
  • Put 2 teabags of chamomile (moist) over the affected eye for 10 minute.
  • You can also use marigold and chamomile compress to treat conjunctivitis.
  • Lactating mothers can use breast milk over the affected area of the infants.
  • To treat conjunctivitis, just put a cold bread slice over the infected eye.
Video of Ayurveda's Natural Home Remedy for Conjunctivitis from youtube:
  Video of Eye Problems : Pink Eye Home Remedy from youtube:


Cold bread really that's a waste

No. How about the breast milk remedy. Can i use my own

Boric acid in the eye? Please don't try that.

Does bread dipped in milk really work?

I've been suffering from severe conjunctivitis for three years now. It's constant, every day, and it's ruining my life. So much so that there's days when I wish I was dead. I'm now at the stage where I'm prepared to try anything.

You can use your own breast milk and it is very effective. Use 2-3 times per day until the pink eye clears up.

I heard about this remedy and tried it.. it works great. Take a fresh tomato and poke a small hole with the tine of a fork. Squeeze one drop of the tomato liquid in the infected eye. Itching will subside immediately. Repeat in about three hours if itching resumes.

will anything work in a hour will it have effective result because i have somewhere to be

Boric Acid is a mild disinfectant and when dissolved in boiling water, has no harmful effects on the eyes... similar to apple cider vinegar. My mother used that home remedy on us as children, and I am using it now on a case of pinkeye that I currently have in my right eye. Use a tsp of powdered Boric Acid dissolved in 1/2 cup boiling water. You can cool it by adding a little cold/cool water. Dab the mixture on the affected eye(s) with a cotton ball (use a new, clean cotton ball/pad for each eye and a new one for each pass) making sure to move from the inside (near the nose) toward the outside. I find the heat of the boiled water soothing, but if you prefer cold water, you can dissolve in cold water too. Repeat 3-4 times a day or when irritation (itching/burning) is too much to bear. Make sure some of the liquid gets in each side of the eye in order to defeat the infection. Always wash well with soap and water before and after the treatment to prevent spreading the infection.

You can use male sperm Jack off cumulative in warm water mix it up use it as an eye drropper the sperm swims around in the eye ball and crusts up and doe soaking the infection wash eyes out after crust forms 5 to 10 min no itch and redness goes away within 24 hours

The raw potato works - I shredded up a few tablespoon fulls, put it in a paper towel, let it chill in the frige then hold it on the affected eye for 15-20 minutes 3x a day for 24 to 48 hours. I was well within 24 hours.

Sperm!? Really!!?? Are you high??? You will go blind!!That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my entire life!

There are not so smart people that will try the sperm thing,save the bad jokes for a non medical site,,,IDIOT!!

LMAO at "male sperm" !! Is there any other kind?! Not that I'm going to try it tho :/

I tried the warm milk and honey lessened the redness of my eye but really stung. I tried it later that day but didnt rewarm it.....what was I thinging!? It was like pitting fire in my eye, so make sure the milk is warm.

Ok so if I put my breastmilk I'm my bf eye will it help

Yes your breastmilk in your bf eye will cure it will also cure friendship if no good result jack off in eachothers eyes and drink lots of coffee flavored brandy !

There's a homeopathic remedy called ocuheel which works well. I found a mix (one teaspoon) of apple cider vinegar in an eyewash product with a little witch hazel in it worked great too. I just tried the yogurt poltice and it seemed to work great too! My conjunctivitis never seems to clear up without antibiotics so these solutions are a great option. You can't use visine forever!

I read about a crazy one but a lot of people seemed to be satisfied with the results of nit only relief of symptoms but the infection cleared up...get some of your own urIne delude it 50% water 50% urine then put a couple drops in your eye...its said that day it will clear up...good luck!

Thanks for that comment about the urine. It's something I did years ago to cure my eye issues ( I read about it in a book by Elaine Hollingsworth). Anyway, here I am 8 years later with conjunctivitis and I had forgotten about the urine remedy. So I just put the urine in my eyes 30 minutes ago. (I peed in a cup, poured it into an eye cup, and put in on my eye, making sure the urine got right in). Within seconds I could open my eye again. Saline water baths for the last 24 hours could not get my swollen eye open- but the 1 minute urine treatment worked instantly. Here I am 30 minutes later with my eye still open (yeah I can drive again!). By the way, the urine did not burn- just felt warm and lovely.

Sperm works great for preventing stretch marks. When I was pregnant my great grandmother told me and my man to rub it all over my stomach. Leave it on at night while I slept. Then wash it off in the morning. I now have 4 kids and a total of 3 small stretch marks. My mother has them. I told my sister and she laughed at me. Her stomach is now covered with them. She should of listened to me. Lol!


I'm sorry but she couldn't of done it right as I use that home remedy every time I get Pink Eye

My eyes so bloody sore :(( gutted as ment to b taking my boys out tommrow!!!x

U r first morning pee really works put... pee in a lil cup use an eye dropper just a few drops in u r eye and have tissue right under to catch the remaing pee ... it really works

I'm like scared to try any of these remedies. I had it in just one eye and over night it spread t the other -_- . I just want it to go away but like I said I'm scared about trying these remedies.

I have never had pink eye, but my 7 yearold daughter has it, I told her that im reading i should put her pee in her eye. She looked at me like I was crazy, dont think she is gonna let me do it.

Seeing as you can get pink eye from rubbing your nose and then eye, or using the restroom, not washing your hands and rubbing your eye... I really think using urine is a SERIOUSLY bad idea. I'm a bit of a germaphobe though I admit, and no bodily fluids are going in my eye! I used apple cider vinegar for a yeast infection... I'm just a bit terrified of the burn in my eye from it...

My grandmother used this and I continue to do the same with my own kiddos (6kids). Just warm water with sugar, use a cotton ball to drip into and to wipe the infected eye. Clears it up before the day is over. Works on both viral and bacterial infections.

Don't put boric acid in your eyes!!!!! It is an insect killer meant for cockroaches!!!!

The milk and honey improved my eyes in the first use! The burning and dry feeling are gone and the redness is reduced. My eyes were totally healed in two days

I did use the milk and honey remedy and although it hurt like crazy that night, by morning I was significantly better. Bathing my eye the following day with warm salt water three times a day finished it off.

Dude! I just laughed so hard I wet myself! You're welcome to it if you like....

I tried the apple cidar vinegar method and now i have chemical burn and blurred vision in that eye. I did it exactly the way it said too. Do not put vinegar in your eye for any reason! Just go to a doctor and get antibiotics, period.

My husband got a bad case of pink eye and we have no insurance, so we checked out this site. We tried several of the blog remedies and they did relieve his pain, but that was it. I read the comments here and saw several suggestions for urine. 24 hours, 3 treatments and several " Oh God, this is disgusting!" later, his pink eye was cleared up completely. Thank you to all who suggested it, because it does work.

I just ejaculated in my grandmother's eye (she had pink eye for the last six days). I don't know if she can see, and she won't talk to me so I can ask if it worked. :(

Put a little baby shampoo on a Q-tip and her wet. Put on infected lid but have both eyes closed. Put on seam of eye then rinse. If either eye is open it will burn. Use this as a lid scrub when wearing contacts cheaper than buying actual lid scrub . Doctor told me about this .

Don't be imbecilic.There's medicinal Boric Acid. What kind of moron would use insecticide boric acid in their eyes?

Seeing this post, however, makes me feel like it's my duty to let everyone know to use the MEDICINAL BORIC ACID and NOT THE INSECTICIDE!!!!

prescription is free now is it not!! don't mess around with ur eyes seek medical advice..

Urine is sterile. It's everything around down there that's germy.

Urine is only sterile in the bladder once it passes through urinary tract it comes in contact with bacteria and yeast. I would not advise adding any extra possible pathogens to your eyes for any reason. Although, the kid who mentioned sperm was being ridiculous semen does have microbial properties, but would not advise putting sperm in the eyes either. Honey and milk have been used for 100's of years to treat eye infections, even medical science will agree to it's healing properties. If you want to mix any of these home remedies with water, use distilled as tap (even boiled tap) has plenty of bacteria and chemicals in it. As far as the apple cider vinegar goes I would dilute it down to 1 part ACV to 2 parts water and apply it as a wash not dropped directly into the eye.

Yes I am a germ freak but as a child they used my own urine in my eye I was disgusted but it did work. The urine itself is indeed sterile. Google it and see for yourself. I still think it's disgusting but if it's an emergency and I cannot get to the doc fast enough I will use it if I have to, reluctantly because of my disgust only!

Goldenseal tea steeped in hot water has always worked for my children, within 24hrs !

I too ha have used pharmaceutical boric acid for years mixed with contact solution or distilled water. It does not burn and provides relief to itching and general irritation.

In Germany, they use barberry root. You can get this at the health food store. Take the root, boil it in water, let it cool. Take a white washcloth and soak it in the tincture. Place on eyes. IT WILL STAIN THE CLOTH PERMANENTLY! I used this when my son was an infant for him and my mother in law who got it from him and it worked so well! And wasn't nearly as painful as the eye drops that are commonly prescribed here in the United States! I have never been disappointed with this cure!

I was going to tell him it just made it its completely sealed.

I tried it.. it puffed up a bit now I have a smaller eye just below mine

Ice pack is effective for pink eye.thanks for post

my husband has it really bad, but wont do the urine thing. does it have to be his urine,i could trick him with mine but is it safe?

my husband dosn,t like the urine thing, I could use mine and trick him but will it work

My son is suffering from Pink Eye Conjunctivitis, Can you please suggest effective home care ideas or remedies for pink eye for children?

Keeping the crust off your lashes helps your eyes heal faster. Use Baby Shampoo, warm water, and a baby toothbrush (the rubber kind that fits on the end of your finger) and scrub your lashes several times a day.

My daughter has had an eye infection for a day or two. I think I will take her to the eye doctor in Edmonton. I will ask the doctor about some of these methods as well!

DearRavi and all other , i am goingto discuss very ugly face of indian doctors those who are pyscribing

the eye medicicines of a company named ALCON , its a very BIG CHOR company simply importing medcines and

selling at 4 times rates then other indian companies. e.g. Petday ( of ALCON ) cost Rs: 295 , for 2.5 ML

and the same composition from company ALAMBIC( baroda base indian company ) NEOLAP cost us Rs: 105 / for

3ML. but why indian doctors are prescribing ALCON medcines because of hingher commession rate and costly

gift item provided by company ALCON to those doctors. its a very shamfull part on indian doctors as well

as indian hospital specially vASAN eye clinic becuase they had only ALCON company medicin in the pharmacy

shops in their clinics across PAN india.they are also BIG CHOR

thanks for the tips, i've been pink eye conjunctivitis for 2 years,
maybe the treatment can help me.

those people saying apple cider vinegar hurt their eyes probably didn't dilute it. the instructions SPECIFICALLY SAY to dilute it. I diluted some (1 teaspoon to 3 tablespoons) and it's helped for me when antibiotics didn't -- but mine still hasn't fully cleared. It's been almost 3 weeks (could be viral, which would explain why the antibiotics haven't worked for me). I will try to remember to update this if it clears up.

I use regular black tea bags, boil water add tea bag for 5 mins. Squeeze water out of it n place on infected eye. After it cools I place the tea bag in the freezer for 20 mins, take it out and place it on the eye again. Takes the swelling down immediatley. Sooths the burning feeling. Does not cure the infection, but does provide relief.

the urine works i told my husband about it he did'nt think that was a good idea he did use his own urine it and it worked in minutes

Is it true that you can catch pinkeye once you stare into the eyes of someone infected by it? I visited an eye doctor in Arizona to ask for a prescription to cure my pink eye, he also advised me to wear a sunglasses so that I won't accidentally rub my eyes and to minimize the chance of having my other eye infected as well. He didn't really said anything about the risk of getting another person infected, and I was shy to ask because it could be a myth. Anyway, can you shed light upon my curiosity?

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