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How to check your aura online? Find personality based on Aura Color

It’s really simple and easy to know about the personality of the person based on Aura Color around. Here, you can test your aura color online, also get meaning of colors in your aura with few clicks, just have a look!

Human body, organisms and objects…everything in this universe is surrounded with a kind of electromagnetic field, known as Aura. It is oval-shaped and colored bands. This aura spectrum contains many colors, but major colors are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red (VIBGYOR). You can also find many variations in these colors like some of them are stronger or less passionate, while some are deeper or lighter in color. Even, the aura holds metallic colors like silver and gold. Point need to be focused is that all aura colors disclose vital information about you - like personality, relationship style, best career direction, health, your dealing with money, and more. As Auras are basically associated with the people, you can use them to describe people. It holds lots of information about ones’ past, present and future, helping you gain insight into the spiritual, emotional as well as physical aspects of an individual. For ex. person with a muddy red color is usually angry, while Blue is a peaceful color. Here are some short descriptions about what do the aura colors mean, also you can check what color is your aura by answering aura color personality quiz online. So, just do some clicks…and know about yours and others personality!

what aura color means?

Check aura online:

The aura can be seen as layers of color around the subject. Everyone can’t see aura, only some people are born with this ability. Don’t be upset, anyone can learn how to read aura colors. One thing for sure is that becoming an aura reader requires a considerable amount of practice that’s not possible for all. You may be glad to know that you can check aura online…here!

Procedure understanding for the test:
Color in your aura is determined by knowing about your choice of place, food, music, companion, transport mode, your best day, free time activity, your reading, meeting someone in a dream, etc. Remember that you won’t get any reward for good things or any punishment for bad ones… so be honest and loyal to yourself while ticking the box. This important information is very helpful in getting accurate color of your aura.
Honest option helps you find the exact result, so be frank!

The very first question is about your Happy place. You can get options like meadow of flowers, nightclub at midnight, around a campfire, top of mountain, bed, on the beach, anywhere quiet, library, and a concert. Options are given considering different choices, perspectives, and habits of the people, for ex. lazy person click on bed, person with feelings and emotions select meadow of flowers, peaceful person choose anywhere quiet, etc. However, those who love to make fun select nightclub at midnight, around a campfire, on the beach and a concert, while knowledgeable person prefers library, similarly adventurer opt for top of a mountain.
Second question is to select your companion from your parents, your significant other, your best friend, lots of friends, lots of members of the opposite sex, strangers, no one, children, and your dog. All these options help you decide to whom you give so much importance, like someone special. Another meaning is that whatever the option you select is the person to whom you trust a lot, so why select him/her/them as your companion to share your feelings, time, and so.
In the third question, you are asked to specify your interest that your best day included. It might be Naps and TV, Books and Tea, Sex and chocolate, Meditation and yoga, Road trips, Seeing where the day takes me, Theme parks, Wine and intelligent discussion, or Going to class. If you are health conscious, you will select Meditation and yoga. Those who love to rest choose Naps and TV, nature loving people select theme parks, people with full of lust choose Sex and chocolate, etc.
In the fourth question, you are asked to select the way you get your nourishment of the day, whether it is fruits, juices or beverages, honey on toast breads, lemon squash, etc. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian ways are given, just select anyone and let them know your taste!
In the fifth question, you are asked to select any activity, you mostly prefer to do in your free time like singing hymns, downing shots, goofing off, inspiring others, enjoying nature, chillaxing, learning something new, binging on food or alcohol, studying genealogy, etc.
Sixth question is to know about your reading preference, including options like something dirty, a paperback on the beach, my ex’s facebook page, a how-to manual, I ching, A letter from a friend, a recipe, the news, and the bible. Reading bible shows your love for the religion, reading ex’s facebook page shows your concern for your loved ones however after break-up, reading something dirty reflects your bad nature as well as reading recipes or how-to manual shows your excitement for learning new.
In the seventh question, you need to select your favorite transport mode. It would be convertible, VW bus, Limousine, Pick-up truck, Spaceship, Bicycle, your own two feet, city bus, I’m not going anywhere.
Music highly affects our mood, so you are also asked to select music. You can prefer to listen to whatever’s on the radio…if so, you are actually having no preference for the music. Other options include A single soprano singing, the beatles, new age, acoustic guitar, rock, etc. You can also select silence please means no music, or choice of others in let someone else pick.
At the last, you are asked to mention about your inspiration. It would be your family, your religious guru, super star, or other famous celebrity. This choice reflects your aspiration towards life.
As soon as you complete by selecting all 9 options, you will get result about the color of your aura considering all your selections. Each color has different meanings, check them out here!

Major 7 aura colors are given with small descriptions, focusing on personality. Know how each one of them is differentiated person by person.
Generally, Violets have strong and dynamic personalities. Violet aura is believed to be a mark of wisdom, often in a spiritual sense. People with psychic powers generally have violet auras with some form of magic or supernatural power. They make most balanced use of the left and right brain and merge Linear with Holistic processing and Logical with Intuitive processing together to perceive problems, results, and take action on solutions without hesitation. They are fast to see and practice information, and will proceed without asking or caring what others feel or do.
They are very intuitive as well as intelligent, and so they don’t prefer to share life or inner self with others. They wish to stay distant and detached with most people, and carefully select friends and business partners. They are passionate, however they will step back from, and go into isolation when life becomes too demanding. Their honesty to the strange means they often have epiphanies about life that quake your standpoint. They are sensitive and idealistic, with a style for creativity. They mostly use their passion and vision to inspire others, and usually radiate a great charisma and sexual chemistry. Violets desire at equal, inspirational partners. If not, they become bored, unhappy, and emotionally disconnected.
Indigo aura means you are really intelligent, perceptive and curious from an early age. Most of indigos show a wisdom that is beyond their physical years, and they can learn very fast from around the age of 8 months. One can say that they are born with knowledge and feelings on many subjects. Indigos have active imagination power and are gifted as artistic, well spoken, and creative writers. Indigos appear talented, still they are excited to learn new things all the time. They like challenges more, and get bored of standard methods of learning. They stand out at researching for deeper meanings to projects.
Emotionally, they want partners who are genuine, caring, wise, honest, and supportive, and wish to live with higher principles. Indigos completely bond with their partners, hence want trustworthy partners so they don’t feel any hesitation for sharing their deepest secrets. They believe to see people’s inner essence rather than their outer form. They wish mates who are first, best friends, and then lovers also have strong, stable and secure personalities.
Socially, they want to communicate with selected people only. They share their thoughts and emotions carefully. They always tell the truth, no matter how cruel it seems to others.
People with blue auras tend to be religious, calm, and kind. Blue Aura people are sensitive and intuitive, also highly intelligent, actually they use brain power in an intuitive manner. When it comes to emotions, they cover the whole range of emotions with sadness, happiness, laughter, tears, screams of joy, as well as anger. Blues want to process their feelings, and require space to sort out distressing emotional issues. They like to love and take care of others, and if they are not cautious or practical; people may take benefit of their loving nature. Blues require to nurture the emotional side of their personality so that they feel better about overwhelming others with love and care. Blues loved to be in crowd. The best thing about blues is that they will put the needs of others ahead of their own, and evaluate success by the number of people they can make happy in public settings. They give lots of importance to the relationship, so memorize dates and facts of special occassions with speed and exactness.
Blues live for love. When they fall in love, there is nothing they will not do to keep their relationship together. People who have a predominant amount of blue in their Auras are peacemakers and have the ability to calmly smooth out angry situations. The downside is that blues can take on too much, become workaholics and avoid their personal relationships. Blues are a master of taking the high road, balancing the head and heart for making difficult decisions and choices. They are really good organizers, also great in motivating and inspiring others.
Green Aura people are extremely creative and very hard working. They try hard for perfection in their all jobs. They have a fine eye for beauty and will make sure their look and clothing, home and surroundings are both practical and beautiful. They are always in tune with nature and love life. They have a very strong-mind and down to earth nature and stay away from imaginary dreams and unrealistic ideas. People with green aura are simple, they just want warm breezes, good songs, and old friends.
Green Aura people are really admired and respected. Close friends of Green Aura people will be treated with kindness, faithfulness and practical advice. Green Aura people choose their friends very carefully. People with green Aura are health-conscious, and make sure that their diet is health giving and tasty.
Greens are logical and think systematically. For any problem, they first look for the right answer and then solve that problem. Emotionally, Greens often overlook to connect with their own emotions or others’ emotions. They also move during the analytical process very fast. Therefore, they don’t bother of becoming out of control or getting off track. They can become controlling, obsessive, and/or strict in their behavior. Socially, they prefer a partner who can discuss ideas and connect intellectually.
Yellow Aura people always look for optimism and encouragement, and they speak right words at the right time. They tend to have great health, possibly because of their pleasant disposition. They try to make themselves and others as happy as possible. Yellow Aura people have tendency to get involved in activities completely, whether it is work, games, social or cultural events. Emotionally, they are lovable but impatient and can express multiple emotions frankly to others if feeling bored, confused, or depressing. They don’t like and try not to hurt others.
Socially, they love to be with people; they don’t mind to engage in foolish. They are very natural - both at love and play - also they can show their skills on a one to one basis in front of large crowds. They are confident in their skills. People with yellow aura are mentally bright, creative and supple, but they get bored from things happening very quickly. On making difficult choices and decision making, Yellow Aura people put their head above their heart. The main fault is that they can be more than usually critical of themselves and others.
Orange Aura people are the center of attention. They want to please others, and are often the best gift givers. With their nature of joking and playing around, they could be a great parent or babysitter. As they’re funny and outgoing, younger relatives are more impressed with them. Friends like their company. Oranges are not people who like to stay at home, they are risk-taking daredevils who are always up for adventure, particularly if it’s outdoors. Oranges prefer partners who are brave enough to accompany them. Oranges want to be in crowd of people who appreciate their skills and energy.
They want victory at any cost; and manage each aspect of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life. They get bored easily, if not get any opportunity to work. With survivor instincts and intelligence, they beat roadblocks in life. They are curious, but have active mind of learning and understand practical applications for everything.
Emotionally, they are unable to connect their behavior and/or feelings; they are enthusiastic, frank, honest, direct, short-tempered, and react physically in both negative and positive ways to others. Socially, they can’t or won’t like to change their behavior to put up the fears of others. They approach relationships with desire and prefer mates who are passionate, fit as well as physically active.
Red Aura people are natural, passionate and active, and tend to follow their heart. They boom in exciting situations as well as they are quick to fall in love and lust. They rarely act immature, however they always want to make themselves and others happy.
Red Aura people are energetic individuals, and adventurous with food, travel and sexual partners. They are short tempered, however on the upside they are kind with their time and energy when called upon for help. They always want to be on top. This competitive nature drives them towards great success in life. But they can’t work in team and prefer to run their own one man business or would like to be in position of authority over others.
Red Aura people are normally strong in body as well as mind, and do not give a way to physical or mental illness easily. They are direct, to the point and outspoken, also they don't have hidden agendas or secret motives. People with Red Aura color like to move on to different interests, projects also relationships. This can leave lots of unfinished ventures in their wake. On the other hand, if they set their mind to a project, and stick to it; they certainly get remarkable success and can become extremely wealthy.


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