Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How to overcome depression naturally without drugs?

Instead of huge dose of medication to treat your severe depression, follow natural tips to overcome depression and get settled in happy life again.

Depression has become a common enemy of our as it takes out happiness, joy and cheerful nature of over selves from life. Due to depression, we do not like to talk to our loved one, we stay angry and confuse even for minor problems, we don’t shower love on our kids but their chime full voice sounds us like noise. Besides creating more problems between family members, it also effects negatively on our health to make us patient of heart attack, diabetes, nervous system, health issues, etc. Many people chose to suppress their depression with medications while some of them ignore it completely and it leads you away from the happy life. Here we have gathered all the simple yet more effective ways for you to fight against depression naturally!

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Spend time in the bright sunny day: Low level of vitamin D is responsible for depression and mood disorders. It also affects bone health and immunity strength. So, spending some time in sunshine will make you healthy and depression free. You can arrange trip to meadows with your family to spend a whole with sunny light and family.

Stick to your responsibilities: While going through depression, you might not like to complete your family responsibilities. You will find your self drifting away from the responsibilities and your goals will be put aside. So, keep on completing your responsibilities with full heart. It will make you happier.

Develop artistic properties: You must involve yourself in painting, gardening and other art related activities to come up with bright new ideas. It will make your mind relax as well as fade away your depression. So, you should definitely develop your own hobby to involve in artistic work.

Cut off sugar intake: High level of sugar consumption is bad for health and welcoming bells for depression. It is researched by our scientist that imbalance in insulin resistance due to lots of sugar consumption can leads to the depression and diabetes. It is wise step to cut off all the sweet items including your favorite ice creams and pan cakes. Never eat too much sweet while you feel low, it will only increase your depression.

Try to stay positive: No matter how much depress you are, try to find out positive attitude from every single event happens in your life. Try to focus on things that gives you happiness and calmness. Positive attitude helps you put depression far away from you.

Say yes to singing and dancing: You might never know this, but singing or making moves on your favorite song also have positive effects on your body as well as your nature. Singing improves mood and dancing act as musical workout to warm up our body.

Go for walk: It might surprise you that going on walk where you can stay surrounded with the scenery, you will get rid of depression naturally. Beautiful greenery will make you feel relax and it will soothe your mind and soul. Walking induces energy in your body with increase in blood circulation.

Have a good sleep: Not having deep sleep of 8-9 hours also increase the chances of depression. Less sleep induce headache, sleepiness in working hours and so you might get scolded by boss. It will increase your work load, leading towards the depression. So, it is really good option to dream and have good sleep rather than headachy depression.

Exercise regularly: Simple 30 minutes exercise regularly can make you feel healthy and lively. It boosts up your immunity level, increase working of internal organs, and strengthens muscles to make you fit. Healthy body makes you feel happy.

Avoid addictions: All kind of addictions like drinking, smoking, and drugs are one of the major causes of having depression. Alcohol increases the misunderstanding in relationships and even at work place if you are so much addicted to it. Smoking also induces depression in your nature. Person addicted to drug always wants to have infinite access to drug on cost of anything from friends to family and even professional life. At the end, when he/she do not have anything left, he/she will suffer in long depression period.

Read a book: A good quality book acts as good friend of a person. Many people have a passion of reading books and it actually helps them to stay away from depression. Good books can distract you from depressive thoughts you might have continuously, but can not come to the conclusion. Reading book will also guide you to solve many problems and help to get rid of depression.

Love yourself: Do not ignore your own self. Pamper yourself with showers, naps, beauty treatment and positive attitude. Build up self respect and confidence in your own self to stay away from depression. Do not think too much on any person’s comments about your looks. If you love and feel comfortable with what you are, then simply adore yourself with good thoughts.

Laugh out loud: A heartwarming laugh is best for health and your mood. Many people become a part of a laughing club to treat their depression. You can join it to enjoy simple smile or laugh in several occasions to feel light and lively. It will help a lot to reduce the chances that you caught by depression.

Become creative: Being creative is one of the best ways to stay away from the depression. Creativity fills your heart with joy and you will become happier than before. You can start writing, decorating your home, etc.

Meet people: One of the important aspects to stay away from the depression is to stay socialized. It doesn't mean to roam on social sites for hours and hours. You should spend time with your parents, grand parents, siblings, and friends to make your bonds more power full. It will help to overcome any kind of sadness and depression.

Water and salt therapy: Fill the bucket with hot water and add 4 tbsp of salt, then mix. Allow hot water and salt to soothe your nerves. This natural tip will give you relief from the depression in 10-15 minutes. So whenever you are under too much stress, just fill the bucket with hot water and soak your feet and hand to relax your body.

Consult your therapist: If you are facing too much depression and want to overcome with someone’s help, then do not hesitate to meet therapist. Therapist will help you to overcome your stressful situation easily without any side effects.


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