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10 Ways to lose weight without dieting

Are you looking for ways to loss weight without dieting? Weight put up is the most common problem in today’s lifestyle. Many people often go on diet but after some days they fail to support rules of dieting and again turn to their usual meals. On other side, few people prefer faster ideas to decrease weight but these concepts are not really healthy. You have to keep patience for losing weight.

Weight reduction does not always mean to remain starve and hunger. The below given ten ways are far from 'diet to lose weight' beliefs and provide the perception of 'enlightened eating.' It pays attention on new eating practices which are free of scarcity and limits as well as on lasting weight control. Take a look of these great ways for managing your weight.

10 Ways to lose weight without dieting

10 Ways to lose weight without dieting:

1, Drink more water
Drinking of water will help you to shed your overweight. As per Brenda Davy, an associate professor of nutrition at Virginia Tech and senior author of a new study, the consumption of two 8-ounce glasses of water prior to meals help to cut pounds. Water enhances metabolism and burns calories. It lessens Mindless Snacking as it makes the stomach full for a short time and ultimately controls meal consumption. Water hydrates body and provides energy through reducing muscle pain during physical activity. At least drink eight glasses of water daily.

2, Take Breakfast everyday
A healthy breakfast is a great way to lose weight. It raises metabolism and keeps you energize for a whole day. Breakfast diminishes hunger later in a day which in turn shuns overeating. Some studies reveal that the people who take breakfast show lower BMI (Body Mass Index) compare to who skip it. Moreover, a well balanced diet at morning improves digestive system which plays major role in body health and weight loss. A better digestive system aids to remove toxins, eliminate and break down "bad" fats which lead weight gain. So, eat breakfast daily without skipping it.

3, Include veggies and fruits with your meal
Vegetables and fruits assist to manage weight through their high fiber content. Fiber present in them remains longer time in digestive track and thereby gives the sense of satiety. Therefore, the food intake is controlled by itself. According to a research, we desire to eat more when several foods are given in a meal. So, substitute high fat foodstuffs with vegetables which also provide more nutrients and vitamins. For instance, if you are taking one vegetable in your diet then replace it with two or three. You can include salad or veg juice in your meal.

4, Drink healthy
Smart drinking helps a lot in weight reduction. Prefer water or zero-calorie seltzer in place of one sugary drink like regular soda. You can also add flavors like mint, lemon or frozen strawberries. This will cut about 10 teaspoons of sugar consumption. Green tea is another good alternative for weight loss. As per study of March issue of International Journal of Obesity, green tea enhances the burning of fat and calorie. Additionally, replace alcoholic drinks like cocktail, beer and wine with non-alcoholic and low-calorie beverage such as sparkling water. One more strategy for maintaining weight is to use tall, thin glass instead of wide tumbler. This type of glass will let you to sip 25 to 30% less caloric drinks and ultimately aids to lose weight.

5, Choose whole grains over processed
Whole grains such as brown rice, barley, whole wheat, buckwheat, oats, etc. are usually high in fiber which makes you full and allow consumption of comparatively less meal. They possess low Glycemic index so, maintain steady blood sugar changes after a meal and during whole day. Furthermore, fiber reduces fat absorption by regulating bowel movements. Fibers are rich source of protein which aids to weight reduction as well as maintenance. By this way, whole grains support in weight lose through providing fewer calories and improving cholesterol profile.

6, Get smaller dish
It was found in the study of Cornell's Brian Wansink, PhD that people tended to eat more with larger plates. Utilization of smaller dishes can keep you away from eating more food. If you are using 12-inch dish then turn to 10-inch plate; this way of shrinking dishes will reduce your 100 to 200 calories per day and 10 to 20 pounds in a year. You can not even recognize difference in quantity by eating less with smaller plates and indirectly helping yourself to decrease weight.

7, Eat slowly
Most of the people eat food in hurry and do not chew it properly. So, they eat more amount of meal than they actually need. We can not recognize the feeling of ‘being full’ soon after eating because chewing speed directly affects the hormones responsible for sensing fullness level. While eating slowly, you may experience that you do not require more bites and this will limit your food intake and weight put up.

8, Sleep More
The researcher of Michigan University who ran the numbers for a 2,500 calorie for each day eating showed that an additional hour sleep at night decreases 14 pounds of your weight in a year. This study revealed that you can drop calories by 6% when sleep changes idle activities and mindless snacking. Typically, people require 7 to 9 hours sleep at night. It is believed that too little sleep activates your appetite and makes you hungry. So, take enough sleep to keep you refreshed and take better nutritional and health choices during a day for controlling weight put up.

9, Walk regularly for a mile
Walking is one of the best exercises to control weight. It is recommended that walking everyday at least for 20 minutes can assist you to lose weight much effectively. 20 minutes walking is enough to burn your 100 calories. There are many options where you can get chance to walk like park your car far from mall and then walk, get down at the bus stop before one stop of your place, go by stairs rather than lift or choose to walk at night/morning with your friend or family member.

10, Laugh more and loudly
In accordance with International Journal of Obesity, laughing for 15 minutes in a day burns around 40 calories through activating abs and facial muscles of your body. Usually, when we get stressed, Cortisol hormone level in our body increases and we tend to eat more food. This hormone indicates body to store fat from our stress induced chow-down. Laughing or even fake laughing can reduce stress as well as additional Cortisol and prevent from weight gain.


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