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Alternative Uses of Toothpaste that shock You

Toothpaste is widely known for cleaning teeth among most of people but you may not believe; there are many shocking alternative uses of toothpaste. Its components like abrasives, fluorides and detergents provide lots of household benefits in addition to oral hygiene. You will definitely surprise when you will go through following uses and can not stay without saying, “can toothpaste really do all these things? It’s Amazing!”

10 shocking alternative uses of Toothpaste


1) Remove Crayon and other marks from painted walls
It is the obvious thing to turn drawing from paper to wall if kids are there with crayon colors. For getting rid of these crayon or few other marks on painted wall, toothpaste is the best affordable mean. First apply toothpaste on mark on wall with the help of dry sponge and let it to dry for around 5 minutes. Afterwards clean it with damp washcloth and get your wall clear as before.

Alternative Uses of Toothpaste that shock You

(Suggestion: Though toothpaste is efficient to take out color marks from wall, first check it by scrubbing within a smaller unnoticeable area and allow it for about 24 hours so that you can see any problems with paint, if occur.)

2) Get rid of scratches
Toothpaste can remove scratches from various devices such as mobile screens, CDs and DVDs, watch crystal, glassware etc. It acts as an abrasive and eliminates light scratches. Rub gently a small amount of toothpaste on scratched surface for a while; clean it with moist cloth and allow them to dry. (Clean CDs and DVDs with water to wash out residues of toothpaste.) Your scratched things will again become shiny.
Alternative Uses of Toothpaste that shock You

3) Fill nail holes of walls
Alternative Uses of Toothpaste that shock You
Is your wall looking unattractive because of nail holes? Here is the best solution for your problem; just try toothpaste instead of spackle to cover small holes. Simply fill up holes fully by squeezing toothpaste inside them and leave for drying. After they dried, scratch off additional paste with putty knife or lightly rub sand paper on them. If your wall color matches with the color of any toothpaste then it is best but, if it does not, you have to paint over holes after filling with the paste.

4) Clean or polish wide range of things
You might laugh at someone who tells you about the use of toothpaste for cleaning plenty of things. But, this is absolutely true; you can remove scuffs from sneakers, clean diamond rings, shower doors, rings surrounds bath tub, piano keys, model cars, vehicle’s headlight lenses, Gunk of iron etc. and polish silver jewelry or silverwares. To take out scuffs of leather shoes, rub toothpaste on it and clear up with cloth.
Alternative Uses of Toothpaste that shock You
For polishing diamond ring as well as watch belt, first wet them, scrub toothpaste by means of soft bristle tooth brush and rinse with water (Take care of penetration of water inside watch while cleansing watch belt). Utilize non-gel toothpastes while you want to clean "gunk" off the plate of iron and whiten the rubber sides of tennis shoes. Moreover, for all remaining things cleaning procedure is as usual, scrub and wipe up with wet cloth or water.

5) Get relief from Insect bites and Bee Stings
Alternative Uses of Toothpaste that shock You
Toothpaste is the one of the good ways for healing bee Sting as well as bites of mosquito, flea and ant. For this prefer old formulated toothpaste rather than “new fangled” gel toothpaste. At the outset, wash affected area with cold water to turn it less sensitive (take away stinger initially in case of bee sting) and then apply toothpaste on this region. Do not rinse it but, let it as it is because it is more effective if remains longer.

6) Treat acne
Alternative Uses of Toothpaste that shock You
Pimples can be wearisome for everyone and especially amid teens. Toothpaste can help you to improve your beauty. Dab little amount of toothpaste on acne of your face before go to bed and wash in next morning. Try this method only once in week as toothpaste hardens skin on frequent applications. Additionally, if you burned somewhere, you can also apply toothpaste on it.

7) Clean your fingernails
Alternative Uses of Toothpaste that shock You
Teeth as well as nails are composed of similar enamel and toothpaste is superb option to clean them. Scrub minute quantity of toothpaste on wetted nails by means of soft toothbrush for sometimes and after that wash off with water. You will get shiny, clean and stronger nails.

8) Prevent mirrors and glasses from fogging
Alternative Uses of Toothpaste that shock You
Foggy mirrors in bathrooms are frustrating for people as we can not see our face clearly in it. Likewise, the hazy goggles can also lead to difficulties for drivers, swimmers and athletes. To get rid of this, apply non-gel toothpaste on mirrors and just remove it with soggy fabric. What’s more, you do not have to purchase expensive gel defogger. Be cautious at the time of cleaning goggle; don’t rub much because toothpaste can abrade its surface.

9) Remove stain
Alternative Uses of Toothpaste that shock You
Stains such as ink, oil, tea or coffee, lipstick, etc. are hard to remove from cloths and carpets as they stuck sturdily with fibers. They can be vanished through rubbing toothpaste on them. Continue scrubbing for sometime and then rinse as usual with running water. You can slightly brush on stain after polishing with toothpaste.

10) Deodorize your hands
Alternative Uses of Toothpaste that shock You
No one likes unpleasant smell in their hands, mouth or even in surrounding. The aromas after chopping onions or garlic and fishing are remained for longer time in hands as well as can be irritating. Washing of hands with small quantity of toothpaste besides soap removes smells form hands. In general sense, toothpaste takes out disagreeable odor from hands as from mouth.


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