Monday, May 2, 2011

Dangers of Wearing Leggings

Nowadays, leggings have become the new trend and a versatile fashion for women. The fashion trend, leggings are kind of fitted clothing that covers the legs and hide all manner of sins. Mostly all women, who like to show their curves, opt for leggings. Jean leggings (jeggings) are very popular today. Whether it’s having a ‘fat’ day or not remembering to wax, leggings become the global trend as it hides all. However, many questions come from the health world, whether they are safe for health? Is wearing leggings dangerous to health?

Dangers of Wearing Leggings

Leggings look great and feel good however there is some downside, as per the Physiotherapist Sammy Margo. The buttocks, quadriceps (thigh muscles) and core muscles of tummy are hold and supported by the leggings. Also, leggings work same as the muscles are believed to do. Consequently, the muscles are permitted to switch off and relax. So, for the first time, when people expose their bodies as summer arrives, they are not as slender or stiff as they otherwise would be. As wearers’ midriffs and unclothed legs are ‘out of sight, out of mind’, the problem is further worsened so women are less disposed to take steps to tone up throughout the months of winter.

According to Mrs Margo, Leggings conceal the bits of bodies that people don’t like, for example the cellulite on legs or "muffin top". So, people are able to ignore the problem and are less provoked to exercise these parts of body. Now, leggings are available in every style and color, including animal print, denim, wet-look, and neon. However, maybe today’s news marks the starting of the end for this fastidious fashion fad.
Some good news is also there; through a few simple routine exercises, women can actually regain the strength in the muscles that have been formed lethargic by their leggings. Such exercises include clenching and liberating the stomach and buttocks during the day, walking with ankle weights and also utilizing a piece of cord to aid core exercises.

Always check the opacity of your leggings as showing your neon thongs and showing your curves are wholly different conditions. Those leggings which have seemed dark in the morning, when put on natural daylight, your lady secrets are exposed to the world. Also, elastic material of leggings stretching round your flip-side is never going to be a good look. In place of sticking to safe black leggings all the time, play around patterns as they can make optical illusions to create your legs appearance slimmer.

Leggings are made up of actual tight materials. Tight clothes restrict circulation of air in the groin area and can lead to yeast infections. In humid and wet conditions, yeast growth takes place. So, women are more vulnerable to infection if there are no dry areas. Yeast infection is not a serious problem but this fungal infection generally causes itching and pain in the vagina. It is associated to how long you wear these legging. If you wear them for the long term, like all day, every day, obviously it would raise the risk of vaginal yeast infections.

Leggings also put some weight so if you decide to wear the leggings, interchange them sporadically with normal clothes. So that you can measure the size of your abdominal area, and take equivocal action if required, like periodic walks in the ground or around the block. So, be smart and think about it if you wear leggings frequently.


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