Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Reverse Running Trends: Burn More Calories & Be Fit

Nowadays, people have become conscious about their fitness so they are always in search of different methods that burn more calories. Reverse running or running backward is a new trend which burn 25% more calories than forward running or walking. Researchers suggest that besides burning more calories, reverse running also protects the joints.

Reverse Running Trends: Burn More Calories & Get Fit

Backward running is also called as retro running and most famous in Europe and Japan. Lots of races of reverse running are held in Europe and in Japan, people run backward as part of their every day exercise. Reverse running raise oxygen use by 78% and heart rate by 47% than forward running. Go for reverse running, if you want to change-up your cardio and burn more calories.

To get same physiological and fitness advantages of forward running, reverse runners require 80% speed of forward runners, as per study conducted at the University of Oregon. Many times reverse running is suggested as treatment of knee and back problems. Reverse running makes person fit by burning more calories and good for blood vessel circulation, according to study conducted at the Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

Backward running is a less natural movement compared to forward running even though runners can reach at some level of speed by making daily practice. It is good exercise for legs, trunk and hips. It is less time consuming activity than forward walking because 100 steps of reverse running is equal to 1,000 steps forward walking.

Merits of reverse running:
  • It is little difficult to move from one point to another point so more effort is needed in reverse running movement. This effort helps to increase stamina and greater cardiovascular efficiency.
  • Reverse running helps to improve muscular balance of your body. Hamstrings and knees get presser in forward walking while reverse running make stronger your calves and quads.
  • Your tangential vision and hearing sense become more accurate through backward running because you can’t see what is happing in front of you and also can’t see properly the backward path so you have to use your senses to find a way.
  • You look strange, when you are running backward so it creates some fun.
  • You can run even though you are injured from ankle injury, hamstring, Achilles’ tendon, groin, back pain, etc.
  • Your right posture of backward running gives you extra benefit. Keep your back straight, when you move. Your core abdominal muscles will also get benefit from straighter posture.

Demerits of reverse running:
  • In the backward running, your head faces forward and you can not see anything in the way of your path therefore more risk is associated with this activity.
  • It is uncomfortable activity in which you can not run speedily or it limits your speed.
  • You have to choose the way which should be free from trees, holes, and traffics. It should be painted lanes therefore you need not to look backward frequently and just follow the lines.
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