Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Skin Care: How to Look Cool in Hot?

Summer is the season of enjoying the waves and beaches but many women avoid it as they do not have idea about looking cool in hot. Strong sun’s rays increase the chances of developing age spots, wrinkles and skin cancer in summer. Skin glow can be damaged due to extreme exposure to sun and dust. Therefore, to avoid all these problems your skin needs lots of care and attention to look cool in hot. Summer skin care includes consumption of fresh fruits, water, milk and many more that give you fresh healthy skin.

Summer Skin Care: How to Look Cool in Hot?

If you want to avoid impact of chemical available in the cosmetic skin care products, go for natural products and natural way to make your skin healthy in summer. Also pay attention to your cloths to get cool look. Wear full sleeved cloth of light color in which you feel relax and avoid wearing dark colors such as black and grey. Tightly darker fabrics are good sun blockers than light-hued fabrics. Wear clothing that especially prepared for sun protection. Skin glow also depends on what you eat so take healthy well balanced diet that contains lots of ingredients.

Sun exposure leads to many skin problems. Apply sun screen lotion and use the products that help to reduce the impact of sun exposure. Purchase the products that have waterproof formula and highest amount of SPF. If you are facing difficulty of burning skin in summer then take appropriate treatment for it. Use gentle facial cleanser to massage your skin and get fresh skin.

How to Look Cool in Hot?
  • Milk is very important for young girls and women as it fills your body with necessary nutrients, vitamins, proteins and enzymes. However, the fact is that most of girls don’t like to drink milk but if you want naturally healthy skin then you should drink. Combine some flavor with milk to make it delicious.
  • Add exfoliation in your summer skin care to get soft and clean skin. Exfoliating soaps and facial scrubs eliminate your dead cells as well as give you glowing and healthy skin.
  • Your skin needs daily cleansing by using natural or best quality of herbal cleanser in summer to prevent the dull and dead skin.
  • Sleep eight hours to stay away from various problems. Make your bedroom comfortable and pleasant. Sleep on cotton bed sheet to feel relax in summer season.
  • Live stress free life. For healthy and shinny skin, stay away from tension and stress as it damages your skin.
  • Ultra Violet rays of sun reduce moisture level of your body and skin therefore your skin becomes unattractive and dull. Drink at least 10 to 12 glass of water in a day. Water maintains moisture level of body as well as helps to wash out toxins from the body and makes skin clean.
  • Add green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in your daily diet. These are free radical fighting antioxidant and excellent source of essential nutrients that help to keep your skin fresh and healthy. Fruit juices give younger looks and increase glow of skin so take your favorite fruits juices to look cool in summer.
  • To decrease the temperature of sunburned skin, use cool compresses on it. Avoid exfoliate or use mask on sunburned skin.
  • When you go outside in summer, wear UV protective sunglasses broad-rimmed hats to get protection from suns rays.
  • Select spray tan, airbrushing, sunless self-manner to reduce the risk of age spots, skin cancer and wrinkles.
  • Before going into the sun, don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Apply it 20 minutes before you going outside as it will let your skin time to absorb it. Reapply it throughout the day as per your need. Always choose the product that gives protection from ultraviolet A and B.
  • To make lips safe and elastic, wear broad-spectrum sun-protective lip balm which has SPF of at least 15 as the lips are subject to skin cancer.
  • Crush 2 tbsp of papaya with 1 egg and one tsp of honey. Apply this pack on face for 15 minutes. Wash out face with clean water and get glowing skin.
  • Blend cucumber with 1 tbsp of yoghurt in the mixer. Apply this natural face pack on face for 15 minutes. It leaves your skin smooth and clean.
  • Use toner to close the pores. Purchase the branded toner that suits on your skin. Apply rose water as it has natural cooling properties that makes it best tonner in summer.


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