Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day Gifts that de-stress your Father

Father plays unique and important role in the life of children. For children, father is the guiding light and a role model. Father's love for children reflects at each step of his life. To show love, concern and care to them Fathers Day is the best day. Fathers Day is celebrated for honoring fatherhood. Modern life is full of stress and chronic stress can cause health problems such as chest pain, insomnia, muscle tension and headaches. So on this father’s day gift your dad something that makes him de-stress. Here are provided some of the gifts that will help your father to de-stress.

Fathers Day Gifts

Yoga Classes
You can buy the gift of yoga for your father. In yoga muscle relaxation, deep breathing, meditation and the different postures are practiced which help to alleviate tension and stress from the body. People who perform yoga daily their energy level increases as well as stress indicators like high heart rate and acute body pains decreases. Yoga decreases the cortisol (stress hormone) levels as well as promotes fitness & weight loss. So encourage you dad to try yoga even if he considers yoga is just about twisting the body into pretzel shapes. You and your father can sign up together for yoga.

Natural Sleep Aids
Stress leads to insomnia and sleep deprivation over the time. So you can gift him natural sleep aids such as dark curtains for his bedroom, comfortable sheets, a light box to use in the morning, a nature sound machine to play at night or one of the new sleep coaches on the market. These natural sleep aids will help him to get a proper sleep at night.

Stress-Relieving Massage
Gift your father a certificate for a massage. Massage helps the body to release mood enhancing chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin as well as decrease the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Massage also decreases blood pressure and heart rate. You can also gift him a massage chair or massaging cushion which he can add to his office chair. If your father has feet ache then you can gift him a foot massager which he can even stow under his desk.

A Garden
You can gift your father Garden Baskets. As per studies, gardening relaxes the mind and provides relief from daily stress. The stress level is decreased by viewing natural scenes and spending time in a natural, green environment. Gardening discards stress hormones and increase endorphins, a feel good hormones. You can help your father in gardening. You can also get him the seeds, plants, soil and tools which are needed for gardening. By doing gardening 150 calories can be burnt in 30 to 45 minutes.

Stress-Busting Exercises
Exercise is the best way to bust stress. Exercise helps to release feel-good endorphins, decrease anxiety and alleviate work-related tension. So buy several-month membership to a local gym as well as some new workout DVDs for your father. You can also gift him a punching bag to work out his daily tension. Punching bag will also improve the upper body strength.

Concert Tickets
Ticket of his favorite concert is a great gift that you can give to your father. Listening to pleasurable music helps to relieve stress by increasing serotonin, a "feel good" chemical. If your father’s favorite musical group is coming to your town then you can gift him a pair of tickets and if his favorite band isn't playing near then gift him iTunes gift card or a new CD.


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