Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Must Have Pregnancy Products: Buy with Caution

Pregnancy is a life changing, delicate and tender time in the life of women. During pregnancy huge physical and hormonal changes occurs in the body. The main concern for pregnant women is the health of their baby but taking care of themselves should also be a concern. There are many products available in the market for pregnant women, which create a relaxed atmosphere for pregnant mothers to feel totally comfortable and free of worries. Pregnancy Products also provide the quality of life required for the mother to carry on healthy pregnancy as well as give her piece of mind. Refer the article to know must have pregnancy products which should be purchased with caution.

Must Have Pregnancy Products:


Comfortable clothes

During pregnancy all the women gain weight so they have to change their wardrobe. They must have a good set of maternity clothes which provide comfort and make you feel good. Choose loose fitting clothes and avoid tight clothes. Loose fitting clothes let the skin to breathe. Pregnant women can also choose stretchy fabric clothes as they provide flexibility, comfortable to wear and stretch easily. Pregnant women should wear only 100% natural fabrics such as cottons, silks and linens. Avoid wearing very heavy dresses or dresses with long trains. Also buy new undergarments that are specially made for pregnant women. These undergarments provide needed support as well as maximum comfort.

Belly Band

Belly band are elastic bands which let the pregnant women to wear their pre-pregnancy pants a bit longer. Belly band keep the pants from falling down and covers up unbuttoned & unzipped pants. You can place them on any pair of pants. Belly band is worn around the top of the pants. They are available in many colors and sizes such as 0-4, 6-12, 14-18, & 18-24. They also help you to look and feel good. Make sure that size of belly band suits you the best. These bands are made up of stretchable materials so you should take further care when you tight them around the belly as incorrect fit may stimulate problems that affect the health of the baby.

Body Pillow

Throughout pregnancy getting a good night's sleep is very important as it keeps you relax and stress free mentally and physically. Body pillow helps the pregnant women to sleep on their sides as well as give support to stomach and back. Body pillow is a great method of alleviating extra weight and discomfort which is experienced during pregnancy. While sleeping on the side put the body pillow between your legs for the best support. If you are sleeping on back, then put the pillow under the lower back for support. During the early stages of pregnancy if you are sleeping on your stomach, then you can cradle the pillow around the stomach to get support.


During pregnancy the belly skin stretches so it gets itchy which causes stretch marks. So to prevent and treat stretch marks you must apply lotion which is organic and safe. Lotion helps to retain the moisture of the skin. Lotions may carry chemicals or substances which can cause an allergic reaction or discomfort for you or the baby. So, consult with your doctor before using any kind of lotion. As a natural home remedy for stretch marks, apply cocoa butter which is free of any chemicals.


During pregnancy, multi-vitamins are very important for the good health of mother and their baby. All vitamins are needed to deliver a happy and healthy baby so by consuming multi-vitamins women can make sure that her fetus is receiving all the nutrition. Multi-vitamins is not a substitute of balanced diet. Pregnant women must consume more Folic Acid as it prevents birth defects. Fruits that contain folic acid are oranges, apples, blueberries, grapefruits, bananas, pears, avocados, kiwi, persimmon and mangoes.


During pregnancy buy a pair of flip flops, loafers, mules, sneakers and clogs to wear which are easy to get on and off. Shoes must be sturdy and comfortable to protect & support the feet. Pregnant women should wear flat shoes and sandals with a good arch. While purchasing shoes for pregnancy, buy a bit bigger size sandals or shoes compared to normal shoes. Avoid purchasing high heels as you may get dis-balanced.


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