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Possible Side Effects After Stop Smoking

Every body knows that smoking is injurious for health as it causes cancer, respiratory disorders and digestive system problems. Smoking addiction is like other addictions, which is very difficult to quit. When a person tries to quit smoking, he faces Nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Many people try to quit smoking as it affects the health but they are afraid to quit because of quitting smoking side effects. Read on the article to know the possible side effects after you stop smoking.

Nicotine is very clever toxin which is found in cigarettes. Whenever you smoke, it gives you that pleasant sensation by joining to receptors on various kinds of cells in the body including the brain. It is very addictive substance so it is very hard to come off its addiction. As the nicotine supply to the body is cut withdrawal symptoms begin to appear. The most difficult period after you stop smoking is 1st week and within 8 to 12 weeks non-smoking lifestyle comfort starts to take hold. Quitting smoking side effects are stressful and unpleasant. After few days, the side effects will fade away and after 6 months they will be completely gone.

Recently scientists discovered why smokers gain weight when they quit. So the smokers will able to quit their habit without worrying about weight gain. Dr Marina Picciotto had done study on mice where she found how nicotine suppresses the appetite. When nicotine-related substances are given to the mice, they started to eat less. Nicotine triggers addiction by activating the surface of cells receptors. Nicotine also triggers an area in the brain which regulates appetite. Mice that don’t have those cells didn’t lose weight like normal mice when nicotine is given to them. The researchers could develop drugs that will help the people to quit smoking without weight gain.

Possible Quitting Smoking Side Effects

Mild depression
Depression is the most prevalent and well-known side effect after you stop smoking. Quitting smoking causes depression, particularly to the people who think smoking to be stress buster. It will goes away in few weeks in some cases. The smoker will find himself mourning the loss of the cigarettes. You should keep a card on hand which list all the reasons for quitting smoking to boost your self-esteem in these tough times.

In the early days anger is very prevalent side effect. The toughest time when the person quit smoking is the initial 72 hours. Person feels difficult to control his temper and often feels frustrated which leads to digestive disorders and chest pain. Watch a movie, get a massage or go out on a trip to avoid this problem.

Boredom and loneliness
The person also feels boredom and loneliness after stopping smoking. Smokers spend lots of time standing using tobacco, rolling or purchasing and arranging things for smoking. So they feel boredom after quitting smoking. Smokers also start to realize that they are losing their best friend who is always there for them when they want.

The person also experience insomnia as well as change in sleep patterns. Some people also experience frequent awakenings, nightmares and night sweats. The person feels insomnia as he had not slept whole night which causes fatigue and frustration. The person experiences insomnia as the brain goes in to overdrive to readjust the chemical changes caused by smoking.

Headache and lack of concentration
A person experiences headaches 2-5 minutes during the first few weeks. To get relief, you can take any usual pain reliever. The smokers also experience lack of concentration because when they consume nicotine, it releases fatty sugars in high amounts so the blood sugar levels go down when they stop smoking. Person must spend time alone with himself, read books and exercise daily to overcome these problems.

Weight Gain
When a person stops smoking, he will start to eat more which results in weight gain. Nicotine directly affects the serotonin and dopamine activity so the appetite of the person decreases. Smoking increases metabolism and when you quit smoking the metabolism decreases. To avoid weight gain after you stop the smoking, avoid excess food and consume lots of water, fresh vegetables & fruits.

Person also experience constipation after quitting smoking. Nicotine relaxes the gut and keeps it regular so when you stop smoking you experience constipation. To overcome this problem, consume fibre rich foods and drink plenty of water & fluids.

Cold and Flu
Cold and flu is among the common side effects when you quit smoking. The body is readjusting to life without smoking which decreases the immunity therefore cold and flu occurs. The person will experience mild flu like symptoms and cold sweats. To get rid of the problems, the person can consume readily available pills.

Other Possible Quitting Smoking Side Effects


  • Indigestion and bloatedness can also occur due to lack of cigarettes.
  • The person may have slower heart-beat compared to normal.
  • Tiredness and unusual pains are also very common.
  • The person may experience increased sinus discharge, coughing and wheezing.
  • Possible nicotine gum side effects are gum sensitivity and bleeding, changes in the taste of smell and taste.
  • As the person quit smoking, he experiences high blood pressure and increased pulse rate.

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Many people are highly addicted to smoking but they don't know about the side effects of the smoking which are very dangerous for health and life. Smoking effects are most dangerous for heart which may have a slower heart-beat compare to normal.

I smoked heavily for over ten years.
Party drink smoke etc etc.
I have quit for now 16 days... if I can quit, anyone can.
Don't expect a magic pill to make u quit. Its all about willpower.
If you truly want to quit, you can. You just have to focus.
And remember day one is the hadrdest.
And after day three all the nicotine is outta ur body as is the nocotense addiction. The rest is just the urge to smoke because your addicted to the behavior of smoking. You CAN do it, trust me.

I smoked for over 25years
now i realized its not good 2 my health
thanks to my friend ken in CANADA

i smoked nearly 20-22yrs........its 4th day i quited.......and never again i will smoke.......

Smoking is associated with very many and uncountable health hazards both during smoking time and after smoking. Its good that you highlighted part of what smokers should expect although personally, I would recommend smokers to quit before its too late. Thanks for sharing.

Smoking has many effects immediately after you quit, it makes you feel uneasy, dizziness, anger, depression and anxiety are some common causes being caused by quiting.

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