Monday, June 20, 2011

Think before Purchasing Dual Sim Mobile : Health Dangers

Mobile phone users keep updating their phone with latest model and recently, dual sim phone is in demand due to its functionality. Dual sim phone permits users to use two sim cards according to their requirement and gives other remarkable benefits. But remember every coin has two sides like wise dual sim also has some drawbacks which can not be ignored. Dual sim phone creates more radiation compared to single sim and cell phone radiation has positive link with brain tumors. These radiations have harmful impact on overall health. So if you are planning to purchase dual sim phone, then be careful and think twice before purchasing it.

Think before Purchasing Dual Sim Mobile

Radiation from mobile phones is electromagnetic radiation which assists radio frequency (RF) waves and ultimately let you make and receive calls. In the dual sim phones, intensity of radiation increases as couple of sim is available in device. Radiation found in dual sim phone is similar to colour TVs, microwave ovens and computers but radiation emitted from phone is specifically hazardous as it is close to the head which may cause adverse radiation effect. Customers have right to be aware about radiation strength of particular mobile phone.

Drawbacks of dual sim phone:
  • Bigger and more bulky look
  • Double radiation effect
  • Short battery life
  • Need to charge frequently if phone lacks dual batteries
  • There is need to switch to other card if the phone does not allow both sim cards at the same time
Tips to avoid radiation effect:
  • Do not talk on phone for many hours because too much talk on phone increases the risk of genetic disease, brain tumor and insomnia
  • Make a use of ear phone if it is necessary to talk on phone for hours
  • Avoid the purchase of non branded phone as more radiation risk is associated with it
  • Put your mobile to minimum 1 feet distance from you wherever you seat


Is radiation in dual sim phones are more than the single sim phone???

if i use a single sim in a dual sim phome, does the radiation level decrease...??

Is it ok everytime using of ear phone

Ya. That's the safest of everything.

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