Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beauty Tips : How to look Beautiful in Occasions?

Everyone wants to look beautiful and special at least on special occasion because it calls for particular measures. The way you look on some special occasions such as parties, weddings and reunions has an immense role to play on the way you feel. Healthy skin is important for beauty because if you are self-assured about your appearance, then you are probable to feel more confident about your ways too. Plenty of beauty treatments are available now in the market but these are very expensive as well as time consuming. By following some tips, you can look beautiful at any occasion without makeup and any over-the-top expenses. Generally, people divide beauty tips into two categories: natural tips to look beautiful and using of beauty products to look beautiful. If you want to look beautiful naturally on any occasion, then follow these tips that will make yourself look fresh and attractive, regardless of your age.

Beauty Tips : How to look Beautiful in Occasions?
Get Rid of Dark Elbows and Knees
Vigna mungo (Urad dal) works best on the blackness of elbows and knees, lessens stretch marks as well as it helps to get rid of tan and uneven patchiness of skin because of sun exposure. Soak a bowl of dal overnight, then grind it into a fine paste and mix it with papaya pulp. Then, rub this mixture on the black skin for about 8 to 10 minutes in a circular motion. For better results, you can also add some drops of lemon juice. Do not over-scrub as it may lead to rashes.

Raw Milk for Smooth Skin
If you have rough skin on your hands and legs, then make a paste by mixing raw milk, cucumber juice and sandalwood powder. Apply this paste daily two times a day; it will reduce the dryness of your skin and give you smooth and supple skin.

Use Honey for Soft and Pink Lips
Honey is a natural lip gloss and a very good way to restore suppleness and softness of your lips. Regular application of honey even ensures to maintain the pinkness of your lips. Simply mix two drops of lemon juice with honey and massage it daily night on your lips to get absorbed into your lips. Also apply Ghee on lips on every morning. In only few days, you will get soft, pinky and shiny lips.

Orange Peel for Acne
Orange peel works wonder for acne skin; it helps to reduce pimple, wrinkles as well as patchy skin. Dry the peels of orange and powder it. Make a simple paste by adding honey and cucumber juice and scrub it on your face for about five to seven minutes. After that, rinse your face with cold water. After a few weeks of trying it, you will get rid of acne and also get a clean and fair complexion.

Get Beautiful and Shiny Hair
When you soak mehndi for your hair, add tea water and amla powder in it. You can also add some lemon juice in it. Apply this mehndi on your hair and wash it after one hour; you will get beautiful shiny and silky hair.

For Clean and Soft Hands
Combine honey and few drops of lemon juice and massage it daily on your hands and feet to keep the skin soft. By applying this home remedy, your skin will become soft and supple. As well, honey will clean your skin and give you fair complexion.

To Prevent Sun Tanning
As the Ozone layer of the sun is depleting, the damaging UV rays are directly penetrating in our skin and can cause havoc on it. Consequently, people are facing skin problems such as tanning, black spots, premature aging, blotches and redness. To prevent the skin from tanning, drink more and more water. Also, avoid the use of mango, okra, peanuts and cashew nuts.

Other tips for looking beautiful:
  • Water is very important for good health which in turn leads to healthy skin so drink plenty of water everyday (at least 8 glasses a day).
  • Take a well-balanced diet, including lots of fruits and vegetables. Inappropriate eating habits can cause weight gain and an overall lethargy.
  • Maintain a proper weight as weight gain can cause stretching of your skin and when you get older, it will lose its elasticity and you will get sagging skin.
  • For at least 30 minutes a day, do physical activities. You can also do 30 minutes of vigorous exercises, 18 minutes of walking or 12 minutes of weight lifting.
  • Minimum eight hours of sleep is necessary for good looking. Avoid too much sitting in front of laptops, computers or television because it makes you feel tired and may affect your health.
  • Reduce the amount of salt, saturated fat and sugar in your diet.


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