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Foods that Increase Sugar Level in Body

Diabetes is a more prevalent disease worldwide yet most cases of the diabetes are preventable with eating right foods. One important key step to prevent diabetes and metabolic syndrome is to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Diabetes is a direct result of uncontrolled blood sugar, and glycemic index is a measure of how rapidly foods boost one's blood glucose levels. Nowadays, people become more aware about this approaching disaster so there is more concern regarding foods that affect it. Foods having a high glycemic index make a rapid rise in blood sugar concentration, while foods with a lower glycemic index have a slow effect on blood sugar levels. Your blood sugar level can be increased by consuming certain complex carbohydrate-rich foods as they are consisted of long chains of sugar molecules.

Foods that Increase Sugar Level in Body : Top Sweat Trigger
Though sugar, which comes both from starchy foods and sweet, is an essential nutrient that provides energy to the body cells to function, some foods increase sugar level in the bloodstream sooner than the removal of it from the cells, leading to unhealthful and high levels of blood sugar. For a healthy body, it is important to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Weakness, hunger, fatigue and lack of focus are the symptoms of low blood sugar level while blurry vision, fatigue and thirst are the symptoms of high blood sugar level. Additionally, unbalanced blood sugar levels can cause or aggravate diabetes symptom. The foods consumed by you can affect blood sugar and many of them can elevate your blood sugar to unhealthy levels.

Foods that Trigger High Blood Sugar

Potatoes are starchy vegetables which typically have a high glycemic index, ranging from 41 to 111 as per the University of Sydney glycemic index database. When potatoes are digested, they release high amounts of sugar due to its higher concentrations of starch. So, eating potatoes may trigger a boost in your blood sugar level. The effect of potatoes on blood sugar level may be influenced by the variety of potatoes selected, the way you have chosen to prepare them and other foods you consume in the same meal. Boiled red potatoes and instant mashed potatoes have a glycemic index of 88 to 89. You can reduce the glycemic index up to 56 by refrigerating them and eating them cold.

Like other foods, bread is also considered to raise the blood sugar level as it contains high quantities of starch. Fluffy and dense breads tend to have more simple carbohydrates that lead to a sharp raise in blood glucose levels. Compared to white bread, whole-grain breads have fewer tendencies to raise your blood sugar level as they have a lower glycemic index. Consumption of protein or fat with bread may dampen the blood sugar effect by slowing digestion process.

Rice grains are of many types and different types of rice have characteristic combinations of various forms of starch. From all the rice groups, white rice is the highest glycemic index food. The glycemic index of rice varies depending on the processing of the grain, how long you cook it, and the starch type contained in the specific variety of rice. Overcooking of any type of rice potentially leads to more significant raise in blood sugar level as it breaks down the starch. Rice varieties with a high glycemic index include sticky, japonica and jasmine rice.

Sugar and Syrups
Sugar and syrups have direct effect on blood sugar. Sugars like raw sugar, brown sugar, table sugar, syrups, and honey increase blood sugar instantly and have the maximum effect on blood sugar. Other foods that have direct effect on blood sugar include soda and flavored syrups.

Foods Low In Fiber
To maintain steady blood sugar level, fibers have an important role. In body, fiber helps to absorb sugar and this may help to regulate your blood sugar. Low fiber foods enter into bloodstream more rapidly and increase your blood sugar level at a fast rate. Grains prepared from white flours like white spaghetti, cookies, white bread, corn flakes, pies, and chips are the foods low in fiber.

Sugary Foods
Some type of candies for example candy bars or jellybeans are very high glycemic index food. Eating such varieties of candies is almost similar to eating pure sugar or glucose. Sugary foods also include doughnuts, pies, cookies, and cakes. To avoid blood sugar spikes, limit your intake of these foods.

Ready-to-Eat Cereals
Some brands of ready-to-eat cereals may trigger blood sugar level to high due to its high glycemic index. Extruded cereals and corn flakes have rapid rise in blood sugar. Rice Krispies is an example of extruded cereals in which the grains are mashed up to make a paste that is then further shaped into cereal form. Regarding the glycemic index rating, most cereals do not contain information on the package. To verify the rating for your favorite cereal, check out one of the online glycemic index databases.

Fruit Juices
Though fruit juices have more nutrients, they have high glycemic index values compared to sugary foods. Particularly, cranberry juice cocktail has a high glycemic. The list also include bananas, pineapple, raisins, dates, and any canned fruits or fruit spreads as causative to high blood sugar.


good info. Potatoes, Bread and Rice are main part to rise BP

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