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Natural Remedies to Cure Sunburn

The sun can be very enjoyable but excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays leads to the serious skin condition, called sunburn. Symptoms like pain, skin tightness, a burning sensation, peeling, flaking skin, blisters, dryness and itchiness may be experienced during sunburn. Soaps with antibacterial agents and some birth control medications make the skin more prone to getting sunburn. Any neglecting on such a serious condition can easily cause skin cancer or permanent disability and even death. It is essential to get right treatment to avoid this critical condition. It is not suggested to apply oily lotions or any cream on the sunburn area because this will harm your skin more. Using several natural remedies made of herbs and other natural products is safe as well as effective in treating the skin problem quickly. To cure sunburn, here we represent some useful remedies which are highly effective, easily available and not too expensive.

Remedies that can apply directly to the affected area

Lettuce or cabbage leaves:
Leaves of lettuce or cabbage are very beneficial as natural treatments to cure sunburn. Take some leaves of lettuce or cabbage and freeze them or you can dip them in cold water. Let the leaves be very cold and then apply them directly on the sunburn skin. You will feel a great relief in a short time.

An anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Aloevera eliminates irritation and inflammation of the skin that are results of the sunburn. Using fresh Gel from the plant is better than other cosmetic products or cream that claim to have it but not in actual. Let the gel become dry out properly before washing off and try to repeat procedure two times daily for effective relief or you can freeze Aloevera juice in an ice-cube tray for its convenient use.

Cucumber juice:
Mix Cucumber juice with milk and apply to the skin areas that are affected from the condition. It softens the skin so that skin irritation may find quick relief in this remedy. This reduces skin redness and inflammation of sunburns and acts as nourishment for the general health of the skin.

Potato Juice:
Potato has vital minerals and compounds which help in speeding up the healing process of damaged skin cells and promoting good skin health. To make solution, grate potatoes and add enough water. The potatoes must be raw to provide effective results. This solution should be applied to exposed parts of the body that are affected by sunburn.

Honey is helpful healer for variety of problems including sunburn pain. Multiple studies have shown that Honey is antibacterial and it can help to heal wounds. So applying honey to affected area of sunburn could grow new epithelial skin cells. Use particularly Manuka honey as it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Onion juice:
Raw onion juice has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which makes healing process much quicker. Directly apply this mixture to the skin areas or you may take its small pieces in meals or salads as a part of diet for treating skin conditions.

Tomato juice:
When Tomato juice is mixed in buttermilk then this combination offers fast relief and promotes general health of the skin. The mixture should be applied to the skin for half an hour before washing off with cold water. It can be repeated twice daily to offer quick and positive results from this skin-damaging condition. It is a more painful way of treating the burn, but is highly effective.

Remedies used while bathing

Sandalwood oil:
Whenever the skin feels itchy and irritated add a few sandalwood oil drops to cold water and then take a long bath using that water as it offers fast relief. Sandalwood oil has soothing effects which help in cooling the skin and relieving irritation, pain and itchiness.

Lavender oil:
Soothing and healing properties of lavender oil speeds up the healing process. Add several drops of the essential oil in warm bath water and take a bath that may help ease the pain of sunburn. The bath should be extended so that the body gets refreshment to easily get rid of the skin irritation and skin rashes.

Chamomile is one of the widely used and the most trusted remedies for respiratory conditions. It is mostly used in oil form while dealing with sunburns. Add few drops in bath water along with lavender oil before taking bath. This can be done repeatedly until the symptoms of sunburn have been completely disappeared.

Remedies used by soaking cloth or cotton buds

Vinegar has essential minerals that are very effective in treating sunburn. Mix a few drops of vinegar to water and stir well. Then dip a clean piece of cloth or cotton buds in this mixture and apply this mixture onto the affected areas. As the vinegar can be harmful, keep it away from eye contact. Vinegar contains acetic acid that is the main element of aspirin - the medicine generally prescribed for inflammations caused by sunburn.

Milk contains essential minerals which are effective within a short period of time. Mix water and milk in the same proportions and use a soft clean piece of cloth or cotton buds to apply the mixture onto the sunburn. Let the mixture dry then wash off with cold water and repeat it twice daily.

Baking soda:
Baking soda creates an alkalized environment that is soothing to the skin. Also it has antiseptic properties that can help with the itch and work as an exfoliant. Mix baking soda and water then apply the solution to the affected area using cotton balls. Or put in half cup of baking soda to a lukewarm bath and soak. Also, you can apply baking soda with vinegar and leave this treatment overnight for curing sunburn quickly.

Vitamin E and Vitamin C:
Both vitamins are antioxidants that can be taken regularly as part of a daily vitamin and mineral supplements or spread as a balm on sunburn. They prevent severe damage from sunburn and also shorten its effects.

Make face pack using turmeric, yogurt, and honey and apply for 15-20 minutes on affected area of sunburn. You can also use sandalwood powder, almond oil, and coconut oil for making face pack of the skin affected by suntan.
  • Ice provides immediate relief but just on temporary base.
  • Use of almond milk is common and helps in soothing to children's skin quickly.
  • To minimize the painful itching, sprinkle your sheet with corn starch powder.
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