Friday, August 19, 2011

Benefits of recycling Christmas Tree

Everybody likes to decorate Christmas tree for Christmas. People who create a real tree must think about its usefulness after the season ends. After Christmas, millions of real Christmas trees are thrown out on the streets where it will only finish up in a landfill. Instead of throwing Christmas trees on the streets or garbage, try to recycle it. These Christmas Trees are eco-friendly which means they can be reused or recycled for various environmentally useful projects. There are many benefits of recycling Christmas tree from being converted into mulch for planting to becoming a habitat for wildlife. Here are provided the benefits of recycling a Christmas tree.

You must use real Christmas Trees as it very helpful for the environment. While Christmas trees are growing, they absorb carbon dioxide and other gases as well as give out fresh oxygen. Like other crops, Christmas trees are also grown in farms. The farms in which these trees are grown protect water supplies, stabilize soil and give shelter for wildlife as well as create scenic green belts. Compared to a plastic Christmas Trees, Real tree is 5 times more environmentally compatible.

There are many nonprofit organizations that provide Christmas trees pickup services. You can take your real Christmas trees there for recycling. These organizations will charge a little amount or ask for a donation. They provide pickup services on the weekend after Christmas. Recycling programs are also provided by many communities throughout U.S. To find tree recycling programs in your area, check with your local government or waste management authority. At, you can get a list of recycling organizations next to you. Before giving Christmas trees for recycling, remove all decorations like lights, garlands, hooks, stands, tinsel, icicles, ornaments, wire and nails. You can donate artificial Christmas tree to a local charitable organization.

Benefits of Recycling Christmas Tree:

  • Recycling Christmas tree saves the valuable landfill space.
  • Christmas trees can be put on a sand dune to protect the beach.
  • Trunk and branches of Christmas trees are chipped and used as mulch in parks and gardens.
  • Mulch helps to prevent weeds, retain soil moisture as well as protect roots.
  • After decomposing, mulch also provides nutrients which are needed by growing plants.
  • Live Christmas trees are used as a sand and soil erosion barriers on beaches, streambeds, river beds and lakes.
  • They can be sunk into fish ponds and lakes to provide hiding and feeding area for fish and other aquatic creatures.
  • Christmas trees which go into landfill make biomass that gives nutrients for depleted soil.
  • Before recycling, you can use Christmas tree as bird feeder and placing it in the backyard provides shelter for birds and other wildlife. To attract the birds, use slices of orange, suet, and seeds.
Video of Recycling Your Christmas Tree from youtube:


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