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Easy Anti Stress Exercises

Almost every people have experienced little stress at some stage of their life. Stress comes from many external influences such as relationships, job, or physical environment. In an attempt to cope the condition, such kinds of external influences lead to a stress as a response to our mind. Excessive stress is a silent killer of the body; if it is not treated well, then it can be responsible for number of health problems such as depression, decreased immune system response, etc. Anti stress exercise is the best way to reduce the impact of stress in the life. There are a number of exercises which have been shown to reduce the stress but the best anti-stress technique is the one that relieves stress by attacking in several ways.
Easy Anti Stress Exercises
Effective stress management methods should be a part of everybody's armory for managing with the daily stresses of life. Daily exercising is very effective to cope stress and to improve mental as well as physical health. Anti-stress exercises are of two types: physical and metaphysical. Physical exercises include the actual exercise techniques while metaphysical exercises involve breathing, meditation and other relaxation techniques. While practicing physical exercise, body releases some chemical substances, called endorphins, which help you to feel good. Careful breathing and gentle stretching exercises help to decrease the stress effects on the body.

Physical Exercises

It is best to schedule physical activity every week - preferably 4 or 5 times in a week - when you are able to participate in an activity. Any kind of physical exercise can help to reduce stress as it triggers the release of endorphins.
  • Walking: Anyone can perform this one. Walking is the best anti stress exercise as reversed stress response in the most effectual way. You can take a walk in the morning previous to your shower, on your lunch break or in evening with little kids in a stroller. To walk along a nature trail is more relaxing than to walk in a busy street. Natural environment activate relaxation responses in the brain. You can also obtain this calming effect by mentally assuming that you are surrounded by trees, mountains or watching the waves roll in at the beach. If you have not enough time for a walk, then you can practice a rapid burst of exercises such as push ups, stairs, etc.
  • Swimming: Swimming is the best exercise to get in shape and feel great. It combines the benefits of exercise and the soothing properties of water. It naturally improves the mood of people and keeps the diseases such as anxiety and depression at bay.
  • Aerobics: Aerobic activities improve the pumping of heart and thus they help to increase the endorphins flowing and thereby relieve stress. Previous to starting any exercise program, you should consult your doctor to know that it is safe for you or not.
  • Yoga: Nowadays, many people are attracted toward yoga exercises as they involve the mind, body and also spirit. Such exercises are great for physical health because they improve flexibility and strength of the body. By including breathing techniques with yoga poses, you can aid in relaxation. Additionally, yoga has been proven to get relief from digestive problems such as constipation, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhoea and flatulence.

Breathing Exercises

Exercises involving the regulation of breathing are the great way to calm mind and body as they help to reduce the stress levels to great extent. To perform such exercises, you don’t require any special equipment or special place; just fresh air is required. Whether you have a stressful situation or not, perform deep breathing exercises as it will turn into an anti-stress habit throughout your whole life.

To practice deep breathing, simply blank your mind and try to concentrate on your breathing, with the aim to breathe as slowly, deeply and gradually as possible. As well, feel expansion of your abdomen and contract with every breath while experiencing the movement of air in and out of your nose. Whenever you memorize, carry out deep breathing continually throughout the day.


Meditation is an effective anti stress relief technique but you need to perform it regularly. Practicing only 5 minutes meditation each day would help to calm your mind easily when you have a stress situation or when you are under pressure. Meditation is very simple; just find a comfortable environment and meditate in a proper situation that you feel most natural.

In a comfortable position, focus on your breathing and concentrate on one thing - to clear your mind from thoughts. You can continue this process as long as you can, to calm your mind effectively. Gently focus on your point of concentration when you find that your mind is drifting, and start breathing deeply over time. You can perform meditation as often as required for stress relief.


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