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Exercises To Get Rid of Beer Belly

Beer Belly is among the most common problem that affects most of men. However women are also affected by this problem. Compared to women, men are more affected by beer belly as men's bodies have a tendency to deposit more fat in the belly while women's bodies spread fat around to the arms, hips, waist and chest. Beer belly is very easy to put on but very difficult to take off. Beer belly gives you bumpy look as well as hangs above the edge of pants. self-esteem of the person is also affected by it. Generally, beer belly is made up of visceral fat, a kind of fat. It is caused by consuming too much calories and leading a sedentary lifestyle. To get rid of beer belly, exercises are the best way. To know some of the exercises to get rid of beer belly refer the article.

Beer Belly increases the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and many more. Many people try to get rid of beer belly by doing abdominal exercises which is very common mistake. Abdominal exercises are not best for losing a beer belly as they make your abs muscles stronger but don’t burn off the abdominal fat. However abdominal exercises help you to tone your stomach. To get rid of beer belly, you need to burn off the overall body fat. So, aerobic activities and full body weight training sessions are best for getting rid of beer belly. Just 3 sessions of 45 mins every week will help to lose beer belly. Along with exercise you should take a healthy diet.

Beer Belly Exercises

Running is a superb and easiest aerobic exercise to combat a beer belly. You just need a pair of good running shoes. You can do it at anyplace and get a feel of fresh air. Running helps you to burn around 300 calories in just 30 minutes. You can also do crunches along with running to burn belly fat. Perform both exercise 15 mins. Running also makes your heart stronger and builds your physical stamina.

Dumbbell Lunge

To perform dumbbell lunge, stand straight with a dumbbells in your hands. Then step ahead, bend the front knee and lower your hips to the floor. Don’t let the back leg to touch the ground. Come back to the starting position by moving back with the front leg. Repeat the movement for 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions by alternating the legs. You have to inhale as you go down and exhale while you come up.

You can do 12 to 20 repetitions of bicycles in 2 sets. Just lie down on the floor keeping your knees and feet up. Put your hands behind the head and lightly support it with fingers. Then, pedal your feet and at the same time bend your torso as well as get your elbow near the opposite knee.

You can also do bicycling on stationary bikes in a gym or road/mountain bikes outdoors. You can burn 250- 500 calories in 30 minutes as per your speed. If you paddle harder, then you will burn more calories. A slow social bike ride can help you to burn 436 calories per hour.

Take Up a Sport
Sports are one of the best ways to burn beer belly fat. You can try sports such as swimming, squash, tennis, golf or table tennis. These sports are fat burning sports which will show results even if you practice only 30 minutes a day. You will start noticing the difference in just 15 days. If you do swimming for 1 hour then you can burn more than 500 calories, golf can help you to burn 662 calories per hour while by performing squash for 1 hour you can burn about 600 to 1000 calories.

Dumbbell Bicep Curl

To do dumbbell bicep curl, stand straight with a dumbbell in both hands at thigh level. Keep your feet hip distance apart, belly pushed in, palms facing the front and looking straight forward. Exhale and slowly lift both dumbbells up in the direction of shoulders. Don’t bend wrists and lift up your elbows. Then inhale and move them back to the starting position. Repeat for 2 to 3 sets of 15 times.

Alternating Dumbbell Row

To perform alternating dumbbell row, stand with a pair of dumbbells in each hand and keep your feet shoulder-width apart and knees a little bent. Then, keep the lower back arched and bend at your hips. Lower the torso till it is parallel to the floor and let the dumbbells hang at length of arm from shoulders. Pull the right hand dumbbell to the side of torso by lifting your upper arm, twisting the elbow and pressing the shoulder blade in the direction of your spine. While you lower the dumbbell, row it in your left hand to the side of your torso. Repeat 6 - 8 repetitions and continue to alternate sides.

Video of Dumbbell Lunge from youtube:


after running i start my aerobic step exercise and getting results now i am thinking to add more exercise to get more results and after reading your article, i think dumbbell lung exercise is good for me, what you suggest

I suggest you to do exercise with Neoprene Dumbbells 10 lb and after sometime you will the result.

get rid of belly fat is possible with routine changes. diet plans and hard exercies are not enough

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