Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Effective Kitchen Tips for Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder, in which the use of glucose by the body is completely or partially prevented. Nowadays, this is the common disease found in most of the people in India as well as in USA due to many reasons. To prevent the diabetes or to control it, one should consume nutritional foods in right quantity and in right manner. If it is uncontrolled, then it causes damage to the nerves and the vital organs of the body. The Sugar level can be managed through regular exercise, a well-balanced diet, and weight control. To maintain the sugar level in the body there are some effective Kitchen Tips like vegetables, fish, whole grain, protein, and fruits.
Effective Kitchen Tips for Diabetes
Diabetic patients may get relief if they follow any of the following kitchen tips continuously:


“Hunger” is a common feature find out in diabetic patients. It is beneficial to take less food than actual hunger for them. If they can not satisfy their hunger by food then they should consume cucumber in their daily meal. It will help to satisfy the starvation.


A diabetic person feels thirsty most of the time. To get relief from it the best option available is lemon. Mix lemon with water and drink it as it gives release from thirst.

Black plum

Black plum is an efficacious for diabetic patients than any other fruits or vegetables. It will give desire results if one consumes its powder or juice regularly .The regular use of Black plum converts starch into sugar and maintain the sugar level in urine.

Carrot and spinach

Diabetic patients should consume the juice of carrot and spinach. It also helps to remove eye weakness.


To reduce the sugar level in blood, diabetic patient should consume more spinach, white gourd or pumpkin, tritos cucunerinnas, papaya fruit, etc. It is also beneficial to use beet daily.

Bitter Gourd or Bitter melon

Bitter melon contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, and Iron and essential minerals. It controls many complications by taking it regularly. The bitter composites of bitter melon could lower blood sugar level, improve insulin sensitivity, and recover glucose metabolism naturally. From the ancient time and as per research it is considered as an effective for diabetes people as it helps to control buildup of glucose.

Fenugreek seed or grain

Use these seeds before breakfast in the morning or consume its powder daily, it will give benefit. Fenugreek seed is the best for diabetes treatment. It is also available in the market after doing process on it.

Wheat or Juvar

Wheat or Juvar is a healthy and useful grain which contains a large amount of fiber. A Juice of Wheat leaves are beneficial for the diabetic person. It helps to get rid from green blood. Drinking a half cup of Juvar juice two times in a day is effectual.


To control the diabetes, there are number of juices which can maintain the sugar levels like Neem juice, juice of banana leaves, and Amla juice.


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