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Tips to live a Long Life

Life is become more beautiful for the people who know the various ways to enjoy the life. Although our life is short and temporary; we can maximize the span of our life by relishing each moment of life and living healthy. No smoking, daily exercise, weight control and smart healthy diet can help you to live a Long Life. According to researchers, these simple tricks decrease the risk of death. By these tricks, actually how much average years have been added in life is counted first time by researchers. This effect is shown more in women and they can add more 15 years in their life. According to 15 years study, men can add more 8.5 years in their life.

Tips to live a Long Life
According to report of ‘Daily Express’, the lifestyle choices and mortality rate of 12,000 men and women between ages 55 and 69 was observed in a large study. Participants were evaluated on the basis of their diet and lifestyle. Their weights were calculated in high proportion, and people between age of 18.5 and 25 seem to be normal and healthy. According to study, people who have appropriate weight, good diet plan, daily exercise schedule and who never smoke were seen healthier despite of growing age.

Tips to live a Long Life

Daily Exercise

Physical activity and regular exercise is an essential requirement to live healthy and long life. Exercise helps to maintain joint resilience, flexibility and balance. It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, keeps weight in check and protects against lifestyle diseases to increase life longevity. It also keeps the cardiovascular system healthy and the mind alert. Exercise also relieves stress, reduces appetite, and keeps us happy. Regular fitness activities maintain our spirits high because they cause the endorphins release in our body. Walking and yoga are particularly good for improving your life quality. The simplest way is walking.  According to studies, speedy walk for an hour daily is enough for losing and maintaining weight to increase chances of longer life.

Eating Habits

A smart healthy diet must be work like magic for long life and good health. Foods rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins increase nutritional levels and decrease chances of illness. Healthy diet maintains the heart healthy, reserves energy for our daily needs, maintains the brain alert and keeps us strong and good looking. Consume vegetables, fruits and untreated carbohydrates, for example rice mostly in your diet. Consume mostly fish or lentils for protein. According to long term study, daily drinking of a glass of beer, wine or any other type of alcohol can considerably decrease the risk of heart attack and coronary disease. Drink a plenty of water daily to flush out toxins from body.


Smile increases not only our attractiveness but it also improves our health by decreasing stress. Smiling is contagious which makes you friendlier. There is a huge impact of being happy on our life span. According to one study, happy people can live minimum a decade longer than sad one. So find happiness in all things you do and enjoy the small pleasures of life. Wonders can be done for our immune system by a simple smile, so when we smile more, the advantages are innumerable:
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces stress
  • Enhances mood
  • Stimulates release of serotonin to offset depression
  • Enhances release of endorphins, ‘feel good’ hormones
Weight Control

It is no surprise that obesity can be harmful to our health. According to research of scientists at Oxford University, people who are overweight at age of 40 died approximately seven years earlier. You can loose and control the weight by regular walking, exercise and daily healthy diet.

No Smoking

Avoid smoking as much as you can to live a Long Life. Smoking is the number one basis of quick fall due to cardiovascular accident, as said by US Health Association. Paroxysmal chronic smokers will be badly affected by stroke three times more than non smokers. Lots of people die in America every year due to smoking related diseases. Every excess smoker must have to be attentive of the risk that smoking will make in their life days by day.


Sleep of 7 to 9 hours every night is essential to maintain the heart healthy. Inadequate sleep, less than 6/7 hours, increases the risk of stroke and heart disease. Levels of certain chemicals such as serotonin are being impacted in the brain due to lack of sleep. Risk of depression can be increased due to deficiency of serotonin. Follow a stable sleeping routine to take care of yourself more easily and to live a long healthy life.
Sleep well to:
  • Strengthen memory
  • Ward off depression
  • Keep brain alert
  • Be happy
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve performance
  • Live long
Avoid Stressful Life

Stress reduction is very important for living a long healthy life. Sometimes we feel as the burden of the entire world is on our shoulders.

Some tricks for stress reduction:
  • Be happy as much as you can
  • Value your relationships
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Try different relaxation techniques like pranayam, yoga etc.
  • Take deep breaths during most stressful moments
  • Try not to be afraid

Simply calm down and devote 20 min of each day to relax, rather than getting flooded by daily pressures. 20 minutes exercises of deep breathing bring calm, lower blood pressure and help to maintain a helpful outlook throughout the day.


Isolation and loneliness is harmful for our health because we are social beings. Spend time with friends and family as much as you can, it will boost the immune system. Insecure relationships also increase stress which always prone to poor health.

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