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What is right way to Eat Fruits?

Among all the natural foods available to us, Fruits are the most scrumptious, delightful and enchanting. Aren’t they??? Every people are god-gifted with a natural instinct for sweet, in natural savor of fruits. In addition to providing flavor satiety to our tongue, fruit also provides our body with a great density of nutritional value. It is very true that consumption of 5 servings of fruit a day is valuable to maintain sugar balance, to lose weight, to detoxify our body, to supply body with a great deal of energy and so on. But, do you know that it is all about right way and timing? Yes, you can get the utmost benefits from your fruit consumption, if you take them in a right way. Do you want to know the Right Ways to Eat Fruit? This article includes some tips to guide you on how to eat fruit in the right way and get the utmost benefits out it.

What is right way to Eat Fruits?

The Right Ways to Eat Fruits

An excellent time for the consumption of fruits is the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach after a glass of water. By this way, you will get 100% benefits from them. Our digestive system goes on the rest throughout the night, so consuming fruit in the morning is an excellent and gentle way to restart it.
Eating the fruit before noon is a great idea because it aids to raise the blood sugar in an unhurried and sluggish manner.

You can eat the fruit on an empty stomach at any time of the day. Eating fruit on empty stomach is very beneficial because our body can absorb most of the nutrients when the stomach is empty.

Consume the fruit before your meal for the best nutritional results. But after consumption of fruit, leave a time gap of 30 minutes before you take your meal or any other food. Consumption of fruit prior to meal means firstly the nutrients from fruit will be absorbed by your body and then those from other foods which may not be as nutritious and nourishing as the fruits. Moreover, consuming the fruits prior to meals will decrease your hunger and hence you will eat less during main meal which is good for those who want to lose weight.

Consuming the fruits as dessert after a meal is not a good idea because the nutrients may not be absorbed properly. If you have already taken a meal, then leave a time gap of about 3 hours before you consume fruit, to ensure that all of the prior meal has been digested ahead of the fruit goes in.

As avocados and bananas are heavy fruit, you should not take them first thing in the morning. Prefer the consumption of these fruits as a mid day or an afternoon meal because our digestive system will be more primed for them at that time.

If possible, try to go for only organic fruits as it is a healthier option.

Do not prefer the processed, frozen and canned fruits because they are usually loaded with large amounts of sugar, preservatives and other detrimental chemical additives.

Avoid consuming the fruits along with other foods, as much as possible. If you are not suffering from the digestive problems like indigestion or acidity, you can take the fruit by mixing with yogurt or salt. Moreover, you can mix the fruits like pomegranate, melons, oranges or pineapple with salads. The berries and dry fruits can be consumed by mixing with cereals.

How Long Will Your Fruit Last?

In addition to knowing the right ways to eat fruit, it is also necessary to know that approximately how long your fresh fruits will last. The recommendation of time how long your stuff will last is called as Shelf-life. So, go through the shelf-life of common fruits provided below, and use the fruits by bearing their shelf-life in mind to get the most benefits.

1-2 Days2-4 Days4-6 Days7+ Days




The majority of other ripe fruits bear a shelf life of up to 3 days, if stored in the refrigerator.


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