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How to Improve Depression and Anxiety Naturally?

Number of people suffering from depression and anxiety is increasing day by day. The main reason for this ever increasing number is obviously the stress filled life. The normal reaction to stress is generally termed as anxiety and when this anxiety level becomes excessive in a person, he/she is considered as a sufferer of the anxiety disorder. Moreover, people who suffer from anxiety disorder also feel depressive. Some of the main symptoms of anxiety and depression are insomnia, constant fear & worry, constant feeling of sadness, feeling tired, disinterest in favorite activities, and physical symptoms include sweating, rapid heartbeat and difficulty in breathing.

As everyone knows, one of the most common illnesses prevailing among people is of anxiety and depression. However, if not treated on time, these disorders can become very dangerous and they can even cost you your life. There are numerous ways to treat these deadly disorders naturally by simply making some slight changes in your lifestyle and attitude. Really, these natural ways are more safe and effective rather than gulping those medicines. So, follow the simple points given below and say goodbye to anxiety and depression.

How to Improve Depression and Anxiety Naturally?
1, Don’t live your life only for others

Often people get trapped in heaps of responsibilities and commitments. They spend each and every minute of their life to keep their family & friends happy. As a result, gradually the stress factor enters the life. To overcome such situation, you must take out some quality time for yourself. Do all your favorite activities that make you happy. After all, it’s your life and you deserve to be happy too. Put yourself first and stop worrying about everything else. So, free yourself from numerous traps and enjoy your life to the fullest.

2, Never compare yourself to others

Each and every one in this world is born with some unique qualities. So, never compare yourself with others. Always be happy with what you are. There are two types of comparison, one is good and other is bad. The healthy comparison can motivate and encourage you to perform better than others. However, if the comparison makes you feel jealous and less worthy than others, then you must avoid such comparison by considering it as a bad habit. The best way to overcome such bad comparison is the building up of self confidence. Just believe that you are the best person in this whole world.

3, Don’t spend too much time on Facebook

Spending too much time on social networking sites like Facebook can actually lead you in the state of depression. Because of these social networking sites, people spend more virtual time with friends rather than going out and having fun. Moreover, you come across everyone’s happy and joyful status updates along with their cheerful pics on your wall. This can make you feel sad or jealous that will force you to think, why only your life is so miserable and unhappy. Ultimately, such sad feelings can bring you in a depressed state. However, Facebook can be a great stress reliever if you use it in a right way. So, just limit the time you spend on Facebook to prevent becoming a sufferer of “Facebook Depression”.

4, Keep a private diary

One of the most effective ways to overcome stress and depression is self-talk. Moreover, keeping a private diary is the best means to indulge in self-talking. Write down all your thoughts, experiences, feelings and dreams in a diary or journal that is completely private and personal. However, don’t write only about negative things that are happening in your life. Try to focus more on positive aspects. You will soon notice that you feel relaxed and calmer after putting your thoughts on a paper. Take out at least ten minutes from your busy routine and develop the writing habit. This habit can free you from depression and change your life dramatically.

5, Talk to People

Depression and anxiety sufferers have greater tendency to get detached from society and people. Loneliness and isolation are the main causes of developing depression in a person. Thus, try to avoid such situations and talk to people and socialize with them as much as possible. Talking and having friendly conversations with surrounding people will definitely make you feel better and happy. However, stay away from certain people who can bring you down and worsen your condition even more. Hence, get rid of depression by adopting this simple and natural way.

6, Pick a Goal

Setting up of any realistic goals can help you in conquering depression or anxiety. Picking of any type of goal will truly inspire you to achieve those goals. You will remain very much excited and energized. Moreover, every time you achieve any goal, your self confidence will be increased. Don’t set higher goals that are difficult to achieve. This can make you even more depressed and sad for being failed to reach the goal. Therefore, start with some easy goals that can be easily achieved such as going for a 5 min walk. Once you start attaining such small goals, you will desire for more. Plus, you will get more confidence to achieve higher goals.

7, Intake of essential Vitamins

Fish oil and B Vitamins are found to be very helpful in reducing few symptoms of depression. Omega-3 Fatty Acids works wonder in overcoming depression. Fishes like salmon and sardines are rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids can lift your mood significantly. It helps in improving brain function, hormonal balance, neurological disorders and depression. Lack of B-Vitamins, mainly Vitamin B1, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12 can lead to signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is always better to cure depression naturally instead of taking drugs with hazardous chemicals.

8, Take out some quality time for you

Each and every person must take out some time for themselves. Spend the free time in any of your favorite activities like meditation, yoga, prayer, exercise, reading a book, etc. during which you can feel good and relaxed. You can also find solace in spiritual places. Forget all your difficulties that let you down in those few minutes. Even if you spend free time of just fifteen minutes a day, it can really transform your disturbed state of mind into a calm one. Don’t ruin your precious life because of ugly disease of depression and anxiety. Just keep aside few free minutes for your body, soul and mind.


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This is a great read for people who have been looking answers on how to combat depression. Also, a positive outlook and deep faith in our Creator helps a lot.

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