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How to Stay cool in Summer?

A year devoid of summer resembles a life devoid of love. Summer is a dreadful still it is really a pleasant season. It can present you with a pleasurable and enjoyable experience, but only when you Stay Cool. The summer heat can be dreadful for you if you could not stay cooler. Not all the people or families can afford air conditioner, and thereby staying cooler in hot summer days can be a major concern for them. If you are one of them, just do not get bothered as you can keep yourself cooler in hot summer days even without an air conditioner. Read on the article… follow the tips provided in it and feel the difference.

How to Stay cool in Summer?

1) Cool Your House
Cooling your house is an excellent way to cool yourself.
1, Close All Windows and Doors throughout the Day
It is very important to prepare your home against the heat. So, you should close all windows, blinds, exterior doors and curtains. It is OK that the sun hits your house in the morning but they should not be opened throughout the hottest part of the day.
2, Open The Windows And Doors At Evening
For allowing the cooler evening/night air to circulate through the rooms and to create a cross-breeze, it is necessary to open the windows and doors at evening. You should leave all the interior doors open to allow the cooler evening/night air to blow throughout the home. If you leave the interior doors closed, they stock up the daytime heat and your house will not cool down as much you need.
3, Keep The Air Flowing To Cool Down Your House
Turn on the ceiling fan, an attic fan, a box fan or an upstairs window fan for draining off the heat accumulated in upper rooms and pushing the heat outdoors. Position a portable fan, which can suck up the cooler air from the underneath floor, and blow the hot air in upward direction towards the ceiling.
4, Turn Off The Unnecessary Things That Generate Heat
If your phone is not being charged, there is no need to plug in the phone charger. Plugging of the phone chargers not only uses the electricity, it also generates heat. Shut down your computer if you are not using it because computers can also generate a lot of heat. Avoid the incandescent light as they are known to create heat, you can switch to compact fluorescents instead.
The microwave holds a clock on it, and thereby it generates a lot of heat. If there is a clock on your coffee maker, it can also generate heat. So, avoid the use of both if not necessary.
5, Make Use Of Light Colors
Opt for a light-colored roof or roof coating if you have a choice. It can reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it.
That is not all; you should put white sheets over furniture, cover your corduroy pillows with light-colored pillowcases and put the linen slipcovers on wool sofas during the summer months. The heat will be reflected by light-colored fabric, rather than absorption of it. Moreover, the smooth texture will provide you a feeling of coolness.

2) Do Your Best with Water

Water is the only stuff which you can utilize in numerous manners during the hot summer days to stay cooler.
1, Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the major keys for staying cooler.
Drink plenty of water; try to drink at least 8 ounces of water every hour. You can prefer the chilled water for getting extra cooling effect.
To prevent dehydration, it is necessary to replace the fluids which are lost in sweating. In addition to water, you can go for an electrolyte-balanced beverage to accomplish the oral rehydration. The electrolytes aid to ensure that you do not lose essential minerals through perspiration.
But, beware of iced tea, lemonade, and other sugary drinks, as well as too much alcohol; they can raise the temperature of your body.
2, Chill Your Pulse Points with Cold Water

Do you remember the trick of your mom to treat you, while you were suffering from fever in your childhood? That trick was obviously placing a damp, chilled cloth or towel on your forehead. The same thing can be done in hot summer days to stay cooler. Chilling of wrists and other pulse points is very beneficial for staying cooler in hot summer days because water cools down the blood flowing through arteries and veins.
Chill your wrists by running the cold water over them for 10 seconds or by rubbing the piece of ice wrapped in a cloth on them. Do not use only ice; ensure that you are using the ice wrapped in a cloth or something similar. The cooling of wrists and other pulse points can decrease your core body temperature by as much as 1.5 ÂșC (3 °F), cooling off the entire body. The relief is almost instant, and can remain for up to 1 hour!
Wet your handkerchief with cold water and put it on the back of your neck. This area holds the sensor of our body temperature control system; so, by cooling this area you can make your entire body to feel cooler.
Apply an icepack behind your head.
3, Take A Cool Bath

A cool bath or shower will cool down your body immediately.

Fill up the cool water in your bathtub and get in. As you become comfortable with the temperature inside, let the water out and re-fill your bathtub with cold water. Continue doing this until you get satisfactorily cold. Your body will remain cooler for a long period after you get out. You can even add ice in your bathtub for a fast cool-down.
Wet your hair; the evaporation of the water will aid to cool your head down.
Go for swimming in a pool and relax in water.
4, Use Some Other Tricks with Water to Stay Cooler

Soak your t-shirt in water, wring it out and wear it. After that, sit in a lawn chair in the way of a cool breeze or in front of a fan to get cooler. Re-wet t-shirt as it dries. If you do not want to "upset" your system by means of cold water, you can use lukewarm water instead.
Take a bucket full of cold water and soak your feet in it. Our body emits the heat from the ears, face, feet, and hands, so chilling any of these will effectively cool the body.
Go for short sleeved clothes and wet your sleeves with water. By this way, you will actually feel cooler if there is a fan or breeze blowing on you. You can use a hose or a squirt bottle to wet your sleeves.
If you are outside and you have wear long pant, putting water on your legs will help you to cool your legs and ultimately body.
Try to use a portable water misting fan. It is a battery operated portable device, thereby you can bring them with you wherever you go. Once you mist and fan yourself, the water will be evaporated on your skin, providing you an immediate cooling sensation.
3) Cool Your Body Down By Means Of Sweating

Sweating is another good way for staying cooler in the hot weather. If you expose the water vapor produced by perspiration to the air and allow it to evaporate from your body, it can actually take heat away from your body. The best thing you can do for that is laying your sweaty self in front of a fan or in the way of a cool breeze. But, remember to avoid sweating too much.

You can also try the alternative of sweating. Take a spray bottle filled with cold water, spray yourself with it and sit in front of a fan or in the way of a cool breeze; it will provide a cooling effect just like the sweating.

4) Concentrate On Your Clothing

In hot summer days, clothing should be main focal point for staying cooler. One should opt for loose-fitting, light-colored, light-weight cotton clothes.
  • Wearing lighter colors will help you to stay cooler because light colors reflect heat. On the other hand, the dark ones absorb heat and keep you warmer than those light ones.
  • Besides synthetic fibres, one should prefer lightweight cotton clothes during summer days. The synthetic fibres are known to trap the heat, while the cotton clothes are known to absorb perspiration and its evaporation will lead you to stay cooler.

5) Consider Your Diet

Your eating and drinking choices can also aid to keep you cooler.
1, Opt For Spicy Food

The spicy food is known to increase the sweating, which ultimately cools the body as it evaporates. It also can bring about an endorphin rush, which is somewhat pleasant and might prepare you to overlook the heat.
2, Eat less

Try to go for the smaller meals with less protein, as they decrease the metabolic heat. During the summer months, you should prefer the cool foodstuff prepared without the need of heat, like salads, sandwiches, etc.
3, Stock the flavored ice treats

Your freezer should be stocked up with flavored ice treats. You can freeze a bag of chopped fruit like pineapple, watermelon or lemons.
4, Try Some Minty Recipes

Consuming the mint provides a nice cooling sensation and refreshes the skin. A few minty recipes that you can try Watermelon Yogurt Mint Smoothie, Mint Tea, Candied Mint Leaves, Dark Chocolate Dipped Mint Leaves, Green Pea and Mint Sandwiches, Basil Mint Orange Pesto.

6) Try Out the Shitali Pranayama Yoga

Firstly, sit down cross legged. Take a few deep breaths, breathing in and breathing out slowly. Roll your tongue like a hose and lay the tip outside the mouth. Keep on the slow deep breaths, inhale via the tongue hose and then move your chin to your chest as you exhale via your nose. Repeat it 5 to 10 times and you will start to feel cooler. Dogs often cool down themselves using their tongue; possibly this yoga originated from noticing that.

7) Cool Your Skin Using Some Minty Products

The minty products are valuable in refreshing the skin and providing a nice cooling sensation. Prefer the lotion containing peppermint to apply on your skin, but avoid the face and eyes area. You can take shower with peppermint soap and also use the minty foot soak or other powders having mint.

8) Choose To Stay Downstairs If Possible

The cool air is denser than the warm air, so the cool air has a tendency to move downward and the warm air tends to blow upward. All in all, we can say the basement area of your house always remain cooler than rest of the house. Normally, the cooling of a basement is about 5-10 degrees more than the other floors of a house. So, staying downstairs will make you feel cooler.

9) Some Other Tricks to Get Cooler

1, Take one glass and load it with the ice cubes. After that, hold the glass up to your mouth and blow gently into it. The ice will significantly cool down the air you are blowing into the glass and as the air has just one way to come out of the glass, the cold air will be driven out over your skin. It is a very simple trick and it can be an excellent alternative to air conditioning.
2, Make a thin slice of cold cucumber and place it in the middle of your forehead. This will work instantly and provide a cooling sensation for a hot day.
3, Pour some ordinary rubbing alcohol into the cloth, rub it over your face and sit in front of a fan or in the way of a cool breeze, allowing the evaporation of alcohol. The evaporation of alcohol will provide the cooling effect. Be cautious that alcohol does not get in contact with your mouth or eyes.
4, Remove your hat or shoes while you’re indoors. The majority of the body's heat gets released via the scalp, the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. So, maintaining these areas cool will provide the surprising difference.
5, Going barefooted will also aid you to keep your body cooler.


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