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How to Treat an Ear Infection with Tea Tree Oil?

Nearly all of us neglect ear till it develops a problem. Like other parts of the body, ear is also one of the most delicate but important part. Ear Infection is a common problem that affects any of the three parts: inner ear, middle ear and the outer ear of human ear. There are three types of ear infections such as otitis media, otitis interna and otitis externa. From all the three ear infection, otitis media is most common. Ear Infection can affect the people of any age but it mostly occurs in infants aged between 6 and 18 months. Generally, antibiotics are used for treating an ear infection but with the concern regarding antibiotic-resistant infections people want an alternate remedy which can be used without any health concern. There are number of natural remedies to treat an ear infection, and Tea Tree Oil is one of them. Tea tree oil is very effective to cure this condition. Here are provided the ways to use tea tree oil for treating an ear infection.
How to Treat an Ear Infection with Tea Tree Oil?
People use tea tree oil from centuries for treating various health conditions. Different proportions and preparations of this oil are used for various purposes. This natural disinfectant has antifungal, antibacterial, antibiotic, antiviral and antiseptic properties. It comes from the leaves of the tea tree plant. This oil is used as a common ingredient in many household products as well as over-the-counter health care and cosmetic products. It helps to provide relief from number of skin conditions like psoriasis, dandruff, athlete’s foot, skin irritations & sunburns, acne and allergic skin reactions. Tea tree oil is easily available in health food stores, but you should look for high-quality oil. High-quality tea tree oil comes with 30% or more terpinen-4-ol and maximum 15% cineole.

Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil For An Ear Infection:

Tea Tree Oil with Water

Take a jar with a tight fitting lid, add ¼ cup of warm water and 3 drops of tea tree oil. After that, close the lid and shake the jar for 30 seconds to mix oil and water. Fill a dropper with this mixture and squeeze it in the ear. While squeezing the mixture in ear, keep the head tilted to the side. After 1 minute, drain the mixture from your ear. You can use this mixture 3 to 4 times a day.

Tea Tree Oil with Olive Oil

Mix 1 Tbsp of warm olive oil and 5 - 10 drops of tea tree oil in a small bowl. Pour 2-3 drops of this mixture into the ear with the help of a dropper. Then, put a cotton ball into your ear. Use this mixture 2 times a day. This remedy is more effective to cure the infection during bedtime.

Tea Tree Oil

Simply, apply the oil at the back of the ear and rub it continuously. This remedy has been also proven beneficial in treating the pain because of the infection. This is best solution for the people who don’t want to use this oil internally.

Tea Tree Oil with Vegetable Oil

In a bowl, add 2 or 3 drops of each, tree oil and vegetable oil. Mix them well and put 2 to 3 drops in the affected ear.

Tea Tree Oil with Lavender Oil and Juniper Oil

Mix 5 drops of all the oils (tea tree, lavender and juniper oil) in a bowl. After that, take just 1 drop of the mixture on a cotton bud and insert gently into the infected ear. This remedy can be used once in a day.


Tea tree oil should not be used directly into the ear as it can cause skin irritation, particularly in the people with sensitive skin. You should always consult the doctor or your healthcare specialist before using tree tea oil for an ear infection.

Video of Tea Tree Oil for ear infection from youtube:


I usually use antibiotic Amoxil for ear infection caused by bacteria. I found your post helpful and will try to use it.

My daughter gets ear infections all the time i love tree tea oil has saved many trips to the doctor and after an antibiotic severe allergic reaction even more why we use it

Tea tree oil helps to kill off all of the bacteria responsible for inflammation when it’s applied to the skin.

I just put it in full strength. my ear is really infected and it's a Saturday night. I can't afford to go to urgent care. So I was afraid it might burn but it isn't bad at all. I have to work tomorrow and can't afford to have the ear any worse. I decided to just go for it, full strength. It burns a bit but then again the inflammation is also very painful so I think this was a good choice. I'm hoping to wake up with it felling better.

Which is the best effective tea tree oil we can use at home for ear infection?

I just put a drop of tea tree or lavender on a cotton wool bud or scrunched up tissue and insert in the ear and leave for 10-20 minutes. Had some slight pain yesterday but nothing today, so nipped it in the bud. Has helped out on several occasions. I would go to doctor with severe pain though. Ear drum might burst and scarring can cause deafness.

I am using tea tree oil for my min pin's chronic yeast infection in her ears. Traditional vet medications not only failed but caused her to go deaf. I had been applying it on the outside of her ear and outer most area of her ear canal but I've had so much luck with the swelling that today I mixed 5 drops of tea tree oil with water and flushed her ears. We shall see.

I used tee tree oil on my golden once a week ans she never had problems with her ears ticks flees stayed away too

My kids always get ear infections. I have visited the doctor many times to get ear infections treated. I have never heard of using tree oil before. I will have to talk to my doctor about giving it a shot next time.

I may have had a mild ear infection i felt pressure and throbbing deep inside my ear, couldn't get to sleep so turned to the net, i used undiluted steam distilled tea tree oil rubbed it behind my ears and jaw on the cartilage inside my ear, and added 1 drop to a cue tip and cleaned the inside of each ear. Almost instant relief there was no burning sensation more like my brain was leaking out of my ears but not unpleasant as this relieved the pressure that was keeping me up. Following day no more symptoms or pressure however note i am an adult so undiluted oil would have less of an effect internally. also i only used 1 drop per ear and gently painted the inside with a soft cue tip, hope this helps

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