Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Best Hygiene Tips while Shopping

Hygiene is the most important thing than anything else in our life. It is really impossible to lead a healthy life under the unhygienic conditions. Being unhygienic will easily make a person ill, as he/she is highly exposed to several different infections and diseases. Nowadays, people have become more conscious about their hygiene needs. They give special attention to personal hygiene and keep themselves as well as their homes perfectly clean. However, many such people are unaware of the fact that a lot of dangerous germs and bacteria are waiting outside their home to attack them. All public places like shopping centers, supermarkets, and malls, where many people gather, are filled with varieties of invisible viruses and bacteria. This means, even shopping can be a great health hazard. If you really want to prevent those germs while shopping, then follow some useful hygiene tips given below.

Best Hygiene Tips while Shopping

1, Shopping for clothes

One of the greatest advantages of shopping at malls is that you can try out the clothes and verify its authenticity before deciding to make a purchase. This means, almost all items that are on display in the mall have been surely worn by people with varying standards of personal hygiene. Hence, these new clothes may get contaminated with dozens of germs and bacteria. So, every time you bring new clothes home, make sure to wash the clothes in warm water, and tumble it in the dryer for 1 cycle to kill any remaining microbes. Moreover, you can always ask the salesperson to provide you a fresh piece. Many people don’t pay attention to the racks where untouched fresh pieces of clothes are kept.

2, Shopping for food

It has been found that the shopping cart handles are one of the most contaminated public surfaces. Daily over hundreds of customers use the shopping carts and what’s even worse is that they are not cleaned on a regular basis. As a result, the cart handles are loaded with a number of dangerous germs that can make a person sick. So, it is highly recommended to sanitize your shopping cart handle before you grab it and push it all around the store. By doing this, the germs will not come in contact with your hands. To keep your fresh veggies and fruits untouched by germs, make sure to pack them in separate bags before putting them in the cart. Plus, never ever buy meat which is kept on display; instead always opt for refrigerated packs only. Above all, see that you don’t end up buying cans or bottles which either not in good shape or have a broken seal.

3, Shopping for Essential

Undergarments and socks are a few essential items which we purchase without thinking too much. However you should check out whether the store has a no trial policy for these items or not before you buy these items from any store. Nowadays, a number of stores let the customers to try on even these items. Moreover, if customers do not buy them, these stores are not actually bothered to separate out that stuff. So, there are chances that you might buy a pair of socks by thinking that they are brand new pair, which was tried on by someone before in reality. To stay away from this, the best way is to take care that you buy only packed items. Even if the packaging is slightly torn, put that item back and look out for another fresh fully-packed piece.

4, Online shopping

There exist a number of online stores that offer a huge collection of clothing and accessories. These days, a lot of people prefer to shop online since it is very much convenient and easy. Online shoppers can make purchases for anything they want at any time, day or even night. Moreover, thanks to fast shipping facility provided by online shopping sites, the online shoppers can get their purchased items right at their home within one or two business days. But think! Have you ever thought about where all these clothes and accessories are stored by the online retailers? For your kind information, all the stuff that are beautifully displayed on the website is generally stored in huge ware houses. You never know which weird insects might have crawled on your brand new shirt or trousers. Hence, it is suggested to wash your clothes before you wear them. On the other hand, if you have purchased any accessories, then wipe them nicely with sanitizing tissues before using them.

5, Shopping for Contact Lens

Before you try on a new pair of contact lenses, always make sure that the salesperson is taking out them from a sealed pack that too right in front of you. The contact lenses are worn directly on the eye hence trying a pair of contaminated contact lenses can really damage your eyes. Always wash and clean the contact lenses carefully with the contact lens cleaning solution before wearing them. In case, if you feel an irksome sensation, then remove them at once and wash your eyes with water.

6, Shopping for Beauty Products

Before you decide to buy expensive mascara, lip gloss, face foundation, or compact powder, apparently you would like to try it out first. But beware of the tester units of such beauty products. Hundreds of women must have applied the products to their faces, mouths, & eyes, as a result, these testers will have traces of a huge number of germs and bacteria. So, never ever apply a tester straight on your face. Instead, use a very small amount on your hand then immediately clean it either with the help of luke warm water & soap or using a hand sanitizer.


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