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Weird Beauty Secrets of Hollywood celebrities 2012

Hollywood celebrities are known and admired for their gorgeous complexion, beautiful skin, excellent looks and fabulous body. As they are always in the limelight, celebs are very conscious regarding their look. They are consistently in the view of cameras which makes it compulsory for them to look their best and flawless all the time. This is the reason why celebrities go to any length when it comes to beauty. You may surprise to know that the beauty regimes of these glamorous celebrities include products that you cannot even imagine. Here you can know about the most weird beauty secrets followed by the male and female Hollywood A-listers celebrities to look young.

Weird Beauty Secrets of Hollywood celebrities 2012

Weird Beauty Secrets of Hollywood Celebrities 2012

The Bird Poop Facial

The bird poop facial is prepared from bird poop, particularly Nightingale. The facial is also recognized as the Geisha Facial. It includes powdered and UV-disinfected nightingale poop, rice bran and water. The poop is air-lifted from Japan, The facial does not smell in fact it has somewhat musky aroma thanks to rice bran. The poop of the bird has a natural enzyme named guanine. Guanine is an amino acid which not only brightens the complexion but also heals the skin. the facial is available in dry powder form. Hollywood celebrities like Tom Cruise, Victoria Beckham and David Beckham used this bird poop facial.

Fish Pedicures

Fish pedicures are very popular these days all over the Europe, Asia and particularly in the US. Garra rufa fishes (kangal fish, doctor fish or nibble fish) are used in fish pedicure. These toothless fishes nibble the dead skin of the feet. You have to immerse your feet in a small tank of warm water that has 20-150 fishes for 10 to 30 minutes. The process is completely safe and harmless. It makes the skin soft and supple as well as renews feet that are clogged with dry dead skin. Jessica Simpson and Angelina Jolie are trying this fish pedicure.

Synthetic Snake Venom

Celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Debra Messing and Gwyneth Paltrow smooth out their wrinkles with the help of synthetic snake venom, Syn-ake. This anti-wrinkle material was created by Pentapharm Ltd. Many skin-care companies make products that have Syn-ake. These products can be used instead of topical Botox to get rid of wrinkles. In its natural form, snake venom is thing that snake use to paralyze but in synthetic form, it decelerates the muscle movement and thereby stops skin contractions and wrinkles formation.

Earthworm Poop Wrinkle Cream

Earthworm poop wrinkle cream is available as Wrinkle Butter by Fresh Beauty Market. This wrinkle cream is made from the poop (castings) of the earthworm. The poop of the earthworm has anti-aging compounds like kinetins, copper peptides, humates, cytokinins and auxins in high amount. These compounds increase the collagen production and healthy cell growth. Poops are sterilized before putting in to the product. The cream makes the skin firm, soft and more elastic. The maker of the cream had not revealed the name of celebrities using this Wrinkle Butter.

Vodka Mouthwash

Vodka as a mouthwash may sound strange but some celebrities are using it. They are using the concoction of vodka, fresh mint and lemon/cinnamon for fresh breath and to prevent staining. As per Jennifer Jablow (cosmetic dentist), this mixture makes the mouth dry causing bad breath and a deficiency of bacteria-busting saliva.

Rodial's Glamoxy Snake Serum

Anne Hathaway uses Glamoxy Snake Serum for getting glowing and radiant skin. This unique hydrating Temple Viper inspired serum is made for an immediate plumped and smooth effect. The serum increases cell respiration (to fill and plump the skin) and the radiance (to give a natural glow) as well provides a fresher-looking skin.


The newest trend in body decorations, Vajazzling is the process of applying Swarovski crystals to nether regions of woman for decoration purposes. First, the area is waxed and then, the crystals are applied with the help of an adhesive (eyelash glue and spirit gum) in the pattern as you want. It is just like usual cosmetic adhesive used to other parts of the body. The celebrity Jennifer Love Hewitt is a huge admirer of Vajazzling.


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